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02-11-2013 2:14:12 AM CST

So, I was going to comment on my post about how we should pray for America, but somehow the comment ended up with one of my personal email addresses in there, so I deleted that. 

That came back to haunt me.  How faithful have I been to pray for America?  Did He not say His house should be a house of prayer for all nations in Isaiah 56:7?  And are we not His temple -- the temple of the Holy Ghost?  Am I praying for my nation and other nations as the Lord leads?  No, not really....  Have we not had many natural disasters since then?  The last was this big snow storm that hit the Northeast just a couple or a few days ago.  I came off a media fast, so I am not sure of the exact day it began snowing....and tornado watches are on in the central parts of America.  There was Super Storm Sandy.  But are we praying?  I should say, AM I PRAYING?  I have not been faithful to pray for America.

Recently, He has emphasized the need to pray for the county I live in, Skagit County, in Washington State.  He told me He wants to move here and His Spirit wants to move here...and that we need to cry out for Him to move here.  He said two things, "I am going to fill the Valley" and "My streams will flow in that Valley."  He told me even if the ministers here quench the Spirit, the cry of the hungry can draw Him here to move.  This is what I pray for and have began crying out for.  This time, I can truly say I was obedient when He told me this.  Much more needed, I am sure, though...  But as least I began to cry out for real.

This reminds me of my Mt. Baker dream, in which He was saying, prophetically, that His children have fire shut up in there bones and are about to erupt as Baker might in the natural...and I believe He was saying that if we had a true revival in the Northwest, Mt. Baker would not have to erupt (as a form of judgment) because then people would repent and He would hold it back from erupting.

I believe that dream is something I do need to share on this website. 

This website is a such a challange to I don't even live up to what is posted here.  I have truly not put Jesus and what He wants first.  I had a "taking my ease in Zion" kind of year...and it is TIME to get serious.  He is trying every way He knows to get my attention right now!!!  Not that I was out doing horrible sins, but I was lazy in regard to seeking Him.  And I did not pray, earnestly, for my country or my state or my region or my county. . . .  And I consider myself a prayer warrior.  So, I am not preaching at any of you near so much as myself.

This site is here to foster a FIRST LOVE for Jesus mentality.  But do I even have it?  If I just sat down and listed all the things I would rather do than read the Word or pray or just fellowship with Him (what He really wants)...I would find that He is NOT my First Love most of the time.  Well, I am working with Him on that now.  It is like He is saying, "Child, you've been in this long enough to know it's TIME to get serious!  You have heard too much from Me over the years to continue being half hearted or hot than cold."  As my Pastor said if you don't consider yourself 100% hot but you also don't consider yourself icy cold...then what are you?  That dreaded word "Lukewarm"!  And Jesus will spue us out if that is the case.  WOW!  I don't want to be spit out of His mouth!  YIKES!!!  So, I am here to say to all of us:  Let's seek the Lord as NEVER before!!!

Perhaps, I will begin posting those experiences with Him (as a result of seeking Him) to encourage us all to press in more.  He told me to press in for His Manifest Presence and I could have it.  So, I am working on that as well.  Sometimes, when nothing seems to be happening, my thoughts wander and I want to go do something else.  But how do I know how close I was to an encounter?  Maybe if I had lingered a few minutes more, He would have brought His Presence near.  He is always near; He is always present.  But I am talking about when He allows us to see Him or feel Him or smell His frangrance...or whatever other way He may manifest.

I am to the point where I am saying:  It's now or NEVER!  Either you are really and truly going to seek Him or you are not...and it's time to REALLY AND TRULY SEEK HIM!!! 


02-11-2013 1:22:04 AM CST

So, it's been a while.   A long while, huh?  It isn't that God hasn't been talking.  He certainly has!  But, I just haven't shared any of it over here.  A lot of it was for me, personally, and there is much He is telling me about this Valley (Skagit Valley) and my new church.  He wants to move here and through my church, and I am praying to those ends.

