D.j.sound went from beat boxing ,deejaying house parties and,small clubs, to making mixtapes and then making his own beats as he produced artist solo tapes along with his mixtapes from vol1 to vol 11. his reign last from the mid 80's to 1997, he went into retirement around 1997 after rising to the top of the memphis rap volume mixtape chain. After dominating the underground with his evil grooves and satanic cult D.J.Sound  felt he had nothing else to prove. Yes Thousands of tapes were sold he made plenty of doe but was in it for the worship more then he was for the Money. Granted with the power to make extraordinary beats by the Prince of Darkness, this talented beat maker called upon higher powers uknowingly being used himself as an instrument to infiltrate others into the darkside for a lifetime and then an eternity (Ha ha if you know what i mean). Walking away from the realm wasn't as easy as he thought it would be for right when he thinks he's out of it he is only pulled back in. Blessed with talented musical abilities this youngster became corruptively possesed and absolutely taken over when his prayer to make the most miraculous music out of inadequate defective incomplete equipment was heard upon by the Goat Lucy. he was granted his wish under one condition. a condition in which was immoral but yet will immortalize his image into legendary status. to become immortal is all the mere mortal ever wanted. turnning the listeners experience into that of a spiritual one. tricking the listener into thinking theyre listening to instruments percussion fruity loops pro audio software drum machines(ordinary gangster rap or hardcore rap) but they are listenning to black magic. which can have the same impact over a soul as Gospel Music. There's music of worship and then somewhere in between there is music for moods like pop jazz R&B dance for happy sad bad or glad or sexy, and then you have Gospel. Sounds music is the opposite of Gospel. while in retirement his music grew contagious as it infected masses miles and miles away. Subliminal messages, brainwashing tunes to infect your soul spirit and heart. Demonic music to zombalize huge societies civilizations and Countries with the night of the living dead effect.. often thrown in the Horrorcore Catagory to camoflage the agenda and blend in with other rappers in somewhat of a lil "Niche" Genre. but this is the  Crossroads baby and this is as real as it gets

D.J.Sound VOL 1
D.j.Sound VOL 2
D.J.Sound VOL 3
D.J.Sound VOL4
D.J.SoundVOL 12
Player 1 2018 rerelease
Maniyak 9
Negrito Narco
Pimp Ke

 SoundMaster C, or "Trans sound C" (who actually played an instrument in high school,that instrument being that of percussion, snare and bass.) ,This D.j slash rap producer not only paid his dues but was obsessed with keeping every single recording, every tape, every step of the wa,y as he paid these dues. From club no name tapes to his own d.j.sound volume1 tape. D.j.Sound was notorieus for keeping every single recording year after year decade after decade, he even kept the live recording of the talent show tape   Start at: 9:42  The Trezevant high school talent show recorded live in which he won first prize as a group with Player 1, called Mc ice & Soundmaster C in 1987 (saved by sound but pressed up and labeled for retailed sales and made public by Player1 of course) Which was a tape recorded by Sound as he and Player 1 performed on stage live at the talent show ages 12 and 13. 7th grade. he was a good human beat box and Player 1 with the rep of being a breakdancer had began rapping by the name  of MC ice and wanted to gain popularity at this new Junior high high school state there claim as the new Hip hop force in the school not to be reckoned with from battles to dancing for coins on beale street but Player 1 and D.J.Sound (Soundmaster C and MC Ice) didnt know they would actually win the talent show. Subscribe to Spergys Channel (one of our Administraitors) for rare DJ Sound Music no one has, Exclusives that are not  anywhere else..  D.j.sound was first inspired by memphis rap pioneers such as  M.c.Ray the J,  D.j.Spanish fly and D.j.Soni d after recording on cassette live mixeshows from the radio every week his 6th grade year of grandveiw elementary (these mixshows were aired live during fm radio broacasting on friday nights thru a very popular station from a famous urban club called "The Club No Name") this famous radio station (K-97or magic 101 known for being the first station in memphis to play roxxane utfo run dmc and whodini when hiphop was new thought to be a passing trend or was just not yet getting play on average stations nor accepted by the mainstream) "The club no name" A club which was at the time the most popular club in memphis where people with snake skin boots,bluejean suits, jerri curls,and jewelry would hang out, Sporting Beepers big ropes and wearing raw silk outfitsThis club generated a lot of income in the 80s when cocaine sells were at an all time high,) this famous club along with this popular radio station are the two elements that historicly created the underground memphis rap scene sponsored by Budweiser Beer of course hahaha.club No Name(Expo and Mr Bs) + Radio=mphis rap

