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This hand crocheted pullover capelet is a stylish way to complete any outfit. Only covers the shoulders, yet warm and cozy. Made with plush bulky texture yarn with rich color that give this item a elegant appeal of velvet. You can also pull the capelet down to your hips to wear as a skirt. Color number 189 Wine is shown above. Matching thick velvet hat is included. Check out "Velvet Hats" link for additional colors}

Hand wash in cool or warm water, lay flat to dry. Not by Machine.

91% acrylic, 9% rayon

Size: M-L

Capelet neck opening is 26 inches around, expands to 30 inches.    

Bottom is 56 inches around. 18 inches wide.

Hat is 21 inches around, expands to 26 inches.

Item # KW-CPH

$ 95.00 set