Evolution Of
The Labrador Retriever

Evolution of the Labrador Retriever

Sometime during the fifteenth century, Labradors came on to the scene in Newfoundland where they were popular as fishing dogs.  The North Atlantic waters were extremely cold, which was the perfect environment for the new breed.  Their long "guard" hair provided an excellent means for shedding water, while their inner coat provided insulation from the cold.  In addition, the new Lab breed possessed web paws which proved to be perfect for swimming.

Labs have a wonderful, warm temperment and beautiful coats of chocolate, yellow or black.  They are attracted to water where they enjoy playing like Dolphins.

Hunting Stock

Labs migrated from Newfoundland to England and eventually brought to America during the 1800's where they were used for retrieving ducks.  By selectivly breeding the Lab as a superior hunting dog, they were  also used in show competition, because of their range of colors and retrieving skills.  These show events provided a way to grade the Labs according to their performance against a set of standards established for the breed, called "Hunt Tests." 

Development of the Champion Lab

Hunting groups eventually developed new standards for developing the perfect pointer and retrieving Lab.  The new standards graded Labs against the performance of other Labs, instead of testing them against skill levels thus heightening the competiton.  Placing more emphasis on intelligence and energy resulted in the development of Labs with long legs, hyperactivity and high intelligence.  Heads and tails became a bit narrower, and their boundless energy made them ideal for show dogs. These Labs became Champion show dogs for their conformation of head and body, extreme intelligence, their tireless energy and their undying devotion to their owners. Whether or not you show your Lab in accredidated shows or not. The Labrador Retriever is an all around Champion. 

Competition Labs

Some breeders became more interested in how the dog appeared in shows rather than judging the Lab by its hunting for field trial abilities.  This breed developed large heads with stocky bodies and shorter legs.  They are now used primarily as "show" dogs, appearing in such events as the "Westminister" where show Labs are not often judged on their intelligence and temperment.  

Home Raised labs

In the early 1990's, a new category of Labs appeared on the scene.  They were bred in the home for health, temperment, appearance and retrievel abilities.  Less hyperactive and highly intelligent, these Home Raised Labs become the perfect family companion, and are especially suitable as children's pets.  They have wonderful temperments, love to play and fetch, great swimmers and an all around pal for every family member.  Home Raised Labs have little desire to roam and they become territorial within their own back yards.

Home Raised Labs are more healthy and much calmer than those bred for show events because of the lack of pressure placed on them by their owners.  They do not carry the diseases normally associated with inbreeding.

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