Click here to download albums from the Frayser click's Digital Aggregater    Years went by and Player 1 had a break dancing crew called the Ridgcrest Breakers. with Bones as his right hand man. Breaking and B-Boying after being inspired by turbo and ozone in the movie breakin while on the west coast. Player 1 moved back home to Memphis where the movie Beat street was more known he became inspired by the Rock Steady Crew and the NYC breakers. meanwhile while Player 1 (at the time he was Ice) were breakdancing cutting flairs 1990s popping locking head spinning and doing the windmill, D.j.Sound was more into Dougie Fresh, ReadyRoc C, BizMarkie D, and the fatboys "human beatbox" he became the best beat boxer in our local highs schools proximity. plus he had a Rhytmic talent for patting on his chest beating on tables or schools desk, making people move to the grove, so D.j.Sound and Player 1 entered the Trezevant high school talent Show and Won as m.c. ice and sound master c 1987. Around 1989 to 1990 (or early 90s) there were an explosion of underground memphis rappers and deejays that gave birth to the official Memphis Rap. These Rappers and D.j.'s like Paul Squeeky and Juicy J inspired D.j.Sound to step up his game he bought equipment started Rocking shows,turning out house parties in the bay, and all over the M-town, D.j.sound began putting out mixtapes around 1992.  his first album was Volume1 at the time he only had 1 Rap group which were Player 1 and Player 2  so he put them on a song called "Bar None" on his Volume 1 but since music runs in his family and he had done songs like beatboxed for his cousins they just weren't in the crest at this time, these relatives i speak of are Lil Bay Dirty Red and D the unknown they were from GreenBriar Apts, Corning Village,Scutterville and south memphis glenview area. Eventually Dirty Red and Lil Bay became a group since they were Sound's Relatives with musical traits. This happen after Tiny Loc (some guy with a cool out of town accent in his flow who Lil Bay were in a group with first) were replaced with Dirty Red who was also Sounds cousin ( or Relative). D.j.Sound later Discovered a couple of other Ridgecrest Native rap groups (Being Ridgcrest Based was important).So he eventually Discovered LITTLE YO and G.B,,, Gangsta gold and MC Money (which is a female rap group from the Crest)  and LV,,( his shot out song gave him his claim to fame) his rap partner Lil Rob was from the Raliegh Valley area, which gave Sound Traction. Sound went on to Recruit talent in Orange Mound(at the time Orange Mound Rappers were hot and having them down with click made Sound official) Westwood and so on, as the D.J. with a couple of hustlers from around the way, became a leader of a  syndication of Rap Groups, acts and soloist from all over the city, including another some what relative known as "MR.Will with the skills" (the talented Keyboardist) on this team Sound was destined to go straight to the top!  The Consolidation of city wide groups would Famously become known as the Frayser Click. guess you can say they were the roster on his label, Player 1 would later identify and break down this scenario as such but thats later on.  Volume1 and Volume 2 were D.j.style "aircheck" mixtapes, but volume 3 on up were all original tracks by D.j.Sound. D.j.sound made beats without a drum machine at first like songs like "Bar None" he was good at speeding up a record or slowing down the records in order to keep on beat with the tempo by using his fingers. After D.j.Sound bought a drum machine and linked up with D.j.Livewire who taught him to program the drum machine he began making beats. which he quickly caught on to and escalated all rythm programming procedures. He maximized the performance of the machine to it's fullest capacity discovered break thru's and eventually made a student out of his mentor.    . Since ridgecrest is located on the northside of memphis,in an area we call the bay was actually frayser,,He named this "dreamteam" the Frayser Click.

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       There were no such thing as getting a record deal getting heavy radio play or rising any further except only on a few rare

Frayser Click Recirds Catalog by CFO/playa1?
