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Why Jeremiah's Tears?

Jeremiah was known as the weeping prophet. He wept because his nation was going to be destroyed for rejecting God. I have not cried many outward tears, but I cry inwardly for America, my country. How far can we be from destruction for rejecting God? The very God our forefathers fought for the right to worship? In the first amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America we are guaranteed the free exercise of religion. It says: ‚ÄúCongress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances."  The religion then was faith in the God of he Bible, so what other religion could they have meant? Now, every religion BUT the Christian faith is allowed to be exercised without censure. They try to stop our freedom of speech, our right to gather peaceably and our free exercise of what we believe. They say other religions should be celebrated. They don't want us to print the truth or petition the government. This leads me to believe that America stands in the place Israel and Judah did when Jeremiah was sent by God to prophecy. They have told God to leave America (our schools, our public buildings, our government), then when a crisis hits (9-11), they gather to sing "God bless America." If you read the book of Jeremiah and see how closely their way of life and rejection of God resembles America's, you will realize that God is not about to bless America. We must heed 2 Chronicles 7:14, for us to have any hope of this at all.

Jeremiah was told that the prophets who prophesied peace and safety were not sent by God. I have often felt different in this way. I do not get a "peace and safety" kind of word. I hear a word that says if we don't seek God with all we have and will not go well with us. I get a word that says God is grieved by how far His people have wandered from Him. I hear Him saying that many, many have put people and things before Him and above Him, worshipping other gods. We do not worship gods made of wood, stone and metal here in America. We worship money, people, TV, video games, work, music, leisure, sex, self, fame, power, food....Anything that we put before God is something we worship. We have dethroned God with worthless idols, those things we love and pursue more than we love and pursue Him. I hear God saying that if we don't repent and return to our First Love, He will remove our lamp stand. This is Biblical. And why do so few others seem to hear it? How often do we hear a sermon on this? But this is the message God has emblazoned in my heart. And you will not hear the "peace and safety" kind of message from me. The only ones with peace who are safe are the ones who repent on a constant basis and get right with God daily.

Interesting that on the web tonight I saw where someone was asking how Jeremiah could spread his message with fire in his bones, yet with weeping. They were asking did the two go together? This resonated with me as I was led to call myself onfire. And my email address for this website is . This was great confirmation to me, when I wasn't seeking any....just checking to see if this website was listed on the web page. I do feel fire in me, yet I feel weeping in me as well.

Leonard Ravenhill really needs a mention here, for he was someone who prayed for YEARS for revival to come to America. He was one who travailed for America, as I have not yet begun to do. When I heard an interview of him recently, then read his question, "Will no-one cry those tears for America?" I was cut to the quick. That is the question I am asking myself: Will I cry those tears for America? I see her standing at the door of destruction if she does not repent. But do I weep for her, really? I have not done much trevailing prayer (I hear of those who have wept for their nations). Their tears have watered the path to revival.

Jeremiah says:

Oh, that my head were a spring of water
and my eyes a fountain of tears!
I would weep day and night
for the slain of my people.

That is Jeremiah 9:1. Myself, I have never cried with that kind of passion for America, but I am asking God to break me for America in such a way. So in that sense I am prophesying to myself or saying prophetically what I believe to come for my life. I saw a tiny glimpse of it, recently, but so tiny as to minuscule. I felt burdened and sad for America and started crying at work.

I feel that all of America needs to be in repentance now, beginning with God's people. Judgment does and will begin at the house of God. If we are far from God, how can we ever hope our nation will be close to Him? So in this way, I feel the Jeremiah call on my life. Of all the prophets, this is the one I always come back to as having a call similar to mine. The prophets of the Bible were not speaking the popular message of the day. They were not tickling people's ears with their message. Nor do I. Nor will I. The Laodicean church so describes the condition of the church in America today, us thinking we are doing so well...when we are poor, pitiful, naked, wretched, blind. The condition of the church makes me weep (though, as I said, inwardly, not outwardly).

I have come into a season of repentance in my own life, as God has asked me to move out all the things that distract me from Him. Repentance can have that negative sound. But in repenting during this season, the fire for God within me has been rekindled in a beautiful way. The anointing has increased in my life. I have grown closer to Him. Then, I knew it was time to release "a NOW word for the body of Christ," and I was led to start this website.

I admit that this is hugely about America. My call is to my nation, America. But everyone can read this word and apply it to their nation wherever it applies. I know that this word is especially an indictment against the church in America. I received this in 2004, and it seems so timely now. I felt to release it, then, too, as I recall, and I posted it on a site where I pray. But now is definitely the time to get it out to as many as possible. It is time to get the entire message God has laid on my heart out to people....the cry that His people will move every thing and every person out of their lives that has become a god before Him! America, America, my heart cries for you!