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Pick from our finest gold teeth collection. We have gold grillz that would perfectly fit you, Our gold teeth are custom made in 10kt, 14kt, 18kt, and 22kt gold, as well as white gold, silver, and 950 platinum teeth and guaranteed to fit every time. Our E-Gold Dropship factory offers you many options to completely customize your order for a truly unique product which is truly your own.For EVERY style, you are able to choose the quality and color of gold, specialty engraving and cuts, insert stones,goldcoinsbarsforinvestorsIf you’re a beginner in gold investing, or if you already have a position in gold but wish to explore other ways to and precious metals this year, you are at the right place. we even sell just the pure bar of gold, rock chunks, gold nuggets, handful of Raw Diamonds, Blinged out watches, iced out Cubic Zirconia chain and charms, Palladium, and MORE! 
   Simply send us your own mold. You can get a mold from your local dentist. A payment will be required once we receive your mold Via PayPal. We'll send you an E-mail with a payment request. As soon as the request is fulfilled your order will be processed and shipped.
If You are Ordering A Mold Kit from us, It will be $25.00 for the mold kit (top or bottom , plus for shipping and handling, depends on the shipping method that you will choose


Related image          We have an E gold Connection. E gold- was a digital gold currency operated by Gold & Silver Reserve Inc. under e-gold Ltd. that allowed the instant transfer of gold ownership for more info go here to see how deep our connect runs

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E-gold was a digital gold currency operated by Gold & Silver Reserve Inc. (G&SR) under e-gold Ltd. that allowed users to open an account on their web site denominated in grams of gold (or other precious metals) and the ability to make instant transfers of value ("spends") to other e-gold accounts.


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Gold Teeth

  • 1 Gold Cap  $200.00 18Kt (add $65 for 22KT or $265 for 950 Platinum per Cap  )
  • 2 Gold Caps $380.00 18Kt (Add $130 for 22KT or $530 for 950 Platinum to Caps)
  • 3 Gold Caps $550.00 18Kt (Add $190 for 22KT or $795 for 950 Platinum to Caps) 
  • 4 Gold Caps $750.00 18Kt (add $260 for 22KT or $1160 for 950 Platinum to Caps)
  • 5 Gold Caps $950.00 18KT (add $325 for 22KT or $1135 for 950 Platinum to Caps)
  • 6 Gold Caps $1,100.00 18KT (add $380 for 22KT or $1,590 for 950 Platinum caps)
  • 8 Gold Caps $1500.00 18KT (Add $520 for 22KT or 2320 for 950 Platinum)
  • 10 Gold Caps
  • Invisible Set
  • Initials Designs
  • Open Face
  • Medallions
  • Charms
  • Chains
  • Rings
  • Prong
  • Baller style watches to get you eye balled by the girls 
  • Fresh shades,& designer frame clear lens for dignified street look





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 We are bringing integrity back into Grills. We see a lot of people getting grills that look like crap in there mouth. They're making us look like fools taking our money and laughing at us at the same time. Dont be a victim. We all have been a victim here and there including myself. eventually i ruined my teeth. wearing and sporting grills from the mall, so i know first hand what you need and how to keep your mouth and smile nice and healthy. If you dont shop with us I will advise you to go to a dentist for permanant crowns. Thats the Only way you'll be able to match or top the Quality of our Removables. Quality Caps and Grillz. Dont be flabbergasped by the quality of there websites or Jewelry stores. They must screw you around to keep that store front lease rent paid. ship you the plated hunk of junk one peice pull out pop out joint to keep there website bill carnotes mortages paid. 