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occassions like 8ball mjg,Gangsta Pat,and Indo G lil Blunt if you were from memphis. So D.j.sound retired right around the time select-o-hits were giving distribution deals (this is added to say had D.j.Sound made music a little bit longer he would have heard of  SOH and made it big, but we did not know what was distribution and why did we need it  nor  did we stay in the game long enough to know they existed stroll down to the Frayser click become Frayser click Records section to skip to it.) to artist who would ordinarily use Mr.z and car toys as a distribution mechanism eventually drying up the the underground arab ranned memphis rap industry while adding 1000''s of more stores regional and nationwide service plus advertising and even duplication to/for these artist and d.j.s like like paul  j Zirk and squeeky though his intentions were not to retire because he had plenty of material left and had began work on the volume 12 there were a chain of events that led to his retirement like children relationships moving out of moms house growing up vengeful spiteful people who wanted to get into the click and be a part of the band but got denied,click members who wanted there own solo,they would get jealous of beats given to other click members the click would almost fight over a d.j.sound beat shit was running sound crazy he had stalkers,hoes,haters,putting in more time in on the job and receiving promotions on the job. making more money by working due to the fact the stores were always understocked and over demanded  When Player1 caught on (and realised that all they had to do was simply stock up the stores on a steady bases the click would only bring 25copies when the store clearly asked for atleast 50 copes, plus only P1 Bones, Dirty Red and Lil Bay  had the authority as sound had to duplicate masters and place them in stores instead of the whole click which maybe if the whole click was authorized at least the stores would have stayed stocked up) Highly Motivated, P1 saw the light but before he could reinspire D.j.Sound with this stock up strategy something that the rest of the D.j.s like Squeeky Paul and Juicy was on top of and that's why they excelled when we did not. the money was good enough to them to stick around until SOH became a Memphis rap distributor and give them street level graphics and nation wide product placement. P1 got locked up. and realized while he was jail a few years that his life long dream to become a kingpin was stupid peer pressure and had he spent the lumpsum wops on tape stock like he did in to the game he would of quadrupled instead of only profited a little to make a fast turnover though the money was legal and in his face  they (P1 & Bones) even did a show here and there and a D.j. at  a radio station wanted to play Cruising on his F.M. Radio shift, P1 was yet so blind as he collected a little money from the stores thinking he was cool for finally getting the street cred he deserved and being known more as a hustler then of a rapper so when P1 discovered this he decided to sacrifice some of his artistic abilities to become a full time Coordinator for his group and fund whatever was needed now knowing how a flip was such a cinch in the rap game after running out of the dopegames product. the last batch getting rid of the last batch P1 was busted and his passion for the music idea along with a few other things sent him in a frenzy he went on a suicidal mission as he clicked into a temporarily insane mode and when he came back to his senses he were in too deep and was just another brother about to be killed by the laws. they beat the old life out of him into a new life no bond maxed out security level stray jackets fights a life in the pit of hell Player1 says he died that day he lived twice. lesson is, never raise capital to fund a legitimate buisness illeaglly (it only works in the movies,the maufia and in rap songs). Eazy e was the only person who was able to turn crack into a million dollar record label. Do not try it yourself with out expecting at least an ankle montior ankle bracelet on your ankle while in the process. This is why Player 1 is not ashamed but pride himself on his ability to start a company from scratch (No loans No start up funds, No investors, no credit,no job,and no drug money, people will say what happen to all that money you say in a rap you made from selling drugs but P1 gives no fuck you have'nt done any time you'll be the main snitch crying).. Any fool with a lot of money can start a buisness but it takes a clever person to start one up with nothing or a "True Hustler" a Ridgecrest nigga old head (in which we will go into this later on right now we're scanning over this big ole rough draft so if you want to go into that right now skip this and stroll down to the Sound and the Click become Frayser Click Records segment). Meanwhile Devour .the click was being Devoured and absorbed into the Mega studio that dirty red built in South Memphis.  

