All text & photos by Bob Hayes except as noted

2017-08-06 RESULTS

Don Hayes Memorial – Jef James into the wall.....
( Len Lathop photo)

Roadrunners – Don Hayes Memorial
Position Driver
1 Paul Wainwright
2 Jay Townsend
3 Billy Osborne
4 Justin Storace
5 Bobbo Williams
6 Adam Perkins
7 Billy McCarthy, Jr.
8 Leon Keniston
9 Tyler Chase
10 Jimmy Renfrew, Jr.

….and over.  Bobbo Williams avoids James.
( Len Lathop photo)

Jay Townsend with Wheelman Wainwright and Billy Osboune in tow

Paul Wainwright and crew

Paul Wainwright with the Hayes family


Position Driver
1 Max Dolliver
2 Jim Storace
3 Matt Robinson
4 Mike Williams
5 Jimmy Renfrew, Jr.
6 Kris Schroeder
7 Michelle Fushpanski
8 Ron Lord
9 Byrce Howard
10 Anthony Belfiore

Rookie Top Three Jim Storace, Max Dolliver & Matt Robinson


ThunderLights – Cale Skillings (#95) & Taralyn Timmons (#28)

Thunder Lights
Position Driver
1 Cale Skillings
2 Taralyn Timmons
3 The Phantom

Thunder Lights Top Three

Thunder Light frature winner Cale Skillings

Flagplole Race
Buddy Wilkins

Flagpole Race winner Buddy Wilkins and family


Spectator Race
Charlie Coombs

Spectator Race winner Charlie Coombs with some of his crew & family

4-Cylinder Enduro winner Jon Fultz

4-Cyinder lEnduro Steve Gran

2017-07-30 RESULTS


Rookies Feature Winner Kris Schroeder

1 Kris Schroeder
2 Max Dolliver
3 Jimmy Renfrew Jr.
4 Matt Robinson
5 Jim Storace
6 Driver X
7 Austin Erickson
8 Corey Fanning
9 Oscar Leclair
10 Michele Fushpanski

Rookies Jim Storace in heavy taffic

Rookies Feature: Austin Erickson cut a tire and spun

Rookies Kris Schroeder with Mike Lewis' Family


Roadrunners Ben Bosowski (#75), Jef James (#47) & Bobbo Williams (#41)

1 Kris Schroeder
1 Jimmy Renfrew, Jr.
2 Jay Townsend
3 Bobbo Williams
4 Adam Perkins
5 Justin Storace
6 Ben Bosowski
7 Jef James
8 Jay Kezer
9 Chris Fultz
10 Mike Jarvis

Roadrunners Feature Ben Bosowski (#75) & Mike Jarvis (#41M)

Roadrunners Top Three Bobbo Williams, Jimmy Renfrew, Jr. & Jay Townsend


ThunderLights Cooper Roberge (#96) & Taralyn Timmons (#28)

1 Cooper Roberge
2 Taralyn Timmons
3 Gina Carpenter

Thunder Lights Cooper Roberge

Thunder Lights Top Three Gina Carpenter, Cooper Roberge & Taralyn Timmons


NETS Feature Rick Ashlaw & Joshua Stringer spinning & Frank Dumicich, Jr.

1 Andy Lindeman
2 Gerald Giordano Jr
3 Frank Dumicich Jr
4 Dave Koenig Jr
5 Bert Ouellette

NETS Victory Lane; from left to right Caleb Cashman, Dave Koening, Andy Lindeman, Gerard Geodanio, Jr. & Frank Dumicich, Jr.


2017-7-23 RESULTS

350 Super Modifides

350 Supers
1 Brad Babb
2 Jim Storace
3 Anthony Payne
4 Jon Seavey
5 Mike Humphrey
6 Garrett Johnson
7 Lance Barthelemy
8 Richard Humphrey
9 Rob Wilcox


Super Feature Brad Babb (#9) & Anthony Payne(#19)

Super Feature Jon Seavey (#63) &Anthony Payne (#19)

Super Feature Richard Humphrey (#0) & Garrett Johnson (#7)

Super Feature Jon Seavey

Super Feature Winner Brad Babb

Super Feature Top Three Anthony Payne, Jim Storace & Brad Babb


Outlaw Sportsman

1 Googles Baldwin
2 Chuck Dehney
3 Barry Raymond
4 Kevin Kephart
5 Ben Bosowski
6 Rob McCrae
7 Mike Cavalorro

Outlaw Sportsman Feature Chuck Dehney & Barry Raymond race for second place

Outlaw Sportsman Feature Barry Raymond (#27) Mike Cavalaro (#87) & Rob McCrea up high

