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What is the relationship between the Federal Reserve Act and the Federal Income Tax?


What is the Federal Reserve and Who Controls it?
The Federal Reserve is not a governmental agency and neither the Congress nor the President have one iota of control over its day-to-day operations. The chilling truth is that the Federal Reserve, America's central bank, is simply one component of an interlocking, international banking cartel that now controls the wealth of this planet. The ownership of the largest blocks of bank voting stock are in nominee accounts, numbered accounts or trust accounts. No names, so you are in the dark. What is being hidden ? Why ?

Where does this private corporation get the money to loan to you, me, and our government? They get it from us.

They buy back our assets and equity.
As it continues they own more and more and our children less and less.

"If we American people ever allow monopoly banking to control the issue of currency, firstby inflation & then by deflation, these banks & bureaucracies that will grow up around them will deprive we, the people of all our property until our children will wake up homeless on the continent which God gave us for stewardship." - Thomas Jefferson


When the government enacted the Federal Reserve Act which gave total control of America's credit and currency to the Federal Reserve, it caused a 400 percent increase in the national debt within four years.

It became obvious to even the most dimwitted that a repayment scheme was necessary. So in 1917, these same bandits passed the Income War Tax Act which, too, was contrary to the letter and spirit of our Constitution, as direct taxation was the sole jurisdiction of the states and non-transferable.

The banking system now own the trust companies, investment dealers, stock brokers, and bond brokers and more, as the little people are bankrupted, put under power of sale, and rot unemployed while the stores are packed with goods.

Hello? Is anyone home ?

The corruption and trenching of jurisdictions by the federal governments and the banking 'associations' of this continent have stolen the citizen's disposable surpluses such that they can no longer afford the organizations and charities which once blessed our communities and protected our families. Once upon a time we didn't need the welfare state because in North America the Christian concept of charity thrived to the extent that Alexis de Tocqueville, remarked that "America is teeming with such associations and charities, choral groups, church study groups, book clubs, etc., and that they have a remarkably salutary effect on the whole society." The civility, joy and near costlessness of pure Christian charity is supplanted with low substitutes and virtue has been done down to the 'values' excuses of the effete mandarins and their self-serving obfuscation taught them by the banker's minions.

The concept of "forgive us our debts" flies in the face of the banking oligopoly's surety. This was well known to Moses and Jesus, both of whom forbade surety interest on money as they understood this root cause of hell on earth.

Surety on money inverts faith hope and charity, the greatest of virtues and demands from the future that which may counter God's providence. There is no surety in life nor should there be surety on anything else in the creation, especially risk capital. Risks, like profits, must be shared by all participants in a transaction or be forgivable.

"But the search for surety has undermined education and the family, destroyed the bonds of community, and led to a willful helplessness on the part of individuals, particularly parents. But this was done through the emergence of the "knowledge classes" that has supplanted the moral teachings of our forefathers with the arrogance of 'social-science' theorizing: 'professionals', 'experts', 'technicians', 'media mongers', and the most dangerous of all, the intellectuals... This latter clutch lives by its wits, neither a calling nor a social class, whose strong ambitions and weakened capabilities are adversaries to virtue, restraint, community, and feed on the appetites, fears and confoundation of others... We are degraded from being creative to being consumers, from doing to having and the usurpation of parental authority by the state leaves students as objects of 'adult' solicitude...

Secularization in America is almost complete, the reduction of life to a mere datum of science now forms the justification for abortion and euthanasia... Socializing evil, removing it from the pale of individual responsibility, obliterated the rank order of good and evil and finally allowed the replacement of the concept of sin with the concept of sickness."
(The World & I: May 1995: Wayne Allen on Christopher Lasch, pp. 306- 9)

  • From our beginnings, Americans had been left surpluses by each preceding generation of our forefathers all the way back to the first colonists, until sometime after the enactment of The Federal Reserve Act and the Income Tax Act.
  • Except at times of war or revolt, Americans had experienced no significant inflations nor deflations nor stagflations nor other "booms nor busts", such as we have all experienced until sometime after the enactment of The Federal Reserve Act and the Income Tax Act, except those caused by banks.
  • Americans had the highest personal savings in history, and, never had 'National' debts nor deficits, until sometime after the enactment of The Federal Reserve Act and the Income Tax Act.
  • America had full employment and no need of coercive labour, nor unemployment insurance, nor welfare, until sometime after the enactment of The Federal Reserve Act and the Income Tax Act.
  • America, from our beginnings, had a largely virtuous, and Godly population, until after the enactment of The Federal Reserve Act and the Income Tax Act, and, now we suffer gross taxes, litigiousness, crime, etc.
  • America had universities and institutes of higher learning which produced thinkers, scholars, scientists and creative genius of the highest order but, now, most of our colleges are utilitarian job training centers, due to the impoverishment created by the enactment of The Federal Reserve Act and the Income Tax Act.
  • A man and wife could own a home and many children even if modestly creative, he could feed them, clothe them, educate them and pay his way, until sometime after the enactment of The Federal Reserve Act and the Income Tax Act, such that now they must rent and have multiple incomes.
  • Citizens of The United States Of America owned and controlled the voting stock of our major corporations, corporations which were, once the greatest economic engine on Earth and which now are controlled by foreign bank nominees, agents and 'street' form voting stock, as a result of the enactment of The Federal Reserve Act and the Income Tax Act.