Player1 was made aware of this Click disentagration after visiting Dirts Studio several times to kick it and while kicking it he would see like maybe the track machine that sound once used for the click dusty unplugged laid to the side in some corner of the room  while Dirts new Advanced super high gear and new up to date track machine would be all plugged up shiney and being operated.  different petty peices of sounds old studio was scattered out about dirts house .That's when P1 felt like that was the first frayserclick decline sign that made P1 realize it's over. the demise. Dirty Red had it it going on and a Proffessional Studio far more superior to that of what Sound used for the Click (when the click was active) So the click including P1 and Sound began to gravitate toward Dirty Red and Bay thinking they were still going to keep the click alive.  They thought that Dirt Would let Sound Put his cheap basic 1-2 recording set up to the side and began using Dirts Real Studio for the next D .J. Sound Frayser Click Volume, but turned out that, that was Dirts studio for dirt  not no click. Dirty Red and Bay were able to make there own beats now so they actually did not need Sound anymore, washed up. Dirty reds equipment swallowed up Sounds equipment as it set over up in "House on the hill productions" studio waiting to somehow get attached by a few plug ins. Dirty Red went all out on major equipment after an inheritage from his Grand dad in which you will hear Dirt mention something about his grand dad on the song "Just the few of us" the song on the album in which they produced with this state of the art facility.  P1 would go kick it, even get on a track or two to there upcoming just the Few of us Album, but some how When there album came out, he was edited off of it though. Sound thought it was going to still be D.j.Sound and the Frayser Click but at this point, Dirty Red was the man and dirty red and lil bay ran there own shit. This Luciano just the few of us album they were working on which.he and bay had did all of there own beats to while launching a label and producing the group called the young gunz were about to make them the overnight superstars. this group called the young guns,had consisted of Bays lil brothers and dirty reds little brother. at the time of Sounds retirement (Demise) there were a transition from cassette to cd which is why his music was on tape at the time of his retirement. Dirty Red and Bay went all out,, everything from equipment to production to graphic design duplication, and even was the first rap group of the click to bring out there music on CD's and they had boxes of them, At a time when our local duplicator in the city only did tapes. Dirty Red and Bay rode to texas and had everything done from the graphic design to the barcode they hit the town stunting.with thousands of units to move even sold P1 a cd for the 10.00  which inspired P to go record a song called the side A Outro by D.j.Priest where he gives prop to them. P1 put this along with a few more songs he appeared in with his partner Bones on a tape and released it, called it the "underground hits" and had mananged to get 200 copies ranned off and placed in a few stores and moved units pretty good (but certain click members were mad about that. it's ok if Sound doesnt pay you or put you on the shelf for the rest of your life but when P1 tries to help rekindle add on to keep the thing going on it's a problem?) and Maybe a day or two later P1 went to jail on a suicide mission headline viral news making blast where he was nearly killed by the cops,  leaving the last 50 tapes over a thots house in the hood.  P1 new that Underground hits would be the last solo album, which is more of a D.j.Sound compilation album hosted by P1 and Bones than it is an album. or he made that, because he knew that Crime Rate Sky high would be the last album he would get from Sound, and that he was lucky to get that because a lot of click members were not fortunate enough to get a solo album produced by D.J. Sound in the first place, unable to voice his concern anymore cause he was just one of the rappers out of 10 or 15 rappers wishing DJ sound would do what they wanted them to do. Sound had became the head huncho not just Ps human beat box anymore, although sound was on a decline and P was on an incline,, or on a new last minute motivational enlightment, it did not matter. Sound was head Honcho 

MiniDV: 02 from Alex Colorito on Vimeo.

