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06-28-2019 11:10:57 AM CST
Yo what up it's me again. The computer didn't like how I put in paragraphs by pushing the enter key so I will restate my question as a longass paragraph. I I'm having trouble understanding the third verse of your song "In The Streets". The narrator is taking a bitch back to his house and when they get there she drops her pants. That part I get but it said next two sentences and I have trouble with. "She pulled her pants down. BLABLABLA I DONT GET DIS PART cuz that whore freaky freak bitche's cup was on the ground." So if I understand correctly that bitch turned out to be a dude? A jock cup fell on the ground as "she" was spreading cheeks? 😅😅😅 Get at me nigga lol keep up what you doing. Much love from the ATL

06-28-2019 10:59:19 AM CST
Wut up Sound, Frayser Click, Playa 1 & 2, Gangsta Gold, Red&Bay, and to all others out there. I got a quick question on the song

Niu   guizzar@outlook.de
06-04-2019 6:18:47 PM CST
Please upload your latest releases on SoundCloud! Absolute fire

06-01-2019 10:44:06 AM CST
What’s up Playa1. Do you have any info on Mc Money and Gangsta Gold? What are they up to nowadays? I’ll be bumpin da hard ov frayser till I die.

05-24-2019 4:44:39 PM CST
Aye Player1 whatsup, do you own the 4 track master tape for Ruthless Hustlers or is that in DJ Sounds possession? And do you still have the vocals for tha getaway pt2? I would be really interested in them!

Triple 9
05-03-2019 11:19:13 AM CST

Yo where Dj Sound at? Im not gonna buy some BS Volume 14 with all just P.1 on all tracks which all sound wack by the way. We want the real DJ Sound back not just you P.1

Waldo Mayne
04-22-2019 2:54:25 PM CST

Yo P1! Do you ship CD's to Finland, are there any left?

03-19-2019 3:46:08 PM CST

Hey Player 1, I have a question about Lil Yo from the SLV/GHG. On the album RCG/SLV and the track titled "Antonio speaks his piece", it sounds a lot like Lil Yo(Yo Gotti) from gimisum/frayserclick, he even mentions Shady Vista. I know this track is titled as Antonio (Maniyak's brother) and not Mario, but is there a possibility Yo Gotti was on that tape as well? I know that tape also contains tracks from Maniyak's brother, Antonio, on it too. I also have another question about Maniyak's brother, Lil Yo(Antonio). Was he ever in a click called Project Click? They have a tape called Paper Chase produced by Playa Blac and they're from Mitchell Heights, which isn't anywhere near Sky Lake or Dumbarton Oaks. A rapper on that tape commonly refers to himself as Playa Yo and his vocal pitch is a little deeper than what I expect Antonio's voice sounds like. I don't think they are the same person, but I want to know what you have to say. Thanks, Demonp111

Player 1   P1@click.com
03-15-2019 11:30:31 PM CST

Good News Everybody! We sold 30 CD's last month off of this website (not including the other places we sell CDs just talking about this site alone) we've sold way more some months and we have sold way less on other months to even none at times. but what makes me so proud about last months 30 is that I've realized its equivalent to 256,000 streams at 3.75 per CD. had it been 7.50 per CD it would have been equivalent to more then 500,000 streams ha ha. i sometimes spend 10.00 and be like oh well that was 2000 streams right out of the window ha ha I talk mean to the cashier like look don't give me no stuff I'm not paying more than 1.08 for this Coffee i gave you 1.10 and I need that 0.02 back for our streams. No just kidding. that Apple money is getting better and better. I'm beginning to realize that Apple can help me and D.J. Sound Achieve a few dreams. Just proud of last months 30 off this particular avenue equivalent to a quarter million streams. The Frayser Click Kunaki Factory have launched the Vinyl drop ship on Demand project in which I so longed for. we'll even be sending out turntables to go along with the purchase of your LP or record on wax. Virtual Players. I wished it up, spoked it into existence, with this blog. but when it comes to tapes, we are our own Cassette Manufacturer right now we have the re-up coming soon for the green Player 1 tape and be on the look-out for the VOL 15 shiny silver Mirror platinum complexioned tape. nice. sharp. What it do Candela we still may get back to you down the line that was an interesting proposal, that will be important enough for Sound himself to be told firsthand, an email that D.J. Sound will read personally upon his review of my works and progress reports. So i had Ice P file storage your Emails for D.J. Sound to read himself and we'll get back to you. Hey whats up AZE how's it going? we got stuff on Spotify but we will make sure theres more on there just for you sir. working on that immediately i got you. Yo Jack when i interviewed Sound it wasn't supposed to be an interview we was about to kick it but first we were to go to a store buy some snacks refreshments soda and cigars. I hoped in his car with a big ass Camcorder we wasn't using smart phones yet. the iPhone was not yet invented. He was like what in the hell are you about to do with that big ass camera? i told him i want him on this big VHS vcr tape i am about to produce. He was like hell naw P1 you crazy country ass nigga put that dam thing up. so I put the stupid camera in his back seat, I felt goofy discouraged and roasted, we started talking about other stuff not no music. on the way back to the crib I realized Bloody Bones was going to want his camcorder back soon plus D.J. Sound was in a better mood leaving the store he kind of would have done it anyway but he say he wasn't shaved so no way. so he was like man why are you reaching for that camera in the back seat when i told you to trash it. i was like lights camera action my nigga, That's why we laugh so hard when I cut the camera on. cause it was funny how I did it, shit was a trip but once he got the finished product (DVD not VHS) he was pretty cool with it. Music was added to it from one of our top graphic designers who was good at remastering old cassettes editing footage and conspiring with me. he threw his own remix twist into it before adding it to the film. we wasn't actually playing it in Sounds Car during that scene

