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Mark A. Trimmer   matrimmer@click1.net
05-13-2020 2:10:48 AM CST

Hello!!!!! I just watched the DVD "Saving Templary" again after about 14 years. I got it in 2007-2008. I started studying Templary and Masonry when I was in Jr. High. I will be 54 years old in August 2020. I have studied so much, and I know so much that I am about to pop!!! I have no one to share it with. Sacred Geometry is my passion, along with Christian Cosmology. I love numbers. I have never approached anyone to sponsor me to become a Mason. But, now, I am ready. Where do I turn????

Brendan S.
12-16-2014 3:45:18 PM CST
Thank you so much for the material on this site! Growing up in a predominantly atheistic country where religion is looked down upon, this site has been really helpful to defend my faith.

02-20-2013 1:34:53 PM CST
I found your page after googling information on Subaodh Pandit, MD. My daughter is a student at Chapel Hill and is having a crisis in her Christian faith. He will be speaking there, and I wanted to make sure this would be good for her to attend. I also have been praying about starting a class at our church on apologetics. So many of us cannot defend our faith even though we are commanded to "be prepared to give an answer for our faith." I look forward to spending some time on this site..reorganizing/updating the appearance would be helpful..make it look more professional..no flashing lights. I'd like to refer4 my daughter to this page and young people expect excellence on the web. Thank you for sending me any free products that are available. I may even consider the formal biblical studies. Thank you and God bless!

Balogu Oluwakayode Isreal   Kayisreal2006@yahoo.com
10-11-2012 12:15:19 AM CST

Pls i want more clarification on why God would love Jacob, and hate Esau.

09-21-2012 3:31:33 PM CST
Have you ever asked an atheist to give reasons "for" atheism? Try it sometime and they will draw a total blank. I even said "just give me a reason 'for' naturalism then." Again - a blank. Shouldn't they have at least a few reasons "for" believing atheism to be true?

09-03-2011 3:32:11 PM CST
Just want to say thanks for the opportunity to receive this material for free. I haven't had a chance to read it yet, but look forward to becoming more equipped to answer those who are seeking guidance and purpose.

08-28-2011 1:12:53 PM CST
Well designed site. The only problem.... Finding where to apply for the B.A. course is a problem

James Slayton   califriend1231@yahoo.com
07-22-2011 7:48:28 PM CST
What would you say if I told you that there is a population, organized in groups of 12 to 20, men, all ages and backgrounds, various religious exposure (including almost none), churched and unchurched, that meet in a circle daily, standing for at least an hour, praying, praising, reading the bible and ABSOLUTELY HUNGRY FOR ALL READING MATERIAL ABOUT JESUS CHRIST! They read their bibles (which they are grateful to have) daily, many for hours a day. These men would read every word of your book and other material you provide, read it again, then give it to another to read. Sound unlikely? Well, you seem to be a very genuine believer, so I will let you know about the most dedicated reading population you may ever likely find. These are the inmates of the county jails, specifically Sacramento County jails. These men are humble, hungry and teachable. They meet in conditions and in the spirit of the initial persecuted church, surrounded by a mix of men who may be hostile, curious or hungry but doubtful. I am a witness that God is with them in a powerful way, and their prayers are answered daily in amazing displays. I can not order your material and send it to them. Not allowed! The material MUST come from an established vendor such as Amazon or Borders, MUST BE PAPERBACK, and have no staples. I would purchase these materials that you offer, because what you have here, my friend in Christ, is a treasure house to them. Some of these men are on their way to state prison, but most are serving short sentences and will once again be out in an uncaring world where they will be tempted by the evil and shunned by the "righteous". Sound interesting? Believe me, it's better than you think. Please write to me. I am a committed Christian follower of Jesus Christ. I am telling you the honest truth. You know what kind of reaction you have gotten from the churches and religious organizations. Now try this population, and you will doubtless find an amazing work that God is raising up in our very jails (which are overflowing) and will be your most devoted readers.

Kamal   ecamin@htp.com.np
11-12-2010 5:41:52 AM CST

I am much interested on Apologetics. This is the first time I am visiting it and I am greated fed. Thanks a lot.

Jay G. Smith
09-27-2010 1:51:21 PM CST

This is my first time visiting your site. I saw the ad in CT. I am overwelmed by how much you offer!

don ahee   aheed8609@aol.com
08-25-2010 9:32:11 PM CST
jesus is a comin soon !!!!!!!

Dave R
07-30-2010 2:51:49 PM CST
Looks good to me, lots of great information. I plan on using it a lot.

Ronald King
07-22-2010 2:19:03 PM CST
How about someone giving the scripture from the bible that says that Sunday is the Sabbath? I can't find it anywhere.

07-22-2010 9:42:48 AM CST
Thank you so much for this valuable information!

07-22-2010 9:31:27 AM CST
Lots of great info! Could spend hours here doing research. Will bookmark it for future use! God bless you!

Gloria Jones
07-07-2010 7:10:41 AM CST
This is a very good site. It has a variety of helpful information. Thank you for the excellent work you are doing.

07-02-2010 1:06:20 PM CST
this is my first visit but won't be my last, Looks to be some very interesting reading for this long weekend! God bless you.

07-01-2010 6:35:20 PM CST
great info. site would be a little easier to use and a little more appealing if it was a little bit simpler web template. Keep up the good work.

Kim B
06-18-2010 2:30:20 PM CST
What an awesome site! Using it more and more often:)

bree templar   brendatemplar@yahoo.com
06-03-2010 4:30:21 PM CST
I was a chaplain in the U.S.A.F. back in the Nam days.Its good to see someone with Spirit; working with others In the " New Crusade"for spirituality and understanding.

05-16-2010 11:35:44 PM CST
Great site! Information could be organized better, but the point is made. We are still climbing a up-hill battle, but now the hill isnt so steep. Unfortunantly students are being brainwashed and told evolution is fact w/out even knowing what they believe in. This world needs more people like you.

04-20-2010 6:29:27 PM CST
Compliments to you on your new book. The three areas you cover on some of the most overlooked by secular and theistic groups; but will have a large bearing to both of their futures. thx

Told you so!
02-14-2010 8:17:17 PM CST
Nice event on the 11th, but I told you no church groups would support you on this one either! lol ;o) (Church-ianity is different than Christ-ianity) Good job though - (just don't waste so much time on churches in the future, b/c I'm afraid you'll continue to get zero help) Good luck -

Benny Stein
10-20-2009 10:09:04 PM CST
Your cause is noble, but with football, new cars, working more so they can buy crap they don't need, and of course - fighting with other Christians from other churches that they don't agree with; do you really think any "Christian" will have the time to read your site? Sad but true... Like Ghandi said: "I like your Christ, but I don't like your Christ-ian..." (I applaud your efforts though.)

Zachariah   z.langley@yahoo.com
05-24-2009 12:43:08 PM CST
Did anyone notice the face in the Codex Sinaticus? I will most DEFINATELY be referring back to this site..

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