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Home Raised Labs

                    A Little Lab'll Do Ya ... And Lots Of Love!
Our home raised Labs are hand delivered at birth.  They are raised in our own home in Oklahoma on an 80 acre farm with loving care from the time they
are born until they are adopted as Happy Healthy puppies .
We have a constant surveillance of the mother and puppies with a 24 hour video camera to ensure their health and safety.  We even take special care in personally handling the puppies each and every day so that they are familiar with human contact.

The Families tell us that their newly adopted puppies are almost "human" in their behavior.  We give them so much love and attention that we find it difficult to let them go.  At the same time, however, it gives us great joy to know that each adoption has brought much love into the homes of the families  who recommend our service to so many people throughout Oklahoma, Kansas, Arkansas, Texas, Pennsylvania, Maine, New York, New Jersey and across the United States.
The New Families recommend home raised "LabPupsAKC" to their friends for so many personal reasons.  Recently, a gentleman purchased one of our "home raised lab pups" for his son who was tragically struck with blindness at 12 years of age.  He had one of our sweet puppies trained as a seeing eye guide dog.  We are thrilled to receive glowing reports on how the boy and his best friend, "Chance," have become inseparable partners.
In our experience, we have found that some of the people  bought kennel raised puppies that barked excessively.  Puppies raised in "pet stores" receive little human contact and are either listless or highly excitable.  Their life expectancies are usually much shorter because they suffer from so many degrees of emotional problems.  They are also difficult to train and are often returned to the pet stores or sold to someone else.
This is such a tragedy and so unnecessary.  The secret to raising a healthy Labrador pup isn't just a proper diet.  It's love, love and lots more love.
We believe that home raised Labs make excellent hunting dogs because they are so eager to please their masters.  Our goal is to provide families with healthy, happy puppies that provide wonderful companionship, loyalty and friendship. Labrador Retrievers are excellent Hunting Dogs.
In recent years we brought so much joy and happiness to families who have lost their beloved pets.  Our beautiful Labrador Retriever Pups have filled the voids in their hearts and in their homes.  Remember, when you bring a pet into your home, you are filling it with love and companionship for years to come.  Our Labrador Retriever pups are truly a family's best friend! Our Labrador Retriever Pups fly with American Airlines or Delta to reach their forever homes, can be flown from Will Rogers world Airport in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma or out of ABE Airport in Allentown, Pennsylvania also available for local pickup.
If you have a question about our "LabPupsAKC" service, please email us at:  labpups@ptd.net  or labpups@gmail.com   

Please take a few moments to visit the rest of our web site to learn more about our Labs and our very special adoption service and very competitive prices with two free months health insurance, a puppy starter kit, vaccinations and health records.

We have yellow lab pups , chocolate lab pups , white lab pups, fox red lab pups, black lab pups, and cinnamon lab pups,  AKC & CKC
Registered Lab pups for sale.   
email for availability.

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