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This is a page for revelations that I call fresh manna.

So here is one God gave me a while back...and just so you know, this is word for word as I posted it on, where I am an on line intercessor. 

I can not take the credit for this; it is not orginal thought. The Lord was speaking to me earlier, and He expalined the reason we go through so much, and it seems to take so long...and why the fire is so hot at times.

Think of your life as being in a forge. The fire is there for two reasons. First, it makes the metal strong and second, it makes it pliable, so God can shape us into what He wants. The more fire we go through, the stronger we become. The reason the fire has seemed so hot at times is because He is putting us back in the fire to make us strong and to melt the metal so He can mold us into the instrument (a triangle came to mind) or implement (a tool) that He wants us to be.

We will soon become that finsihed instrument or implement. The triangle makes beautiful music when it is hit with the beater (yes, that's really what it's called), and our lives will make beautiful music when we are hit with problems. The music coming out our life is Him. As the troubles come, people will see the Christ-like way in which we respond, and it will resonate as a beautiful sound.

Also, in the process of making things in the forge, there is hammering. The blows of life are there to shape us. Think about it. The smith forging the instrument or implement is making something beautiful or useful, and he has a vision of the completed product. He keeps putting it into the fire, then taking it out and hammering it...putting it into the fire, and taking it out and hammering it...and on and on.... This is like the process God is taking us through, and to us it feels long and arduous, and we just don't understand why so much fire, why so many blows. But God has a plan. He is shaping us...but also tempering us. The fire makes us strong and makes us pliable. We can not see the finished product, that is, what we will become. But God sees and knows; it has been clear in His mind all along. Thus, for us, it is hard to understand why we are going through this process. At times all we are aware of is the fire and the blows...on and on, seemingly endless at times. But God is making something beauitful for His use, and He is not going to put us in the fire one time less or hammer us one time less than necessary to get us there.

Those around us can not see what God is making, either. And we can't see what God is making them into. Ever stood and watched a smith at work (say, at a fair)? We can not see what he is making. We see beautiful things hanigng on the wall, his finsihed products. But we don't know what he is making as he puts it into the fire to heat it yet again, takes it out to hammer it yet again, puts it back into the fire to heat it once more... He has to keep putting it back in the fire to keep softening it, so he can shape it. We see the things he has made, so we are aware he can make beauitful things. But we may look at another person (or they at us) and think all they do is go through fire and blows...and what are they becoming? We may judge them as doing something wrong or why would they go through so much? We may think they should short the process, get out of the fire (as in give up on God because life is too hard). But, because of our limited vision, these are wrong ways of viewing things.

As Christians, we really need to be aware of the process God has us in...the reason He was telling me this earlier. He was explaining that I had been through a lot for good reason. It would all make sense some day, when I became that instrument that made beautiful music when hit with the beater (as in problems of life). Right now, I keep wishing I was there: would sing in the middle of trials. But that is why I'm in the fire, then on the anvil, in the fire, then on the anvil...because I am being forged into that instrument. A day is coming soon when I will be completed, and the sound coming from me will not be the agonizing sounds (like when I whine, cry, vent, complain to God) that come from the hammer blows...but the beautiful, resonating, ringing sound of the triangle when struck.

I was so excited when God shared this with me tonight! It made me feel like I can endure more, becuase it is all worth it. What if the smith stopped in the middle of the process, and there was a mishapen who knows what? What would that say about the smith? God does not give up on us or quit before He is through with us, and that is why we go through so much. He knows exactly what we need to become what He is forging and shaping us into. We see it as God being mean or not caring...but it truly proves His love for us. The time and attention the smith takes to create these beautiful things proves that he cares about what he is doing, and it is not without meaning or purpose. So, though it can seem like, "Where is God in all this?" and "Does God even care?", He is right there through the entire process, lovingly (though it seems far from it) working the metal into what He wishes it to become. It is for our own good and our very best.

For we are God's workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do. (Ephesians 2:10)

28And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose. (Romans 8:28)