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Richmond VA Radiant Light Newspaper


Richmond Virginia is a good place physically to live.  It is located middle way the eastern seaboard.  A river runs through us.  We have great history.  Some of the most wonderful people I know live here.  However, Richmond city administrations get worse and worse.  The former mayor, Dwight Jones, said that our greatest asset is the river.  I wholeheartedly disagree.  The people of this city are the only asset that matters.  However, this administration treats the river better than the residents.  It is evident that the powers that be want to replace the people with "new" residents who better fit their social standing. 

‚Äčthe current mayor, Levar Stoney, allows thieves to have tax amnesty while leaving the majority of citizens without amnesty for car taxes.  Meals taxes, lodging taxes and admissions taxes should never be allowed amnesty.  They are paid by the customer and are pass through taxes with no burden on restaurants, hotels or concert venues.  Some investigation will show that some collusion is taking place.  These companies stole money slated for the cities revenues and are now given a break on paying penaties and interest.  I now know all I need to know about Levar Stoney.  


1.    This administration allows employees of the city to ride the bus free of charge while our seniors and much lower incomed residents are required to pay.  The bus rates were increased with the 2013 budget. 


2.    The mayor and city council gave away $14.2 million of our money while increasing the charge for water, gas and solid waste fees and allowing a shortfall to the schools which caused layoffs and furloughs..   


3.    Customer service is the worst I have ever known.  Call the mayor’s office and you may get a message saying that someone will call you back in two days.


4.    The mayor has pledged to give the Washington Redskins $400,000 f our money when their owners are more than billionaires and our schools go without toilet paper.


5.    The mayor spends our money on buses to take people from Richmond to the counties to shop when we have companies which do business right here in Richmond to serve Richmond residents.


The city of Richmond, Virginia can do better than this.  We can join together to claim our city for ourselves.  We need real change—drastic change.  And with the help of the people of the city of Richmond-- as Sam Cooke said, a change gone come.



            Credentials for your candidate for Mayor of Richmond 

                          L. SHIRLEY HARVEY


Pre - graduation - Secretary to Senior Vice President, J. E. Strickland, at Mechanics and Farmers Bank (historic Afro-American) in Raleigh, NC.


Pre-graduation - Secretary and tax preparer to Attorney, Fred J. Carnage  in Raleigh, NC.


IBM Endicott and Brooklyn - Plant accountant, program accountant and cost accountant responsible for millions of dollars.  Won cost effectiveness awards and was responsible for providing amount of dollars for payment of state sales tax.


Virginia Department of Corrections - Cost Accountant.  Created cost accounting system and devised easy-to-understand method used by prison inmates. 


Henrico County - Manager of Office -  devised system to properly cost and track parts used. 


Richmond Coliseum - Assistant Finance Director - provided updated electronic system to tract events, income and expenditures.


Internal Revenue Service - Customer Service Advisor - Won suggestion awards that lessened the time for releasing refunds to taxpayers.


Department of Agriculture, Division of Consumer Affairs Investigator.  Helped Virginia residents understand the Solicitations of Contributions Law, Reviewed organizations' submissions to comply with the law and the 990 Income Tax Return for federal submission.  Investigated solicitors and charitable organizations concerning complaints.


Councilperson - City of Richmond.  Instituted strategic plans, the yearly state of the city address, educated the public concerning the yearly reduction of real estate taxes and a lower total income for reduction, educated the people concerning Richmond property for sale.