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Richmond VA Radiant Light Newspaper




Please know this, God is real.  How do I know?  I have experienced His presence, His miracles, His Voice many times.  His name is YHWH or Yahweh.  What made us, this earth, the universe?  Someone had to do it.  It is not by chance that we look the way we do, yet everybody is different--even identical twins.  Our speech is not the same, our walk is not the same.  Even the hairs on our heads are not the same.  Somebody did this.  Not two of anything on this earth is just alike.  Why?  It is because each of us and everything else is special to Him.  He cared so much for us that He sent His Son to live among us, die for us and declare that because of the actions of the son, Yashuah, we can all be saved through our decision to surrender to the knowledge that Yahweh knows what is best for us.

This country was founded on allowing people to love any god they chose, yet when we do as we decided, critics think that following the god who is the only one who can make the world is outright hysterical.  God is real.  He loves me and I am not ashamed to tell anybody that I love Yahweh.  The Richmond Free Press, the Times Dispatch and the Style Magazine and others have tried to make a joke out of my love for Yahweh.  They are discriminary because that try to step on my constitutional rights.  They are committing a hate crime.  Why do people go to church in Richmond?  Why especially the black Baptist churches so opposed  to believing God.  Are they Christians?  Why do they try to make a joke out of me loving the same God that they are supposed to love?  Some said that you should not include God in politics.  First of all, I am not political.  I am a servant leader.  All of them should be servant leaders, but when they get into the offices, they decide to do what will elevate them, not the people.  Why are pastors trying to become public officials?  They should be in support of people who love God and the people of this city.  They should not be attempting to take the public "political" seats for themselves.  It means they are doing nothing in their church.  When a pastor has the lives of many people in their hands, they should not be spread so thin that they cannot hold either office well.  It seems that they want to make all the money and have all the glory.  Glory is due to God, not for pastors or any other man.

If a person is a true Christian, it should benefit the people of a city.  The love of God is within that person and the person is elected, the city will abound and become more knowledgeable because of this officials influence and the power provided by God.  Make no mistake, God is not mocked.  He knows who belong to Him and He will make the people know.  The city abounds when right leadership is in power.

I will not turn from God to be a public official.  I will turn to Him because of the tremendous responsibility to represent Him in the earth.

This city, Richmond, Virginia, has been chosen as a city of refuge--a place where peace will be found in tumultous times.  All who live in Richmond will be safe.  It is already said and it is already done.  When Richmond is noted as a city of refuge, all will say, "how is this possible. That was the capital of the Confederacy."  But Yahweh has stated that then they will know that I am God and that I live and have all power.  No one could change this city but the hand of God.

 On Monday June 25, 2012, the Word of the Lord came to me saying, Go forth for I am God and nothing is impossible to me.  I alone am God.  Go forth and take this city for my purposes.  I am the one who brought you here and no one will make you leave.  I am God and there is no one like me in heaven or in earth.  My word proclaims victory and my word is truth.  No man or numbers of men have power over me.  Their efforts are puny and lack any strength.  Know that you are my child and nothing by any means will hurt you.  Go forth and take my city.