Thing To Look For in your Lab Puppy


Thing's you should know what your looking for in a Lab Puppy !


# 1. make sure it looks like a pure bred pup, When Dog is at alertness with ear's raised up the head should look blocky some more so than others, and when the lab is relaxed the head will appear less blocky and more slender .



# 2. Color , AKC reconizes 3 colors of lab  puppy's wich are Black , Yellow , or Chocolate . Then there are some variations to this which is Yellow .Yellow can range from light cream to a fox red .The the Chocolate can range from Light choc. to dark choc. And Black is just black with a white spot on chest some times .


# 3. Temperament , Now this is the big one .You want your puppy to be calm and friendly  .Your puppy should be very happy to see you ! When you hold them and pet them .Then you know you found your best friend.


# 4. The Litter Owners , make sure they have a clean and well mainained facility  .Are the dogs and puppies  kept clean and well fed and watered ? Puppy's should have enough room to play and exercise . I would not puchase a puppy if any of the above conditions are not met.


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