03-11-2019 7:29:18 AM CST
You know if the song bumping ever released when you interview Sound in the Straight Outta Frayser?? "Real ass Killaz outta frayser so we death bound". down with the click mane!

03-03-2019 7:11:16 PM CST
when will you upload your stuff on spotify?

Player 1   P1@click.com
02-15-2019 1:26:54 PM CST

I like the SP 1200 I used it for songs on peaches album and the Straight out of Frayser Soundtrack. The DR 5 was what D.J.Sound used on Peaches Album. It was Fun to him because it was the newer Drum Machine than that of what he' had been using since he was so use to using the 660. He made a beat to go with this guitar sample, that I wanted to use in a track called Giggalo. It was the 660 He used For the Click and when we were working on peaches Album he was fascinated with the Boss upgrade. The Boss DR5 is an upgrade from the 660. but there has been a couple of upgrades from the Boss DR5 since then as well. Are You starting an underground Analog Studio set up? let Me know. it's fun. maybe you can post a picture of the set up when you are done

low down
02-13-2019 8:48:58 PM CST
i have a odd random question??? could you tell me what drum machine dj sound was using back then? was it a boss dr 5 or dr 660?? or a sp1200?? lol

player 1   p1@click.com
02-11-2019 2:25:14 PM CST

Whats up Candela, I understand you want to Place a special order from us. hit me back let me know the Email is in your inbox From Ice P. i Didn't have it blasted from our companies newsletter i just sent it plain and simple. Directed specifically to you personally on a friendly exchange level, Everything from tape Download CD or Stream. Looking forward to doing a Vinyl Deal with a distributor perhaps a press on Demand Deal like we have with Kunaki and Amazon. Shots out to them for holding it down for us. Tiptop (My Web Site People) and special shots out to Dirty Red we were just kicking it about 3 months ago siting in front of his baby mommas house in his Jaguar. I Tried explaining to him that the down in the dungeon tape that he gave me had a song called "everybody knows" he's (the Don) that became a successful single and not only that but i just so happen gave Bay's mother a copy of Down in the Dungeon album, I was cool with her we would kick it thru D.J. Sounds Sister and just so happen my EX Girlfriend was an older lady who went to school with bays Mother. Bay ended up getting a hold to it maybe like a year or two after she got it. but it had been out maybe longer than that in all actuality kind of like still in edit mode but yet released. Dirt was to give me more photos. i also gave a copy to the Young Gunz they love the pressing, so when bay confronted me about it he seems to think I get the stuff out of nowhere. So I smiled (while in Danger) and Said Bay How do you think i even get the stuff to begin with in the first place? so when i explained this to Dirt. Dirt said it's cool we will work it out. I was like "thanks Dirt". "I gave Bay my number plus i got the junky Quest part 2 beat just for him the jazzy version." "So when he gets out hopefully he'll be as open minded as you are". "he was screaming something like I'm pocketing 50 grand at a time and his lawyer will do a complete audit i was like you'll do that instead bust a flow to this devil shit? come on man old time sakes. calmed him down, gave him my number, But never denied pocketing 50 grand at a time. Ha ha ha May as well keep him interested. if i tell him HELL Naw aint no 50 grand checks coming in he will lose interest. Dirty Red is an open minded Business man For real though no doubt. at one point he was offering to make me his full-time paid employee doing what I'm Doing For Sound. I just want him to be on D.J. Sounds Label as an artist. plus my hands were full with D.J. Sounds Catalog as it is. and LiL maniacs. we basically set in the Jag bumping his sons raps songs back to back he was so proud and he want me to do that stuff for his son, that's what i admire and respect about him but i keep trying to tell him about how he need to do a song produced by Sound, and that he have a song off of down in the dungeon that is highly successful enough for a video. so he says show me on his phone since we weren't any wear near A computer or my Laptop. it's not on a specific channel page or site. it's just earning in other ways thru Micro Syncing and licensing the same as D.J. Priest, I think it was a million hits views or something like that but not pinpoint able and easily accessed thru anyone's Smartphone.so i couldn't just show him right off like, i wanted tolike the Facebook songs his sons songs were on. I told him his Son needs a Youtube Channel as well. Dirt Suggested Datpiff said he heard of them. i told them datpiff is cool but theres a lot of other outlets as well