As to not asking for needs anymore...well, He reminded me of the time He told me "Get down on your knees and ask Me for the things you need."  This was in a list of seven things He told me to do daily.  I can't remember all seven, but that one came clearly to mind (or was that spirit?).  Anyhow, I reinstated that.

I just came off a Daniel and media fast, as I do at the first of every year.  And He has REALLY captured my attention this time!  He told me so, so many things!  I typed as many of them down as I could "catch."  He is really working with me on overcoming "the things of this world" that so attract my attention.  The current message is:  SEEK ME!  (Isn't that always the message?)

I see "Purpose Driven Life" got a mention in the comments, but Rick Warren is getting off into things that are clearly wrong...and as I reflect back on that book, "Purpose Driven Life" seems "me" centered, even though one of his first statements in the book is that is ISN'T all about us.  It also is not about us finding our God given purpose.  It is about us finding JESUS, plain and simple.  Jesus is our PURPOSE.  Until He becomes our purpose, through and through, then we will not know what purpose He will give us...but we do know it will always boil down to bringing the Water of LIfe (Jesus) to those around us.

This fast there was a strong emphasis on the importance of the Holy Spirit.  People are down playing the Spirit or saying the manifestations He sends are of the devil.  They are saying the gifts of the Spirit and healing are not for today.  So many are against the Spirit moving as He wants to, and I believe this is a Satanic attack against the things of the Spirit and those of who believe in the full baptism of the Spirit with the evdience of speaking in tongues.  We MUST not forget the Holy Spirit.  This is the oil the five foolish virgins left behind.  Let us not be foolish and leave the Holy Spirit behind!

Well, there is probably much more, and I will ask God what He would have me share on here.  I just wanted to check in and update...and let you all know I still exist. 



08-02-2009 5:19:19 AM CST

August 2, 2009

I was just reading that scripture I posted on the trevail page.  And it sounds like what is going on.  God shutting up the heavens so there is no rain.  That's happening right now in Washington state (well, it hasn't rained, so possibly it's God).  The swine flu could be the plague.  Judgment on America?  I was watching a movie today that seemed to be saying it was perfectly fine to believe in God and be a homosexual, as if a loving, forgiving people will just accept this sin in a homosexual's life without telling them to repent of it and praying them through to deliverance.  This and many other sins just winked at and shrugged at.  The many times I read of "Christian" singles having sex and the amount of adultery and divorce in the church and all the abortions (even Christians getting abortions rather than admit they were pregnant outside marriage for the "reproach" it might bring).  If this is the state of the church, how much worse must the world around us be?  And did God not say He would judge sinful nations who have rejected Him?  It is not the sin as much as the rejection of Him that is His reason for judgment.  The sins follow our rejeciton of Him.  In Jeremiah He says that it is because they have forgotten Him "days without number" that He is then rejecting them.

I admit my own sin.  I have not prayed for America as I ought.  Here I sit, in the middle of a heat wave, with the grass outside my door as dry as tinder!  You think I would have gotten the message!  The snow pack has melted, and flash flood warnings were on (not related to rain at all).  There have been some fires, too, and a burning ban is over our whole state.  Can't even burn in the little fire pit out back.  The smattering of rain one night and one morning has made little dent in the dryness all around.  It is time for me to wake up and PRAY, PRAY, PRAY for my state and for America!  (And does not dryness in the natural speak of dryness in the spiritual -- my sate is spiritually dry? I can attest that it is.)

What will it take for us to be convinced of our need to pray?  God sends these kinds of messages, warnings and reminders continuously.  But I think we are slow to say God is a God who sends judgment.  To those who say that the Christians, too, suffer from the natural disasters, just remember it rains on the just and the unjust.  When God sends judgment, faithful children of His may not remain untouched.  We definitely can pray for our protection.  For I have heard of many stories where when a hurricane, etc. was coming through an area, a church or Christian's house was spared.  But I don't think we can just ignore these warnings any longer.  We must begin to pray in EARNEST for our nations!

