Jacob Lingelbach father,  of William Lingelbach,   was born in Germany Jan 1843 and arrived in United States 1866

Pictures of Anna Katherine Opper (1844-1905) Pictures on metal disc. As a child and young lady with sister.



.  Married in Germany to  Anna Katherine Opper (1844-1905)  



Picture taken in Waterloo Iowa Mrs Lingelbach with two of her sons.  Date after 1927 when father died. and theywere living at 113 Allen St, Waterloo, Iowa

Children Born  in Illinois

 Mary Lingelbagh   (1867-1956) 

Lizzie Lingelbach  (1869-1956)

Children Born in Grundy Center,  Iowa

George Linbelbach (1872-1958)

Children Born In Waterloo, Iowa

William Lingelbach ( 1874--1956)  

Katherine Lingelbach (1878-1951)

Jacob J Lingelbach (1880-1953)

John Lingelbach ( 1881-1968)