Outlaw Sportsman Feature Googles Baldwin with his crew

Rookie Stocks

1 Corey Fanning
2 Max Dolliver
3 Jimmy Renfrew, Jr.
4 Kris Schroeder
5 Matt Robinson
6 Ron Robinson
7 Rex Carrs
8 Oscar Leclaire
9 Ron Lord

Bryce Howard

Rookie Feature Max Dolliver & Corey Fanning (#10) racing for the win

Rookies Feature Corey Fanning

Rookies Feature Winner Corey Fanning with some of his family &crew in victory lane


1 Bobbolicious Williams
2 Jimmy Renfrew, Jr.
3 Justin Storace
4 Adam Perkins
5 Meegan Lord
6 Jef James
7 Chris Fultz
8 Jarred Curtis


Roadrunner Feature Jef James (#47) & Chris Fultz (#35)

Roadrunners Justin Storca, Bobbo Williams & Jimmy Renfrew, Jr.

Roadrunner Feature Winner Bobbo Williams

Thunder Lights

Thunder Lights
1 Taralyn Timmons
2 Cooper Roberge
3 Gina Carpenter

Thunder Lights TaralynTimmons (#28) taking the checkers in front of Cooper Roberge


Thunder Lights Gina Carpenter Taralyn Timmons & Cooper Roberge

Thunder Lights winner Taralyn Timmons with victory lane coordinator Katelyn Osborne

Thunder Lights Taralyn Timmons with her family

Flagpole Race

Flagpole Scotty Duval and friends



2017-7-4 RESULTS

Outlaw Sportsman

 A familiar sight at Hudson Speedway, Baldwin pulling in to victory lane 

Goggles Baldwin won his second Outlaw Sportsman feature of the season. Baldwin started mid-pack and had the lead by the end of lap two. Baldwin built such a big lead that by the time he took the checkered flag he had lapped half the field and had fifth place finisher Chuck Dehney in his sight. Kevin Kephart ran second. Barry Raymond and defending Outlaw Sportsman champion Ben Bosowski has a good battle for third.

Outlaws Feature; 2016 Outlaw Track Champion Ben Bosowsk itries to hold of thec hallenge of Barry Raymond

Raymond ran in Bosowski’s tire tracks for much of the race until he was able to get a run off turn two and make the pass with just a few laps remaining. Bosowski had to settle for fourth. Rob McCrae was sixth followed by Scott Thompson, Mike Marshall, Cole Littlefield, John Meany and Mike Cavaralarro.

Goggles Baldwin

Baldwin with his crew

Rookie Stocks

Kris Schroeder (#66) & Jimmy Renfrew, Jr.

Kris Schroeder picked up his second win of the season in the Rookie Stocks. Schroeder had to work hard for it with Jimmy Renfrew Jr hounding him for most of the race. Schroeder survived a few late race restarts and held off Renfew Jr. Rounding out the field were Matt Robinson, Max Dolliver, Ron Lord, Oscar Leclair, Ron Robinson, George H. Ruth and Byrce Howard.


Ron Lord (#69) led much of the first half of the feature

Kris Schroeder with his parents Karl &Amy to his left and right

Rookie Stocks Top Three: Jimmy Renfrew, Jr., Kris Schroeder & Matt Robinson


Jef James leads the field into turn one

Bobbo Williams (#41) & Jimmy Renfrew, Jr. side by side with two to go

Jimmy Renfew, Jr. won the Roadrunners feature. Bobbo Williams placed a hard fought second. Williams and Renfew ran nose to tail with Williams in second just waiting for a chance to get by Renfrew. Renfrew was able to hand onto the lead through a few late race cautions. With two to go Williams made his move under Renfrew Jr. The two were side by side going into turn one but Williams got just a bit loose and wasn’t able to complete the pass. Rounding out the top ten were Billy Osbourne, Jay Townsend, Adam Perkins, Jef James, Chris Fultz, and Jen Lord. Meegan Lord and Justin Melo.

Jay Townsend

4-Cylinder Enduro

Steve Gran (#77) shows the way in the early going

Jon Fultz hustles into turn one

Andrew Harmon won the 4 Cyl Enduro followed by Jon Fultz, Leon Keniston, Donnie Mccafferty and Chris Fultz.

Andrew Harmon (#14) flashes by Steve Gran en route to victory

Andrew Harmon

Spectator Race & Spectator Drags

Steve Clark won the Spectator Race and Spectator Drags.

