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05-14-2021 8:00:26 AM CST
Yo all the links to buy your music are broken. None of them work.

04-23-2021 1:18:31 AM CST


04-23-2021 1:18:30 AM CST

Priest McCullough
04-23-2021 1:10:08 AM CST

yo p1 mane why u no reply to my messages mane hope u haven't OD'ed from all the crack ur smoking from DJ Sound's profits anyways mane here is a pic enjoy my toes mane frayser frayser frayser!!!!!!!!!!!

Scrillamostillest   Jacksonlahammer@gmail.com
01-12-2021 8:59:44 PM CST
Was going on MC Ice P/layer1 been a fan of u and the click for a while now and im wondering if u still got any tapes from dj sound productions. Its all good either way but hit me in email OG much love

Phanuvich Boonma   bloodlinecs@gmail.com
12-04-2020 2:41:41 AM CST
Hey, I want to make a song by sampling your music, i'm willing to pay money to clear out the sample please email me at bloodlinecs@gmail.com Thank you very much and much love to your music !

Jake   slizeepie@gmail.com
10-16-2020 11:49:56 PM CST
whats up priest i been trying to get in touch with you, im trying to buy some shit from you and i would like to know if you could email me

sg13.pw   boysg6397@gmail.com
09-04-2020 2:22:04 PM CST
I fucking do it 25 volumes are 80 percent DJ SOUND compared , phuuuuuck yeah sg13.pw

cccracklab   chacesherman@yahoo.com
07-08-2020 2:25:08 AM CST

Bro a bunch of the tapes arent avalable for purchase i wanna listen to some sound but i cant

mr wit da shits   od9gtbsg@gmail.com
07-07-2020 2:13:14 AM CST
ayo Playa 1 your email aint working!! im tryna get in contact to purchase some tapes !!

06-10-2020 8:43:51 AM CST

jessica   yolynchsuxx@rape.lol
03-25-2020 12:31:59 AM CST
mane that yo lynch shyt sound so wACK LOL!!!! yo lynch what a dumb bitch lol u sound like SHITTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHA

yo lynch
03-20-2020 11:15:49 AM CST

ayy mane get dat tranny shit outta here, mista dont play, u know u keep talkin dat freak shit u gon end up under da muffler shittttt... u a bitch ass nigga wit yo dick tucked up unda u hearin?

tommy wright
02-24-2020 5:52:05 AM CST

ayyo p1 i gotta ask u 1 question mane,, would u fuck a tranny if u had 2 mane? cause like they kinda be lookin like vagina havin bitches now .//...

Player1- Frayser Click Records-CFO   p1@click.com
02-17-2020 3:38:54 AM CST

Whats up TS Ha ha ha Im laughing cause i just got finished Laughing at the threads of Reddit Boy they sure make me out to be a bad man after all the work i put in. Minimizing my Accomplishments. if it wasn't for me there would be no D.J. Sound on the internet period. Before i opt in there was D.J.Sound VOL 5 VOL 6 Blood in Blood out and a few songs by Gangsta Gold and MC Money maybe a Broken Halo floating around and thats bout it. After forming a partnership with D.J. Sound and having his Masters and track tapes in my possession i did a lot of networking and in this process i made connections. I Realized that nobody had more expertise or familiarity on my D.J. and our Clique, then Skinny Queball from Nord Berlin and Medicine mane from ATL Georgia at the time around 2006, well there were many others, but i mainly connected with Skinny Q and MedMane. i converted the catalog from cassette tapes to Digital Downloads CDS and got us our first Distribution Deal with CDBaby made Sound Available for the public. well i can go on and on but back to the point it was funny how they said i made it in my living room and got it from YouTube. There would be no D.J. Sound on YouTube period if wasn't for me bringing out Vol1 Vol2 Vol3 Vol4 Vol6 Vol7 Vol8 VOL 9 VOl 10-11 VOL 12 VOL13 ,14 too dam it, Player 1 Bones "Crime Rate Sky High", Underground Hits, thru CDBaby and eBay, and one guy even accuse me of drawing up that illustration flyer that the other guy had posted on Reddit (which was authentic) don't know where he got it but it was D.J. Sounds artwork and handwriting, with that devil on it,he has an official piece of art, but thats another story. I notice the question was being asked about the Volume cover of VOL 10. Demonp111 was right! it's lil Bay on the Right D.J. Sound in the middle and his cousin Rico on the left. Rico with the Fila hat skull cap was just an older cousin of D.J.Sound who was not a rapper or in the click. He was just in the photo and just so happen he decided to get on the picture with lil Bay and the Soundsta.

02-06-2020 7:27:37 AM CST
Is there really no photo of Nigga creep anywhere??

RMC Rec   rmcrecrds@gmail.com
01-30-2020 10:38:24 PM CST
Yo P1 hit me up thru email i got offer for you.

sissysubslut4bbc   BBCSISSYSLUT@nigge.rs
12-21-2019 9:22:54 PM CST

here u go mane hope u enjoy my toez

niggalover   niuggalover@3.com
12-13-2019 8:03:43 PM CST
please let me see your feet sissysubslut4bbc please

sissysubslut4bbc   BBCSISSYSLUT@nigge.rs
11-30-2019 2:48:54 PM CST

i think ima transsexual mane.....

da corncob   bringbackoldnuke@gmail.com
11-29-2019 12:39:21 PM CST

ayyo what's bumpin in da m town?

10-14-2019 10:14:21 AM CST
Player 1 I’m about to ask you one of the biggest questions that the fans have. Who is on the cover of Vol. 10?? We know it’s DJ Sound in the middle but please tell us who’s on the left and right.

Cuzin J
10-08-2019 12:50:04 PM CST
Ay p1 where dat dj livewire @

Lil Bike
10-08-2019 12:48:55 PM CST
Yo p1, what it do fam. COuld you tell us any info on DJ LIVEWIRE and Da butcher squad? Much luv p1

DJ $   djskeleton666@gmail.com
10-03-2019 5:01:15 PM CST
Hey Playa 1. Please contact me me via email. I need to speak with you a$ soon as possible.

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