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04-18-2008 11:17:33 pm CDT
Hey...I e-mailed you and you didn't answer...R U OK? What happened last Saturday? I am headed for bed now. Tomorrow will be a busy day!

03-5-2008 09:30:14 am CST
Took out the code.... It kept telling me wrong code. It said "random" code, so I didn't think it came up every time. I thought it was only after submitting many messages. Thanks for the positive feedback!

03-5-2008 08:32:25 am CST
This is a great site. Thank you for going to all the work of putting it together. I do believe the prophecy is for now and for many of us. Thank you for sharing it. Lord we ask for safety, protection, favor and blessing as we go about our daily lives for ourselves our families, our pets and our stuff. We thank you for the Jesus and we Praise your HOLY NAME! AMEN

03-5-2008 08:28:53 am CST
OK, I think the key is to not capitalize the code...

03-5-2008 08:26:49 am CST
Well, this deleted my first post and the picture and my comments so I am trying again to see if it will work now. Have to figure it out. Yes, I did type in the code.