Frequent Buyers Membership Club

Enroll Online Today for savings on Kymahni Wear products. You will only need to activate your subscription once. This fee covers the cost of processing and preparing a membership card. The Frequent Buyer Club is $ 10.00 to join and ensures that you get the best when you shop through our website using your Frequent Buyer Club Number and collect the goods..

What are the benefits of having a membership in the Frequent buyer's program?

You will qualify to get a discount on all purchases made.

Receive beanie bucks on every purchase redeemable at and KW locations.

Have in-depth updates on new Kymahni Wear products.

After spending $100 with your membership you will be sent a complimentary Kymahni Wear gift.

Free shipping on all orders.

What is our Frequent Buyer's Program?

It is our way of letting you know about new products and exclusively get the latest styles and new colors all at the discounted "buy in person prices."

What do I have to do?

Simply fill out the online application form to enroll.

Your Program ID card will take between 2 - 3 weeks to be mailed to you and when you visit our retail locations, present your ID card with your purchase. The staff will record the date and amount of your purchase. Your receipt will be stamped. Please keep your receipt until the year's end in case there is a question about the total. Online orders will be recorded and a Kymahni Wear stamp which you apply to your card, will be sent to you.

Frequent Buyers Program Application

Full Name _____________________________________________________

Street Address _________________________________________________

City, State & ZIP ________________________________________________

Phone Number _________________________________________________

Email Address _________________________________________________