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(Thanks LabPupsAKC for our newest family member. Miller has brought pure happiness to our lives)

(Just wanted to send you a update on Miller who we had adopted at the beginning of January. Attached is a recent pic. He is getting big 30 lbs already @ almost 4 months old. He is house broken and has been already picking up some tricks. Sleeps in bed with us and loves the snow. He has really helped fill that void we had once our beloved dalmation of 14 1/2 years passed at Christmas.)
Thanks again!



Adopted 12/26/06.  had to put my dog to sleep in december of 2006 after 13 years of ownership.  nothing replaces that dog, but sparky has helped me ease the pain and has become a new "companion and buddy" to me and brings a smile to my face every time i spend time with him.



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The last of the litter, Lucy, has really come into her own over the last few weeks.  She weighs 26 pounds and adores chasing birds, deer and field mice around our wooded property.  A few weeks ago she caught a goose with a broken wing down by our stream, but quickly learned that their bite hurts!  I have already exposed her to a shot gun as I intend to hunt upland game with her.  Not only is she not gun shy, she actually retrieves the ejected shell casings.  She is proving to be an excellent family dog as well.  Her initial nervousness around people didn't last more than a few weeks.  Strangers still have to earn her affection, but that isn't all bad as she is very protective of my kids.  As with others who have posted from the litter, Lucy succeeds our beloved black lab Frankie who died at age 12 in November.  Thanks for providing my family with what looks to be another great Labrador!

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 Hi labpupsakc,: Our Family wanted to send you a couple of 6 month old pix of the puppy we got from you. He's been great with our other dog, easy to house train and just a ball of energy since the snow disappeared.
Thanks again for providing the good DNA, we'd be happy to pass on a good word on your behalf.
Have a great year!
John  and family

Hello Mark!


Attached is a picture of Belle near when we brought her home. She’s a great little dog and wanted to send you a picture and comment for your website. Her temperament is amazing and always follows us around the house! Rarely ever barks but loves jumping on the couch and looking out the window. We’ll send an updated picture as she’s 6-months old now if we could ever get her to sit still! She’s already tried her hand at swimming in the lake! She’s so much fun to be around and a great companion not only for us, but for our older lab as well. We would certainly recommend anyone thinking about getting a lab to get it from you. Thank you!


Debby Slocum