Candela   candelaisonfire@gmail.com
02-10-2019 4:54:01 AM CST
I want to buy ALL of your music Please contact me at: Candelaisonfire@gmail.com

jayy 38127
02-06-2019 11:50:47 PM CST
player 1 what it do big fan mane im actually from frayser not to make a long post but i seen u posted recently are you on any social media? id like to chop it up with u sometime or sum mane i been a fan of dj sound n da frayser click since 12 lol i got into all that old memphis shit then my email is jay420901@gmail.com im on facebook jayy montana instagram @ jayy_tn salute player 1! and anybody whos a fan of da memphis shit add me as well ima hollllla!

Candela   candelaisonfire@gmail.com
01-09-2019 1:00:50 AM CST
Contact me , Business!

01-08-2019 11:55:07 PM CST
I need your email, want to talk business or email me at: candelaisonfire@gmail.com

12-16-2018 7:58:33 AM CST
hey, i can see at the beginning of this boar a message from peaches saying she is about to publish a new album called "sweet slash killa" under the name "lil chuckie". did it ever happenned ? i can't find nothing about it online. Thanks for your music. listening in france I'd like to add a message board like this to my website, how did you do it ? thanks

Trick Killa
11-30-2018 6:33:22 AM CST
It don’t even gotta be HD, keep all the OG footage rare and make a compilation orsum and new footage as well. I revealed content from frayser click would be like gold to Memphis rap fans

10-13-2018 7:19:46 PM CST

"Subliminal messages, brainwashing tunes to infect your soul spirit and heart. Demonic music to zombalize huge societies civilizations and Countries with the night of the living dead effect..." And that's why I bump this shyt as loud as I can out my car. Infect the whole world with D'Evil.

signal 13 dot net   smoke@signal13.net
05-28-2018 7:51:08 PM CST
shit I feed my activity and want to show my respect

05-16-2018 6:57:22 AM CST

ayooo y'all the real memphis underground legends hope to see more S/O FROM LOS ANGELES JUNGLES BALIFORNIA steady bumpin y'all tapes 24/7 94' STRAIGHT DEATHBOUND

01-31-2018 7:19:57 PM CST
Sup to the whole team, Any idea when Volume 8 will be available on CD again? Thanks in advance, peace!

Lucas Foster   lucas.campbell.foster@gmail.com
11-17-2017 5:28:21 AM CST

Yo family, my name is Lucas Foster and I've been rocking with Memphis music the longway since I was 15 years old. In fact I used to spend my whole day in high school finding new memphis tapes on youtube or whatever else and spent half my money at work one summer ordering tapes. this response back in 2015 to my comment on your youtube channel made my day needless to say. i grew up in Encinitas and carlsbad and still live in vista (my family got priced out of encinitas it's some how even more crazy boujjee now!) anyway, I'm now a music journalist for real, for the website passion of the weiss. I interviewed Lil Sko and DJ Squeeky this year (check it out passionweiss.com/author/lucas-foster and I'm also talking to labels now trying to get tapes re-issued. any of yall can get at me if you're interested in an interview on my email lucas.campbell.foster@gmail.com or my twitter @lucascfosterx95 peace and love Lucas

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