As Americans we should demand a repudiation of these Bank and Federal Income Tax Acts and all subsequent banking and tax legislation, and demand a return to the honest banking principles of our forefathers and an end to the self-serving European nominee 'Central' cartel banking system.

Don't expect lawyers to support this. Whereas the banks retain certain law firms, and pay them annual retainers, whether they act or not, and, furthermore they are the first paid with the ever new purchasing power created by the banks at the moment of the new money (debt) issuance and when its purchasing power is at its peak, so they love the status quo, and will not reform.

Don't expect accountants to support this. Whereas big accountancy is always paid, as above, for audits and consultancy and so they love the status quo.

Don't expect insurance companies to support this. Whereas the banks insist upon insuring all the assets which they lend against, then the insurance industry, too, has a vested interest in the status quo.

Don't expect the financial markets to support this. Whereas stock brokers, security dealers etc., etc., invest the money which the above mentioned institutions dispense and, so they love the status quo.

Don't expect a cry for reform from our mortgaged priests and ministers. Also, politicians need the banks especially at election time, so don't expect any truth from them. The ad revenues on which the media survive come from all of the above, so don't expect the truth from 'journalists,' their TV or newspapers. All of these above will continue to devour your wealth and make your children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren indentured slaves to their autocracy.

"We have, in this country, one of the most corrupt institutions the world has ever known. I refer to the Federal Reserve Board. This evil institution has impoverished the people of the United States and has practically bankrupted our government. It has done this through the corrupt practices of the moneyed vultures who control it." - Congressman Louis T. McFadden

Just as Eden was corrupted by satan and eve's seduction of Adam, so too, on the national level, America was corrupted by the satanic bank/tax act of 1913 and the overweening socialism of eve's suffragettes who seduced American manhood.

Our ancestors left our generation a system of common law. A system which left this continent, until relatively recently, the most law abiding in history. But now we have become the most litigious in history. Even the Supreme court doesn't judge on who's guilty and who's not, on what's right and what's wrong. In many cases their decisions are policy choices. So, now we live with arbitrary justice. For lawyers and judges to tolerate this evil is worse than parasitic.

The federal government has usurped State powers and rights and trenched, thereby causing untold misery to we, the citizens, Therefore, we should demand a restoration of:

  1. Absolute private property rights in allodium. (i.e. held independent of a lord paramount, and opposite to feudal, so that property rights will, once again, be unencroachable.)

  2. Absolute repudiation of the Bank Acts of this century and subsequent related legislation, since the federal government has no jurisdiction over provincial powers nor direct powers. Enactment by the states of free, open, concurrent & competitive banking, or the abolition of interest on any debt.

  3. Federal government can only pay for its expenditures by indirect tax or by creating currency (money) into circulation, just as the banks do now (credit). Federal government prohibited from borrowing ever, for any reason. An absolute, since it has sufficient income or it may create money for legitimate federal needs.

  4. Monetisation of the debt: i.e. redenote all government debt issue as currency, thereby canceling the debt & ending further interest payments, and thusly evading inflation. (The only alternative to this is repudiation of the debt i.e. a jubilee.)

  5. Federal income tax abolished since government can create purchasing power for its own needs. (No federal direct taxation and repudiation of the 16th. Amendment)

  6. Sell, to the citizens, all federal assets including airwaves, government-lands, parks etc. i.e. privatize in toto.

  7. De-centralize: Destroy federal duplicate buraucracies as they are not only redundant but they encroach (trench) upon state powers and create parasitism.

Who is stealing your assets ?
Who gives you inflation ?
Who gives you recessions ?
Who gives you booms & busts ?
Who gives you bankruptcy & power of sale ?

If you can't answer these questions, read the above again !

The Federal Reserve System: A Fatal Parasite on the American Body Politic

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