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We have been in business for over 20 years. Kymahni has been a needlework designer for more than 40 years. Her advanced crocheting skills and amazing talent to crochet a beanie in 20 minutes or less, without even looking!
Kymahni's talent has made her a unique fiber artist. Those who have watched Kymahni whip out their hat while they wait, " fresh off the hook " have seen the magic happen before their eyes. Watching their choice of color or style transform into another flawless Kymahni Wear item.
She has a talent for combining various styles, textures and colors. Designing her own unique stitches and patterns, Kymahni enjoys experimenting and letting her creative juices flow. Her creative eye allows her to simply view a photo and create that product. Looking for a certain color, style or size, you are in the right place...See your favorite celebrity wearing something you just have to have, show us a photo and she'll make her version for you. We take customization to another level.
Kymahni Wear features something for every head and every body. You will find something for the whole family here. With a wide range of colorful yarns, in a variety of different textures. From velvety chenille's, soft mohair, cozy thick yarns and more.
Kymahni's irresistible crocheted items are for the fashion minded individuals or if you just want to be warm and stylish. Many of her designs are for men and can be minimized to fit children too!

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