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Thouhgts on Christians and our new president
I wrote this to a friend who sent me an email making fun of Obama, and I am praying all Christians will adopt such an attitude; please send this out to everyone you know for their edification and inspiration at what we preceive as a dark time in America:

I prayed and prayed (I fasted) that God would give us McCain as president...He obviously said, "No." Obama, I believe, is God's man for this hour. What else can we say? God did not fall off the throne or forget America, with so many Americans praying and seeking Him that we would have a Godly president. The plans of a man are in his heart...but the reply is from The Lord.
I received revelation and had it confirmed by a prophecy site. God is working to erase years of racism in America. Now, the blacks and whites will be working together as never seen before. We need to honor Barack Obama in that he is the first black president. We may not agree with His policies, we may even worry he's the anti-Christ (though I am moving toward thinking he's not), but I was thrilled when I realized what this says about racism and how far America has come in spite of the blight of the KKK and skinhead groups (of course, many hispanics and blacks voted for him).
Anyway..... The main reason I write is to say we are commanded in 1 Timothy 2 to pray for kings and all in authority that we may live quiet and peacable lives. I do not believe blessing (prayers) and curses should both come out of our mouths. I am sorry for any curses I may have said about Obama before he was elected; I realized I need to look at every candidate as possibly the king or authority I will be praying for in the future. God has put it on my heart to pray DAILY (as much as possible -- are we always that faithful?) for our new president. 
I have made up my mind to quit saying anything bad or evil about him, to quit making fun of him or anything along those lines. I would like my eamil box to reamin free of these kind of emails as well.   I want to stay focused on God's mandate to me to pray for the leader of our country. This will be far more effective than continuing to tear him down, put him down, etc.  Also see Jude where even the angel of God would not bring accusations against dignitaries. I remember the Clinton years, and it came to where I was not proud of how Christians said they hated this man and even wanted to kill him. I was praying that he would get saved (I still do) and a Christian told me "God forbid" that he should get saved. WHY??? Is God's grace not sufficient for him? So, even though I used to get a lot of stuff like this and would read with interest and amusement, it seems that I would rather read emails that are edifying and uplifting rather than tearing down.

As Christians, it is time to PRAY. We should be sober minded in these troubled times, with a man who seems to have no regard for human life (favors abortion and infanticide) and who favors other liberal ideas in oppoisition to God's Word. It has been said famine is going to visit America as a judgment from God...only the righteous will be spared. We must press into God as close as possible right now and petition Him to have mercy on America. I read a prophecy where it said the Christian leaders of our nation would help turn the tide on key issues (abortion, being one, I believe), and I believe that these Christian leaders would covet our prayers, that as God leads them forth to be involved in these areas and to confront these issues, they will meet with the success of seeing laws overturned that have brougth curses on America.

Something else came to mind, and I believe we MUST pray about it: Israel. Any nation who curses Israel will be cursed. I believe America has been under a curse (many natural disasters) due to attempts to parcel out Israel's land (or the land God promised to Israel) to the Palestinians. Both Obama and McCain had planned to continue peace we know that if we continue on such a path, it will be bad for America.

For years I have heard of a HUGE, as never seen before, revival coming to America. Some think America is coming to an end because we have this man in office (who they suspect might be the anti-Christ). Well, God has heard every prayer and seen every tear of those who have trevailed for this revival to come to America. Would He do it for a heathen nation, who has demon worship at the core (such as Africa), and not for America, which was founded on the right to worship God with freedom??? I think not. As Christians, this should keep hope in our hearts. Let's pray for that revival to come America as have those who came before and as do many now.

There was a singer, Keith Green, who had a message called, "God commands us to go!" or something similar. (He is in Heaven now). He said the only ones who could stay in America and not go on the mission field were those who God called to America. I am called to America. America is in my heart. I AM on American through and through! My dreams and goals are related to seeing repentance unto revival IN AMERICA, to see God's church purified and unified, IN AMREICA. I feel that now, more than ever, God is stressing on me the call to pray for America. Will you join me? America needs ALL the prayer it can get!