 OK years go by, and the survivng click members had went about there way There was an album by the D.O.N along with madmane and a few other artist called the Menthal ward click that did pretty well out there. Keewee the weazel start singing R&B.  LiL Yo began blowing up. he was a true hustler from Ridgecrest home of the million dollar drug strip that bred ballers. he had ranned with the click long enough to know where car toys was and were was mr.Zs located . he got about his buisness  kept on repping the crest. Some of the earlier Frayser Click fans who bought D.j.Sound out of the store bought him and identified him as a click member thinking maybe it was produced by Sound but even though it was not produced by sound he was still such an amazing rapper that his music caught on with its own base and then the 'bang your broad" club hit came out and it was a wrap. Lil Yo was the official rap star from that point on. Lv became a barber and open up a barber shop, and around 2001 when the locked up click members were getting out of jail lil bay had also became a barber with his own barbershop. Dirt was on a lot of probation. Ok i am going to be real with you. the reason there new album did not take off was because they changed there names from Dirty Red and Lil Bay to a group called Luchiano crime Family unlucky lenny and Don Corleone. a real marketing flaw that the stores did not identify with because they were used to seeing a little D.J.Sound Productions stamp at the bottom of the tape. they wanted or knew more of the Frayser click Stamp logo imprint brand then that of this new group with top of the line retail ready replicated CDs. there fan base knew Dirty Red and Lil Bay,not Unlucky Lenny and the Dirty Dun luchiano and the Young Guns. which is what P1 would have suggested had he been able to voice his marketing abilities. Player 1 had no voice though. not even with his senority with the click. talent shows he won with sound actual Trophies and so on. So Dirty Red and Bay did not become the overnight success story they should have like they would have had they kept the trademark Frayer click sound that D.j. Sounds artist were known for. Even though sound had cheap equipment and white label tapes he had a brand that did huge numbers but would have done much better had they stocked up stores or hired a coordinator. nevertheless with time dirt and Bay were able to establish themselves under a new name,or new emblem, there own Luciano stamp imprint (later on down the line after Mr. Z's and stereo One stop selling memphis rappers and began to focus more on the car systems and alarm installations that they were originally in buisness for sell to begin with)... Player 1 had learned how to cut and paste (with real scissors and glue paste) to create posters.which was a major break thru since back then the printing shops could only print your posters out in black and white right before he went to jail..so in his cell he would copy and paste posters lay back chill get buffed doing push ups and sit ups .the year was 1998 and right before he got locked up he had been recieving catalog brochures from a place called Disc makers. P1 been receiving Disc Maker catalogs since 1998 (when they were a tape duplicating facility on the rise as being the first to have Cd duplication capabilities) just being able to get this connection alone shows p would have made the best coordinater for the group. P1 was getting them joints shipped straight to his jail house cell and would lay back and analyze the catalog along with getting sent in rap magazines like Vibe Blaze the Source and XXL, The internet was kind of new so magazines were the best thing going. This is how player1 heard of the Rap Coalition. Some cool organization led by Wendy Day.Just discovering someone of this magnitude to follow also says that P1 would have made a good coordinator for the click..finally after a few calanders of jailen p1 were finally released  Player1 began hanging out with D.j.Sounds sister and would run across sound from time to time while over her moms house but no big deal. D.j.Sound would speak to p, chop it up, hi and bye"i saw you on the news" what the hell was going on in your head"? he would ask, but no talk about bringing out the old bay hits. Player 1 was on Parole and while on it he worked at an upscale carwash. P learned car detailing, waxing,Buffing and heavy tire glossing. The chick that filmed his breakdance moves who was also a dancer,hooked him up with a job doing janitorial duties at the USPS (which he was fired from for failure to provide i.d)shot out to the boss though let a nigga work for three weeks and hadn't showed him identification. P1 manage to hustle up on some equipment. He assembled an old school set up with a studio identical to the set up that the frayser click recorded on for D.jsounds mixtape volumes. P started a label called litegreen Records, a label that did modest figures and humble numbers with Peaches Flave andTango  considering the small radius within the inner boundries of frayser that there music covered.  After a couple of years seeing his micro label and experimental roster do neighborhood numbers up and down the street around the corner up the block in the school,and walking distance between the 6 to 7 stores that p1 worked with(or had established consignment relationships with). These artist were real hot in there highschools and neighborhood.  Around 2003 or the end of 2002,is when Player1 met up with D.j.Sound and was no longer the jail bird ex con carwashing scrub on parole he last saw.(thats memphis for you all about how look as oppose to what you can do or are doing for them so dress up and you can sell dreams but tell the truth sincerely while not dressed up they think youre selling a dream ).. 