    Back in the days Down South. Our Parents would have One or two gold teeth no big deal. Then when we we're in highschool, we wanted to look Mature so we would beg our Parents to allow us to get piercings for an Earring or permission to get a tatoo. Some of us wanted a Gold tooth and when they said that it would get you prejudged or may even disqualify you on certain employment opportunities we would say "but you and dad plus Auntie Betty joe has one". You see guys, just having one Gold tooth was a lot so two was a big deal! and as we went up the grades from Junior high, to high school, we started grinding, after admiring the Hustlers who had 3 to 4 gold teeth. This was a powerful status symbol that showed wealth and your credentials. sometimes a car could be status and even the length of your hair jerri curl afros Dreads ETC. 4 gold teeth was so extreme that we would say dang he got so many gold teeth in his mouth from side to side, its like on the front of a cadillacs grill. fancy cars would have gold or Chrome Grills. This is where we adopted the term "Grill" the slain evolved to grilled up. as in Gucci ed up or Coogie up.  Removable Gold Teeth was invented when i was in High school making it possible to get away with wearing them without my parents knowing I had them, or even worse, the money to buy them. Removable Grills wasn't as disrespectful to our culture (like these one size fit all grills that the people are serving you and laughing at you as you buy them) are nowadays. Time went by eventually the one peice "pull out" was invented. at the time the people from India or whoever they were (they never wore grills themselves only sold them), sold them with a bit of Quality. Before and i do admit it wasnt all of there fault because this was before the youngsters start coming in there to look like a boss on a budget. they wanted to spend 100.00 on a 1,000 dollar grill. so the shops evolved around a quick set up design to take whatever 200 cash here and 150.00 there these young niggas would come with. No since in paying an arm and a leg for something you can lose and that you have to take out of your mouth before you sleep, sing, talk, rap, and even eat. Unless you get a Grill from us. we want to know about your overbite as well as every crooked tooth you may have to insure you the rich Mouth Ballers smile. Not only do we have an Egold connect who's name is not mentioned in the above article but we also have Direct Connections with Dr.Brown and Dentist who specialise in doing permanent Gold slugged up individual tooth grills on all of the Hustlers and Parents of our Generation. We are about to set up a joint venture Partnership with MarioStyles.com and some Venneer companies who make it Affordable. All of this to bring the Elegance Suave Swag back into a ballers mouth. So anyway back to the story.