Spectator Race & Spectator Drags winner Steve Clark & Crew

Flagpole Race

Fan favorite Buddy Wilkins won his 27th career Flagpole Race.

Buddy Wilkins & Family

2017-06-25 RESULTS

Outlaw Sportsman

Barry Raymond sizzled in the Outlaw Sportsman main and picked up his first win at Hudson this season. Kevin Kephart was second followed by the always exciting Goggles Baldwin. Ben Bosowski and John Meany rounded out the top five. Rob McCrae finished last. Bosowski won the heat.

Outlaws Barry Raymond

Rookie Stock

Rookie feature, (#69) Ron Lord gets loose in front of (#31) Jerry Lepage

The teenage trio of Jimmy Renfrew Jr, Max Dolliver and Kris Schroeder captured the podium in the Rookie Stock feature. All three young guns are graduates of the Thunder Lights. All three were frequent winners in the Thunder Lights, Renfrew, Jr. won a championship while Schroeder won two championships.

Rookies top three, Kris Schroeder, Jimmy Renfrew, Jr. & Max Dolliver

When added together the total age of the top three is under fifty years old. Renfrew, Jr. captured the checkers for his first ever win in an eight cylinder car. Dolliver was all over Renfrew for most of the race trying to pass him but Renfrew was flawless in his driving and took the checkers with Dolliver on his bumper. Schroeder crossed the finish line in third place just inches behind Dolliver. Former Champion Jerry Lepage made his first appearance of the year and finished fourth. Bryce Howard had a good run and came home fifth. Ron Lord, Otto Raycer, Andrew Hills and Charlie Combs rounded out the field. Dolliver won the heat.

Rookie feature winner Jimmy Renfrew, Jr.

Thunder Lights

Taralyn Timmons picked up her first Thunder Light win in just her third start. Gina Carpenter held the lead for the first half of the race until Timmons got her Schroeder and Sons Auto Repair Cavalier wound up, grabbed the lead, and drove off to her first victory. Carpenter was second. Felicity Walton was third. Felicity won the heat.

Thunder Lites top three: Gina Carpenter, Taralyn Timmons & Felicity Walton


Roadrunners feature (#61) Jen Lord, (#55) Billy Osborne with Meegan Lord grooving in the outside groove

Bobbo Williams set a blistering pace in the Roadrunners feature. The caution free event allowed Williams to run away from the field. Finishing in second place was defending Roadrunner champion Jimmy Renfrew Jr. Past champion Billy Osborne was third. Meegan Lord battled all race with her cousin Jen Lord for fourth and at the finish it was Meegan over Jen. Adam Perkins, Jef James, Jay Townsend, Chase Curtis and Jay Kezer rounded out the top ten. Bob Fields strolled over the line in eleventh. Renfrew Jr, and Perkins won the heats.

Roadrunners feature winner Bobbo 'HotRod' Williams

8-Cylinder Enduro

8-Cylinder Enduro (#5) Jessica Coulter debating driving techniques with another driver

8-Cylinder Enduro (#5) Jessica Coulter after winning her debate

Scotty Duval won the 8-Cylinder Enduro. Jean Desilets was second. Jessica Coulter was third.

8-Cylinder Enduro Scotty Duval with his great nephews Eastlyn & Kaedyn

Spectator Drags

Donnie Mccaffery won the Spectator Drags.

Spectator Drags Donnie McCaffery with his fiance Andrea (Steve Gran photo)

Spectator Race

Rob Maynard won the Spectator Race.

Spectator Race Rob Maynard with some of his crew

Flagpole Race

Otto Raycer won the Flagpole Race.

2017-06-11 RESULTS


Behind the fence with her arm raised, Victoria Kephart cheers her dad.

Kevin Kephart took home the winner’s trophy in the Outlaw sportsman division. Googles Baldwin finished a hard fought second place. Baldwin started in the rear of the field and began making his way forward before spinning with a cut tire. Baldwin’s crew changed the tire under caution and he restated in the rear. After powering his way through the field a second time, Baldwin got to Kepharts rear bumper. Baldwin took to the outside groove to challenge Kephart. The duo ran side by side lap after lap. Baldwin was able to nose ahead of Kephart a few times but eventually fell back and crossed the line in his tire tracks. Rob Mcrae, Ben Bosowski, Chuck Dehney, Steve Kolosky, Scott Thompson, Barry Raymond and Jay Ryan rounded out the field.

