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So, who am I?


I am Jerena, a servant of Jesus Christ, called to be an intercessor.


Intercessors catch stuff like the words and insights on this website, because intercessors stop to listen to God. . .they like to hear Him as much as He likes to hear them.


I love Jesus with all of the heart that I have given Him (there is always more to give). And I created this website to encourage people to put and keep Jesus, FIRST, ALWAYS, and to love Jesus ABOVE ALL.


I have the prophetic, seer and discernment gifts, and it has been prophesied that I will be a teacher. In the Spiritual gifts test I came out a giver, discerner and server, in that order.


I am a writer, and all my gifts are expressed through writing. I have only had two short stories published thus far, but I am always writing, and I pray God will allow me to publish more. A lot of my stuff is on a website called, as far as prophecies and insights He has given me. Mostly, it’s posted prayers, though.


As far as background: I was raised Pentecostal. I was saved at the age of ten, Spirit filled (with evidence of speaking in tongues) around the age of 22 (not written down anywhere). I have moved in charismatic circles as well as Pentecostal. I love the moving of the Spirit!


I keep myself accountable to others on Intercessors are a strange breed, so I need other intercessors around me to encourage me. They have become my “small group.” I also am accountable to my church and Christian family, as well as God’s Word.


So much has changed; it is now the year 2015.  I go to a church where Jesus truly stands in our midst, the Spirit truly moves and wonderful things are happening.  The Word is preached in full truth but also in the power of the Holy Spirit!  We don't use new age, occult or Eastern religion practices to seek the Lord.  We keep it Jesus centered and focused, and seek Him wihtout all of these other things to help us have an experience.  The Lord led me to this church, without any question or doubt, and I love Him and praise Him every day for leading me there!  It seems that there really and truly is a remnant that Jesus is returning for, and I know we are a part of that remnant. is not running right now, so I don't have that outlet for posting prayers for others.  I do still pray...though not as much and as often as I know God would ask of me.  We were told at prayer meeting last night that we are not learning how to move mountains with our prayers.  This is not a word of faith church (my Pastor calls that name and it and claim it), but Jesus did tell us (through a prophetic word) we are supposed to be praying spiruitaul warfare prayers expecting things to happen.

God has told me some things He wants me to pray for, and perhaps something in the list will strike a chord with you:

Pray for the girls in the entertainment industry that are programmed to do their handlers bidding and, thus, are basically sex slaves...for I don't know who might be freed due to these prayers.

Pray that the false teachers (prosperity, word of faith and those who seek into new age for an experince) to repent...because, I don't know who might repent. 

Closely linked to pray for the false teachers is:  Pray people who follow and like these guys to have their eyes and ears opened to the false teachings, so they will flee from these so-called ministers and ministries.

Pray for revival in my county, Skagit Valley, Washington State, in particular to cry out that the Spirit comes and fills this Valley...for when enough of us cry out, He will do it.

Pray that angels are dispatched in this county to help with freeing the addicted -- whether to drugs, alcohol, sex, niccotine or whatever else it might be.


Interesing note (to correct something I wrote above:)  I don't "have" the gifts as though I own them.  The gifts belong to the Holy Spirit and He allows whom He will to use them to glorify Jesus.  I learned this from my new Pastor, Pastor Curtis Dougherty. 

Also, I have come such a long way in the area of wanting an experience with the Lord.  I DO want to experinece Him, and, yet, I realize that many of the people I once followed because I thought they were anointed and would help me have an experience with Him were using things out of the occult (new age/Eastern religion type stuff).  Much of what they were and are operating in was and is was spiritual witchcraft.  And for some of them, I mistook the fact that they were great orators for the anointing -- by preaching with that ferver and fire that is really just emotionalsim and not the Spriit at all, a preacher can get the crowd all worked up and going....and it can so seem like the anointing.  There is much from my past that I have shunned...such as Christian T.V.  It started to seem to be all about the money and no longer simply about Jesus. 

The Lord showed me that what seemed like such anointed ministering pertaining to give and you shall receive...give to get rich, basically...was a lie.  These people were lying to me, so I was to quit believing them when they said if I just gave to their television network or ministry I would receive this huge financial blessing and miracle.  He said "Do you think that just maybe if they keep promising this and it hasn't happened...they might be lying?"  And I had to say, "Yes, Lord."  This is to let you know I am not into prosperity teaching. 

(I still believe in tithing or giving as the New Testament says where we set aside a certain the local church that is feeding us.)