As for me, I know that I am slow in getting it and slow in obeying at times.  So, first of all, I am praying for myself to be committed to praying.  We have to take that first step.  And if you feel unispired to pray (though your mind agrees with what I have posted), then the first thing to do it to pray that God gives you the "want to."  In my weakness, I do not even want to promise God I WILL pray.  For I know I may not.  But the realization of what I posted has hit me, so this is God's beginning of calling me back into prayer for my state and my country.  I pray that the desire to pray increases and that I become a faithful warrior on behalf of America.                                                                                                               


03-25-2008 09:10:17 am CDT

To add to the last blog, the Bible says if we abide in Him and His words abide in us...we shall ask what we will and it shall be done unto us.  So, again, it is ABIDING IN HIM (or being in Him) that is necessary for us to see the needs met.  And this one does say it's okay to ask, and actually I believe He gave me a word many years ago to ask for the things I need and to not be afraid to ask for finances a few years back....But it is the relationship we have of BEING IN HIM that is key to getting the answers in prayer.  He won't answer the prayers of those who ignore Him until they are in a crisis and suddenly come asking for prayer.

(Intercessor is the call on my life, so there will be lots about prayer on this site.)


03-24-2008 01:41:39 am CDT

I pretty much quit praying for needs (or I am in the process of doing so).  Well, I have been praying all day to be baptised with the Holy Ghost and fire.  If Jesus came to baptise with the Holy Ghost and fire, and baptism is immersion, then praying to be in the fire or to have the fire inside me burning out to flame off me is right...and that's what I have been led to pray.  I see a man walking in a pillar of fire in a vision.  I see this man's image, and I see flames all around him, and he is inside that fire...and that is what I envision for me.  I want to be right inside the pillar of fire of God.  That way, nothing can penentrate through that fire that God doesn't allow.  Back to not praying for needs, the Bible is plain that if I tithe and give the devourer is rebuked and blessings are poured out I can't contain.  So, it is tithing and giving, not praying, that should keep that covered.  New Testement says I will be supplied by his riches in glory if I am giving the amount God asks me to.  So, I am covered for needs.  Jesus said a good Father gives good gifts to those who asking is okay.  But if you read in context, He was talking about "How much more will your Father give the gift of the Holy Spirit to those who ask?"  Anyway, I have found this really amazing thing that happens.  When I am praying to be filled with the Spirit, with Him, to love Him, to focus on Him, to have an anointing, to be in HIM, close to Him, in the Secret Place, and so on, the miracles just happen.  I don't have to ask.  I am being filled with His power, and when I look around the prayer request that I never really prayed in words is answered. 

I needed money for the application fee so I can take my driver's test.  Only, I had forgotten about that fee.  I was going down to set a date to take my drive test, but had no cash on me.  After work, I was standing at the bus stop and a guy walked up and said he had just received a fortune or some such words and wanted "give you this."  And I saw that it was money.  He said, "There, I just bought you lunch."  He said he was having a great day and just wanted to share it.  I said my day had just gotten better.  Anyway, when I checked the money, it was a 20 dollar bill!  I thought I had better put it aside for the license fee, which is $25, and was thinking I would need five more dollars.  When I went down to set up the test, they said they needed $20 for the application fee.  I had totally forgotten that fee!!!  Before I went there I had no money on me, and I had forgotten I would need any, so did not go to the bank or such to get some.  When we got down to the DMV (me and drive helper) I had that $20 for the fee I had no recollection of (even though I paid it last time).  Is God AWESOME or what???  He is truly able to take care of all these things because He knows we have need of them!  I never asked about that, never even thought about it....