          First task was For Sound and Player 1 to get the catalog from Dirty Red's house. By then, Dirt had moved to Frayser and had a bachelors crib 5 minutes away from Ridgecrest. 3 minutes away from Ps spot and Sounds House were like 8 minutes away. much better then the 30 mintue drive away Dirts house once were when he was in south Memphis. so they rode from P1 broads crib to Dirts house to get D.j.Sounds Catalog of Track tapes and dusty rusty track machine. Had P1 not made Sound go and get his shit from dirts house, it would have burned up in the house fire that Dirt had shortly after. P is a hero. (Dirty Red had to move from Schoolfield street to elsewhere because his house caught on fire.)  P1 sat in the Car while sound went in to get it.  P1 thought that this moment of truth was going to be so difficult but it was too easy. The first payment from P1 that sound received for the collecting dust catalog of course, P1 was not able to excite Sound enough to get his stuff back with some ole "I saw the light after my ass was kicked and throwed in jail speech now. Player 1 paid him and there would be a long list of other times Sounds back catalog which would have set up and burnt up paid off for Sound from P1. Just having a guy who was willing to become his full time archiver was another pay off and at the time P1 did not know anything about the internet, owned no computer (2002 the internet wasnt in every home nor had the invention of the smartphone surfaced),he didn't know exactly what to do with it at the time. So being able to get paid by a click member to get your stuff from the studio that swallowed it up just to bring it over to his house before it's burnt, so he can archive a catalog like a personal slave an ol catalog in which at the time they didn't have exactly a 100% sure way to monetize. was pretty good. just paid to bring it to Ps house for a few months and take it back from P1 whenever you want. it would be years later before anything happens anyway. you get paid to get your tapes mixed down and mastercopies filed and organized. Dirt did not give sound no flack about a whole bunch of old dusty throwback click hits and a track machine that his studio had swallowed up four years prior. 2nd Task was to file, label, listen to, title, and organize the entire collection of scattered songs. volume 8 songs were on a tape that also had songs from volume 4 on it and so on. P1 was to mixdown songs from sounds track machine onto master tapes(the first thing was to buy blank Maxell tapes) write down and even create a name for songs after listenning. P1 began by putting every song recorded by bay and dirty red on a tape or two(which later became the unheard platinum hits of lil bay but at the time it was just a good procedure to coordinate things accordingly),and then every money and gold songs on another. lv had songs like hoezology that had never been put out it goes on and on This task in itself was hard and time consuming work. Took the first 10 months just learning how to work Sounds Track machine. Player 1 had to figure out which tracks were on what tapes and which level should be raised or lowered what instrument is on track 3 which track is the raw drums for each and every track tape he had which was plenty. Sound was cool with it, he was not tripping about P1 having the rusty dusties either, because he was still infactuated with Dirts Studio, the fact that Lil bay and Dirt kind of kept going on without him just cold branched out on sound without looking back, was what sound just could not get over. he felt Dumped by his main act. not that they out sold Gangster Gold and McMoney or other click releases because all of Sounds releases did good. they were his main act because they were his cousins,and the way his kinfolks did not need him anymore had him feeling some type of way. He just did not realize that all he had to do was bring out the volume 12 around the time that the "Just the few of us" album came out, and he would have put the game on lock to this date (even though he does). his brand his sound productions stamp carried more weight  then any branched out artist from his clicks new start up logo could possibly begin to have no matter how unlimited the budget may have been, no matter how much more valuable the packaging and product design. the D.j.Sound Production stamp, the Frayser click brand, carried enough weight to make the make stores pay up front 450 a wop if we had any sense. the click was cool with getting 150 up front from two or three of the 21 stores desperately waiting for D.j.Sound Prouductions and the Frayser Click. so the Catalog and equipment stayed at player1s house securely for about 2 years. P1 did one last jail stint of 2 months. he was sentenced, but given a month or two to handle his buisness prior to his intake called a "delay of execution" so you're looking at, at least, a good 4 months of not doing anything to the catalog at all just simply nesting it, sitting on it. giving it a better home, before he turned himself in. The masters to the Frasyer click back catalog set up securely at P1 house while P did the last jail stinct he would ever do. he was out of a couple of grand to get such a good plea bargain. and another couple of grand to be out on bond getting execution delays. So task 2 was not as simple or quick as task 1. Things didnt get good until a couple of years later like 2005 or 06. This was only 2003 were it took up all year doing task 2.

Lost count ok 40,226 feb 21 i clik100x so 40,326 63764