   So I bought a nice white gold Piece. 14 Karat, with 4 Diamonds. Cash Money Records brought Platinum and Rhodium glossed white gold grills and teeth in style. So inspired by cash money records to get platinum and Diamonds, the year was 2001 or 02, after loving Gold teeth ever since a youngster, I bought the Platinum look. Not Platinum Not Silver just the Platinum Look which was White Gold. Rhodium Covered white gold Shine glossier then Real Platinum so keep this in mind when you order. I wore it for 10 years. I was able to eat, sleep, talk, rap and even chew gum with it on. It also protected, plus helped keep my teeth in place, A nice grill will inspire you to floss more, shine up, brush more, and in some instances almost act like a venneer or a retainer if fit right. and as a protectant to sheild the teeth they would aid in the biting into an Apple you would prefer biting into an apple with the piece in your mouth then to bite into the apple without wearing the peice at all. if fit right the grill will come in handy for that type of stuff.  Wore it for ten years until the Gloss toned down some. I would go and get it polished and buffed. I began wanting another Grill I began thinking about getting another one but if so i would have went to the place that I went to at first just so happen i was strolling thru the Raleigh springs Mall decided to go into the jewelry store that was located in the raleigh springs mall which at the time was a more ratchet Mall then that of the mall That i went to, to buy the first grill which was a mall way on the other side of town Known as The Southland Mall off of Elvis presely BLVD. A jewelry store known as  Mr Goldmans. Thay were the first doing them and they did them with a bit of Quality at first. But This Off Brand Store in Frayser That i went to, I went to it just to taunt them and make fun of the cheap Grills They do. I showed him mine and it was done up with Quality and all heavy weight plus blinged out. He manage to talk me out of my grill, he kept it, and treated me like a duck. The only reason he had the ability of persuading me into trading mine in for an upgrade was because i had began to have second thoughts about my grill due to the high gloss of the Rhodium wearing off. it was losing the Gleam even though i got it buffed and polished for 50 bucks here and there. couldnt get the Gleam it once had. He said he would hold the grill until i cameback from dropping off my Baby Momma. We were to negotiate a way to pay the difference on an upgrade for a better peice. Cool he seem pretty cool he told me to hook him up with a few girls. So after i dropped off my Baby Momma i came back to the mall and told him that i was going to go ahead and buy one of his cheap ass grills and just have two grills instead of trading mine in on a Grill plus paying the Difference. But Some reason or another he wouldnt give me back my grill. he said he sent it to have it melted down already. I Should have went on and tore up his store right then and there for my shit, but he was quite convincing. so I came back to have my mold made up. in his jewelry store I sat. He wasnt there it was another employee there, and they had me to mold a molding. days later came after I gave them an additional 150.00, I received the 6 tooth grill and it was light, Thin, Diamonds were Fake, sharp edges,  only 10KT. seemed like not only did I downgrade but I gave him a good grill plus 150.00 for a grill i couldnt even fit in spite of the Molding. which the Teeth didnt fit on the mold that i had from the Previous grill. My grill had been Purchased before they themselves started doing molds themselves in the store which is why i will tell you to go to a dentist get the Mold for 60.00 or 50.00 Top or bottom or top and Bottom (if you have an Overbite). You must get a strip if you have a gap. I was freaking pissed! I Called him, he dodged me until i ran across him in the court house after paying my lawyer 200.00 to retain him on a Driving with no license charge. the crowd formed around us and i realized that beating him down while we were inside of the court house(Criminal justice System) wasnt a good idea. we had to go thru metal Detectors to get in and was kind of like locked in. man i hate him. his place eventually made news for stilling rappers smile and ability to make vids. Someone else reported him and had him shut down. not only black people but a lot younger white guys were pissed off.   You can buy a Mold Kit from us and try to do it yourself at home but i will advise you to go to the dentist bite down as hard as you can until you gag on the plaster. Mail it in to us. We will go from there. the mall wont let you have your mold and take it home with you. Like the dentist will. Plus we will ship it back to you along with your grill. The Grill couldnt fit so I would have to take it out before I sleep, talk, eat, walk, and smile, whats the point?  A grill that must be taken out every time you turn around will eventually get you the Germs you need to help you speed up the process of Gum disease. I drank Coke. I ate Pizza, and coffee plus smoked cigs causing my Gingivitis to advance. the fact that i was already born with peres of the gum didnt help. You want to soak your grill in mouthwash when they are not in use but there will be some times when you if have to take them out every five minutes will eventually have to put it in your pocket ball it up in a napkin lay it on a table. bad for your mouth. Well eventually got this EGold connection and bought a high Quality 18KT. Grill but i should have gotten a grill for the Lower 4 bottom teeth and not the Top. It would have saved them from spacing and gapping going crooked due to the Gum Disease. Eventually the top 18 kt. grill was stolen. So now My bottom teeth on top of them being dingy are crooked and gapped. My Grill was Cool that the guy who owned the jewelry store stole it. Only in Memphis.

    ....... Quality Grills coming soon be on the look out for our P.O. box info. We want you to  mail in the mold. we will send you instructions for the best. Never go back to a mall and sit up in there little jewelry store, shack, and let them mold you, a mold that you wont be able to take home. they aint washing hands, your mouth on the samething mine was on. A mold that your grill will not fit on anyway. they will still give you a one size fit all. By default they will give you a 10 KT piece but want you to pay a fortune for the real diamonds that are in it. invisable setting but only 10 Carat peices. which is nowhere near the brillant shine of elegance that we can provide you with when we give you 21 carat. The same amount of Carats Dentist use for real Crowns or something a bit more affordable like an 18 carat Dental Gold platinum or White. I have been to jewelry stores that wont go anything higher then 10 KT lucky if you can get 14 KT at best. We dont sell silver grills Neither. our grills will fit so good that you WILL be able to EAT sleep and wear them fulltime as if they were permanant CROWNS. updating soon, I write Rough drafts first. come back edit as i go. im a mack i can do it like that you dig?