P.S.: We keep hearing the church is coming into it's finest hour. Would not our maturity in regards to how we treat our new president be a testimony of that? I wote to Bill Clinton and told him I was praying for him, and I am going to write to Barack Hussein Obama as well. We keep hearing how Republican and Democrat should reach out to each other. Well, it's time for Christians to reach out to the unsaved no matter who they are or how much we may not agree with what they are doing. I am thrilled to think that just as this is America's finest hour in overcoming a racist past to elect a black president, this could be the churchest finest hour in overcoming our hatred inspired bashes on liberals. They keep telling me God's children and church our coming into maturity.... I pray today is the day! Make our Father in Heaven proud!!!
I continue to pray:

Father, I pray for America to have a Godly president. Proverbs 29:2 says the people rejoice when the righteous thrive. According to Proverbs 6: 16 & 17, you hate those who shed innocent blood (those who are pro-abortion). So, Lord, we pray that a RIGHTEOUS person may be our President. Whatever it takes! In Jesus Name, amen.

President, Part 2 (thoughts August, 2013)


A lot has happened since I posted that.  Barack Obama was elected for another term. 

It’s hard to read that because this president continues to send America toward ungodliness.  He favors gay marriage, and he kissed the hand of the Muslim king…and so much more.  There just is not a whole lot of good to report as far as saying he has helped the cause of Godly morals in America.  Further, he has done many things that seem to show a disregard for our sovereignty as a nation.

Now, we are stuck with Obamacare, and I was told if I don’t use some form of healthcare by the year 2014, I will be in trouble with the government.  In other words, health care will be mandatory in America.   This reminds me of my Canadian friends who said they were taxed 51% in Canada which is why they had “affordable” health care.  My taxes are already too high, as far as I’m concerned, and I don’t look forward to being taxed more to cover this, so-called, affordable health care.   I got a raise but I now bring home less an hour after taxes than before the raise.  There is always a price to pay for social programs!

But I digress.  This website is for the purpose of inspiring passion for Jesus.

It’s also hard to read that because I haven’t prayed faithfully for our President.  When I saw his liberal and anti-Christian bent, it was hard to know what to pray.  When I saw how children sing his praises and one calls him America’s savior, I get very concerned. 

You can speak the truth of what a man is or what he is doing without cursing him, can’t you?  It is obvious Obama doesn’t fear God, even though he tried to tell us he was a Christian.  One video says he actually said he was a Muslim, then he “recovered” and quickly said, “Christian.”  Whether this was a true video or not…one only has to look at his fruit to see if he is a Christian.

I also must admit, I did not write to him.  It was a good intention…but I will openly confess that I did not write to him.  Will I write to him?  Only, if God leads me to do so…as he did with President Clinton. 

I have one or two who believe me when I say that God told me to pray for William Jefferson Clinton and he would get saved…and, further, he would have a great evangelistic ministry.  That particular call on my life (I still pray for Bill Clinton) came about the year 1992, and I have been faithful.  I have been faithful because God told that to me and I became “locked in” because it was a direct word from the Lord to me.  He said if CHRISTIANS (not just me) would pray, Bill Clinton would get saved. 

Why not Barack Obama?  I don’t know.  Maybe he is the anti-Christ or the forerunner to him.  Maybe God constrains me.  Someone in my church who hears from God (what he hears comes to pass), said he had a check in his spirit that Obama was either the anti-Christ or the forerunner to him.  Perhaps, this is why I can’t pray.  On the other hand, I have no such prophecy about President Obama…being the anti-Christ or forerunner to him.  I am in no way saying he is.  I am saying that, for some reason, I don’t feel compelled to pray for him….or I find it difficult to do so.

Since it does say in 1 Timothy 2 that we are to pray for kings and ALL in authority, this does not make it right that I haven’t prayed.  It is still a mandate, as it comes straight from the pages of Scripture.  I will ask God to aid me in doing better and being more faithful…rather than promise here I will be faithful.

 I keep my journals on my computer now, and somewhere in one of them is a word from God where I believe He promised me America would have its president that was the equivalent of King David…a man after God’s own heart.  I keep praying for that man to be our President to lead our nation into revival…before the end times come down.

As to that huge revival prophesied…were those reliable prophets?  I keep thinking of a Scripture which says “Nevertheless, when the Lord returns will He find faith on the earth”?  That is my paraphrase of it; I think it actually says “When the Son of Man returns.”  The point is:  When Jesus comes back, there may be very few true follows of Christ on the earth.  So, is there going to be some gigantic revival just before the return of Christ?  I am not sure, and I have not had Him tell me this, personally.

I still believe the following:

Do not spend our time cursing this president

Pray for him