The Lingelbach family goes back to Germany where Jacob Lingelbach was born Jun 1843 in Kurkson,, Germany. His cousin Johann Wilhelm Lingelbach born Jan 28, 1840 in Schellelach,  Germany  

The cousin Johann had married Louisa Lbeishourer in Germany and they were headed to the great country of United States.  Jacob Lingelbach a cousin says he wants to go with them, so they travel together  by ship in year 1866.   

They live together in Princeton, Ill in 1866 and the first child of John (American name now used by Johann,)  is born in Illinios on Oct 26, 1866.

In fall of 1866 Jacob got married in Ill to Anna Katherine Opper and starts a family.    In 1867 first child daughter . Mary Lingelbach (1867-1956) is born.  In 1869 daughter Lizzie  Ligelbach (1869-1956) in Ill. 

The families leave for Grundy Center,  Iowa i871 after Jacob became an American citizen .

The Jacob Lingelbach family stays in Grundy Center with the John Ligelbach family. A son George Lingelbach is born in Grundy Center  12 Apr 1872/  The following year 1873 the  Jacob family moves to Waterloo, Iowa.  

In Waterloo, son William Lingelbach is born Dec 7, 1874  This son is where my family line is connected through his wife Almelia Moessner.

 The father Jacob Lingelbach  lived in Waterloo, Iowa until his death on May 26, 1927.

Several other children are born in Waterloo Iowa and will be listed on  following papes.