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Richmond VA Radiant Light Newspaper


What can we do for you?


Ready for spring cleaning and/or painting and remodeling?  Let Finders/Helpers negotiate a great deal for you from qualified vendors.  We have great painters who will make your house look pretty for a lot less than you think.


     Time to start cutting your lawn.  Need your lawn mower serviced?  Need your grass cut?  Want a garden planted to reduce your costs at the grocery store?  Call Finders/ Helpers. 


     Is it time to clean your house, garage or attic?  Let Finders/Helpers get that work completed for you at a very reasonable cost.


     Need child care for the summer or overnight?  Need to negotiate a price?  Put Finders/Helpers to work for you.  We have people who want to succeed in business.


     Are you ready to remodel or fix up your house, car or other property?  Finders/Helpers can help you do just that at just the right price.  We have people who want to work.  Need a deck built?  Is your roof leaking or needs replacement? We have the people who won’t charge you an arm and a leg.


     Do you need a computer or a computer repaired?  We have some people who are ready to fix your problem.


     Do you need a mortgage or need to refinance your property at a great rate?   Call Finders/Helpers.  We have mortgage lenders ready to help you succeed. 


     Need your car repaired for modest prices?  Do you need a car?  We will find what you need at costs you can afford.


       Do you have problems that need investigation or do you want to find a loved one?


         Are you getting married and need a photographer or a wedding planner?                 






    Do you have an idea, dream or an invention that could make you rich?  Do you want to be your own boss?  Do you have talents, skills and  abilities that have not been used to make money for you?                                                                

                                     Call us.  We want to help you succeed.

    We will work with you to see you satisfied and your dream become a reality.