I found a word I had shared in 2004 on a prayer site, and it said that I believed we were to get in God's glory (pretty much like this pillar of fire), and the miracles would just roll in without us having to ask God or beg God or get desperate....  Every time I refocus on getting in with Him that is the testimony of my life of what happens.  The Bible says if we seek first His Kingdom and His rightousness all things will be added to us.  I do not believe we have to seek hard for a mate, for money, for healing, for miracles, for anything....just seek hard for Him.  He will work all else out in His timing, and His timing is always MIRALCE timing!

I have a goal for this year:  pray to be in His fire, in His glory, in His anointing, in His Presence, in HIM...and leave off praying for all else.  Above all, I want to be full of HIM to reflect HIM to all!



03-13-2008 04:28:28 am CDT

It is March 13, 2:17 A.M. by alarm clock, which is fast....  This is in Pacific Time.

I have become so busy about so many things, not only making a website....seems like so much is yelling, "Do this!  Do that!"  So much seems so important...but what is NEEDFUL is TIME spent with Him.  I miss my time with Him, when I used to lay quietly before Him, enjoying His Presence.  Of course, lately, I'm so tired, I just fall alseep when I do lay down.  Oh, why, when we go into ministry do we give it so much, when it is impossible to minister without being filled up with HIM???  We put so much energy into ministering to others and forget that in ministering to Him, first, we are filled and fueled to minister to others.  As an intercessor, it's SO easy to pray for so many people and needs and not just come and spend time with Him, resting in His Presence.  I admit I am burning out.  And I have not been in His Word as strong, and I need His Word to fill and fuel me as well.  I keep praying I will get back to seeking Him as I once did, and for a day or two I might do well.  Then, I let all these things crowd in and demand my attention.  I need balance!  I need some time spent in ministry pursuits, because I have to give away what He fills me with (Him).  Only, lately, I have been giving out more than I have been taking in.  If I am not filled with Him and am giving out and giving out and giving out....what am I giving out?  Too much ME! I must decrease, and He must increase.  The only way that will happen is if I increase my time in His Presence.  Then, He will increase in me, and when I minister, I will minister HIM!!!

I hear Him saying, "Just do it (Spend time with Me)!"  Why, oh, why, oh, why do I struggle to do it???




03-11-2008 01:15:46 am CDT

March 10, 2008, 11:18, PST (Pacific Standard Time)

Our ministry grows out of our relationship with God.  The closer we grow to God, the more we will want to minister.  We find the "Just do it!" urge coming on ever stronger when we feel called to do something by God.  That's how I got startred on this website.  God reminded me of the word posted as "a NOW word for the body of Christ," and He impressed on me that now was the time to release it.  He put in my heart to send it to some big ministries....and am in proccess of getting that going.  I will need to buy ink for my printer.  Was borrowing one that broke down after a few copies, then I noticed that I had broken up the paragraph and thrown a sentence down on the wrong line.  So I plan to make more copies after I get some ink.  It's a work in progress.  But I am no longer waiting for confirmation, etc.  Just trying to move forward in obedience.  I do know of those who "felt led" and went off into things that are not Biblically correct.  But some of us are very right on with the Bible and keep here I go!!!  (Don't despise the day of small beginnings....) 


03-5-2008 02:50:10 am CST

The very reason this site exists is being brought home to me right now, as I try to post my first blog.  I can not seem to get it worded how I want.  I want it "perfect," so that my thoughts on making this site are plain.  But, as I do this, I have spent way too much time not focused on Jesus, not spending time with Him, not really even asking His help....  In other words, I have broken the first commandment, "You shall have no other gods before me."  I have made this blog and getting it perfect my god instead of Him.  I have deemed that more important than Him.  I have let it distract me from spending time with Him.  My main message to people (I post this a lot on a prayer site where I pray) is our need to put Jesus first, always, in all things.  But trying to type this to tell you to put Him first has been consuming me more than Him.  I can see Him smiling as I write this.  "Now, you're getting it!"  He seems to be saying.  Sorry, Lord, I repent and return to my FIRST LOVE....