Outlaws Kevin Kephardt


Roadrunner feature, (#87) Perkins loose with Osborne ready to pounce

Billy Osborne won his 93rd career feature in the Roadrunners feature. Adam Perkins started on the outside pole and jumped out to a big lead early in the race. Osborne moved into second from his sixth starting spot before lap two was over. Osborne chipped away at Perkins lead and was on his bumper at the halfway point of the twenty lap race. With just a few laps remaining Perkins got loose in turn one and Osborne jumped to the outside of him and was able to overtake him as the pair raced down the backstretch. Perkins held on for second with Jimmy Renfrew Jr., Jef James, Meegan Lord, Jen Lord, Chris Fultz, Bob Fields, Jay Townsend and Bobbolicious Williams rounding out the top ten.

Roadrunners winner Billy Osborne with Brian Healey, Jr.


(#29) Max Dolliver just aftar taking the lead in the Rookie feature

Max Dolliver won the Rookie stock main followed by Kris Schroeder, Corey Fanning, Jimmy Renfrew Jr, Bryce Howard, Brian Thompson, Ciya Layter and Oscar Leclair.

Top Three Rookies; Corey Fanning, Max Dolliver, Kris Schroeder


Thunder Lights (#28) Taralyn Timmons, (#33) Jaret Curtis

Jaret Curtis won the Thunder light main followed by Chris Curtis, Taralyn Timmons and Gina Carpenter.

Thunder Lights (L-R) Taralyn Timmons, Jaret Curtis & Chase Curtis


Jon Fultz won the 4 Cyl. Enduro. Keith Walton, Chris Fultz, Donnie McCaffery and Red Green.

4-Cylinder Enduro Jon Fultz & his girlfriend Alyssa


James Decoucy won the Spectator race.

Spectator Race James Decourcy


Danny Algrove won the Flagpole Race.

Flagpole Race Danny Angove

2017-06-04 RESULTS

Hudson Speedway opened its gates for the 70th season of racing at the historic high banks. With hours and hours of help from many volunteers, the speedway was looking sharp with fresh paint, manicured lawns and racing surface repairs.

Jared Curtis, Jimmy Renfrew Jr., Kris Schroeder, Roger Edgecomb and Goggles Baldwin all took home the winners trophies in their respective divisions.


Outlaws (#79) Kevin Kephart, (#33) Chuck Dehney

Baldwin won a decisive victory in Omni Electrical/Bosowski Properties Outlaws feature. Behind Baldwin Chuck Dehney and Kevin Kephart raced side by side for many laps with Dehney finally edging ahead of Kephart to finish second. Barry Raymond, Steve Kolofsky, Rob McRae and Jay Sands rounded out the field.

Outlaw George Baldwin & crew

Legend Cars

(#0) Annette Humphrey & (#21) Brenna Humphey

Roger Edgecomb won the caution free M.H. Logging Legend Car Open feature. Devon Ledouu, Annette Humphrey, Brenna Humphrey and Mike Humphrey Sr. rounded out the top five.

Devon Ledeou, Roger Edgecomb & Annette Humphey

Thunder Lights

(#33) ChaseCurtis, (#04) FelicityWalton

Curtis took the Thunder Light win; he had his brother Chase Curtis in his tire tracks for the entire race but was able to hold him off l. Taralyn Timmons was third and Felicity Walton was fourth.

Thunderlights top 3 (L/R): Taralyn Timmons, Jared Curtis, Chase Curtis


Roadrunner Feature; (#41) Bobbo Williams, (#87) Adam Perkins

2016 Roadrunner champion Renfrew Jr. started defending his title with a win. Bobbo Williams was second in his pro-stock Honda. Adam Perkins led much of the race until a caution bunched up the field but he managed to take the last podium position. Justin Melo, Jon Fultz, Chris Fultz, Jay Kezer, Taylor Svenconis, and Max Chaput rounded out the top ten.

Top 3 Roadrunners; Bobbo Williams, Jimmy Renfew, Jr. & Adam Perkins

Rookie Stocks

Rookie Stock Feature

Kaptain” Schroeder sailed into victory lane in the Rookie Stocks with Austin Erickson, Anthony Belfiore, Max Dolliver, and Jimmy Renfrew Jr. rounding out the top five. 

Rookie Kris Schroeder & Friend


Spectator Drags


Danny Gill won the Spectator Drags.

Spectator Race

Spectator Race Winner Ricky Morocco

Spectator Race's Andrew Hennessey


Flagpole Race

Buddy Wilkins won the Flagpole Race.

Flagpole Winner Buddy Wilkins