Results, June 17th

(Text by Dave Thomas, Photos by Bob Hayes)


Googles Baldwin wants to look low but his rear end says no

Bonner Outlaws top 3: Barry Raymond, Chuck Dehney & Kevin Kephart


Roadrunner feature: (#35) Chris Fultz racing with Joey Holden

Roadrunner top 3: Adam Perkins, Andrew Harmon & The Phantom

Rookie Stock:

Rookie Stock feature: Jay Ryan driving sideways

Rookie Stock feature winner Jimmy Renfre won his victory lap

Rookie Stock winner Jimmy Renfrew, Jr.

Grand Enduro:

Grand Enduro winner Corrie Merritt

Spectator Race:

Spectator Race: Buddy Wilkins makes a last lap last turn pass for the win

Spectator Race winner Dave Karstok and friends

Flagpole Race:

Flagpole Racewinner Buddy Wilkins with Katelyn Osboune

Results, June 4th

(Text by Dave Thomas, Photos by Bob Hayes)


Steve Kolofsky (80) in an early race battle with Kevin Kephart

Top 3; Steve Kolofsky, BarryRaymond & ChuckyDehney



First turn of feature first lap

Roadrunner Feature: Tyler Chase trying out run-flat technology

Smoke, Jr. early in the race

Horne racing going off-road

Joey Holden
Roadrunners top 3: Dan Sweeney,JoeyHolden & Adam Perkins

Rookey Stocks:

Rookie Stock Feature Winner Jimmy Renfrew with some of his family, friends & crew

Top 3 Rookie Stock; Kris Schroeder, Jimmy Renfrew, Jr. & Max Dolliver

Rookie Stock Feature Winner Jimmy Renfrew, Jr.

Flagpole Race:

Flagpole Race winner The Phantom Driver

Enduro/Spectator Race:

Enduro/Spectator Race shenanigans

Enduro/Spectator action

........and he is all right

Results, May 28

(Text by Dave Thomas, Photos by Bob Hayes)


Results, May 13

(Text by Dave Thomas, Photos by Rich Hayes)


The sun was shining on Sunday, May 13th, as New Hampshire's oldest operating race track, Hudson Speedway, opened its gates for the 2018 season!

Taking down the checkers in the Bonner Sheet Metal Outlaws was Sandown, NH veteran Barry Raymond, Jr. Following Raymond across the stripe were Massachusetts racers Chuck Dehney of Lowell and Kevin Kephart of Rutland.

The Synergy Signworks Rookies saw Salem's Jason Ryan victorious over Charlie Baldwin of Hudson and Austin "Porkchop" Erickson of Ashland, MA.

When the dust settled for The Garage sponsored Roadrunners it was Tyler Chase of Sandown scoring the opening day win, with Paul "The Wheelman" Wainwright and Lee's Justin Harris following in tow.

Hudson's rising young stars took to the track in the R&R Public Wholesalers Thunder Light division. Rochester's Cam Huntress took down the win in his black #27. Runner up was Raymond's Clark Brooks and Londonderry's Milton Duran third.

Also in competition were the V8 and 4 Cylinder Enduro's with Jean Desilits winning in the 8's and Jon Fultz in the 4's.

We look forward to seeing you all at our next event on Monday, May 28th for Hudson Speedway's Memorial Day Special!

Bonner Sheet Metal Outlaws:
1. #27 Barry Raymond Jr.
2. #33 Chuck Dehney
3. #79 Kevin Kephart
4. #80 Steve Kolofsky
5. #69 Joe LaCroix
6. #62 Todd Warren
7. #61 Jay Maki

Synergy Signworks Rookies:
1. #82 Jason Ryan
2. #2 Charlie Baldwin
3. #42 Austin Erickson
4. #00 Jimmy Renfrew Jr.
5. #29 Max Dolliver
6. #02 Gage Harron
7. #11 Corey Fanning
8. #31 Jerry LePage
9. #51 Bryce Howard
10. #88 Chase Curtis
11. #49 Carl Tirone
12. #18 Tony Clements
13. #45 Oscar Leclair Jr.

The Garage Roadrunners:
1. #64 Tyler Chase
2. #27 Paul Wainwright
3. #29 Justin Harris
4. #87 Adam Perkins
5. #47 Jeffrey James
6. #52 Alan Archambault
7. #04 Dirk Stahlecker
8. #88 Peter Raby
9. #35 Chris Fultz
10. #30 Melinda McCarthy
11. #20 Jeremy Decourcy

R&R Public Wholesalers Thunder Lights:
1. #27 Cam Huntress
2. #21 Clark Brooks
3. #08 Milton Duran
4. #96 Cooper Roberge