I also shun the closely linked "Word of Faith" Jesus told me these guys twist Scripture as a means to their own ends.  And He has made plain to me that all are not supposed to be healed immediately in every situation...that physcial pain/ailments can be used in a person's life regardless of what the Word of Faith people say.  I am not to feel condemned by their saying I have sin in my life or don't have enough faith if I am not healed.  He actaully told me He had honored me with pain.  Let he/she who reads understand what the Spirit is saying.

Another type of teacher/preacher I have had to shun is the one who is using the new age, occult and Eastern religion practices to have an experience with God, for God put a strong discernment on me that led me to do research on what the ministers that seemed off were into.  They are talking about things like vibrations, light, sound...stuff out in the universe and getting energy from the universe... and this is where they end up getting demons, because it is demons who are in the second heaven (universe).

Fourth type of teacher/preacher I shun:  Pop pscychology/self-help types that make it all about man, all about "your gifts," "your dreams,"  "your purpose," "your goals," "your destiny".........  It isn't supposed to be about US!  It's supposed to be about Jesus.  As my Pastor explains so often, Jesus is borrowing my body, and I am supposed to do what HE wants, go where He wants me to go, say what He wants me to say.  Just as Jesus only did what He saw the Father doing, I am only supposed to do what I see Jesus doing.  I was asked once what my dream was, and I said, "To know Jesus."  That is still my dream, and I pray that is always what it is! 

So that is a little extra info so you know where I am coming from in putting forth content on these pages.  I seek to hear from the Lord and only say what I am conviced He said.  I don't filter it through the types of preaching and practices mentioned above.  I seek Jesus and to know Jesus and to love Jesus on a plain and simple level.  I pray often, "Don't let me be deceived," and I try and be led by His Spirit...not some false spirit or other Jesus that came to me through using methods and tencniques from false religions and occult practices. 

I believe if you are after an experience more than you are after Jesus this is idolatry, and you should get this idol out of your life just as much as any other!  If you are faitfhully following, loving and serving Jesus and trying your utmost to do what He is telling you on a day to day basis and you aren't having an experience or "feeling" Him near...then it doesn't matter.  If you are follwing Him exactly the same, and you do experience Him, then praise the Lord!  But, whatever the situation, we are not supposed to be wanting an experience more that we want Him...or seeking Him just for an experince.  Jesus and His Word (the Bible) have to be enough...though I know He does allow us to experinece Him and see visions of Him or of angels or of His garden of delights...which I can explain in more detail on another page.  The form of idolatry of seeking on experience more than just Jesus is what leads people to being demonically influenced and controlled and doing the same to those who attend their meetings.  So, I am very careful not seek an experience but seek the Lord alone...and I let Him bring an experience if that's what He knows I need.

Jesus actually told me how simple the Gospel is:

Follow Me.  Fish for men.

As for intercession, I have now learned it is the call on every Christians life.  Some just seem to want ot do it more than others, of which I guess I am one of those...just becuase I like talking to Jesus and I like being quiet to hear what He might say.

Some will ask if am I under the authority of an earthly overseer or shepherd, and I will say "Yes."  I am a 100% believer in being in the local church God calls you to, so you can be equipped for the work of the ministry to which God has called you.  There are men God anoints and appoints to sheperd flocks, and we need to find out where God is calling us to attend...and not forsake the assembling together as the Bible says.  Some think church attendance does not matter, but the Word of God is clear that He set up the five fold ministry to teach and equip the saints.  So we are walking in rebellion when we walk against His plan for us to be in a church (the church is the people not the buildling) under a God anointed (not MAN apointed) minister.  I know many will disagree with this; I have received opposition for this stand.  But it is God who sets the rules, not me.  I simply endeavor to follow Him in obedience.  We are to be under the authority of the one or ones God has anointed and appointed to speak into our lives and to be accountable to that overseer.       

Further, this little body of believers is doing what The Word says -- encouraging each other...and so much more as the day approaches.  God has truly set this solitary in a family! 

I tell you these things so you will have a better understanding of this website and know that I am not just one of those "Me and none of thee" types who struck out to put up a website just to try and say that no-one else was doing it as right and correct as I was.  I attend a church regularly and I am not out here with no ahourity over me trying to be an "everyone else has bowed the knee to Baal" type of Christian. 

A word of encouragement to those of you who are looking for a church where the word is truly preached and the Spirit truly moves  (and it's not a false spirit of some kind):  Don't give up looking.  Ask God to show you where that church is.  How He led me to this one was miraculous and so awesome! 

FYI, I am not an OSAS (once saved always saved) adherant...Scripture teaches your name can be blotted out of the Lamb's Book of Life.

Enough for now.