The objective of this class is to promote "stock car racing" as an affordable sport, encouraging racers to have fun. Rookie class cars must be STOCK cars off the street with modifications for safety and NO made for racing parts. These rules are intended to keep the cost of purchasing and preparing a competitive Rookie car as low as possible. The Rookie class is intended to provide a low cost and safe "learning experience" and a lot of fun for the beginning driver. It is impossible for these rules to provide for every situation that might occur, so the management is given discretion, following the intent of this class, to use their judgment concerning any matter regarding the rules. Speedway management reserves the right to make changes in these rules at any time, without prior notice, should it be deemed necessary to insure more equal competition.

         No Mirrors and NO Radios Allowed.

Any four passengers American made production car from 1970 to present with a minimum stock wheelbase of 103" or longer. No station wagons, convertibles, or trucks allowed.

All glass, except windshield, must be removed. Full windshield or Lexan replacement is required.

Must be completely stock chassis, suspension, engine and drivetrain as came in the car.  Minimum chassis clearance to ground is 6 inches.

Engine – Any O.E.M., cast iron, passenger car engine from same manufacturer as car may be used; NO 400 blocks allowed. A stock, passenger car, 2 barrel, cast iron intake manifold and a 2 barrel carburetor with NO modifications to either is required. NO "AFTERMARKET" intakes or carburetors allowed; ( NOTE: A single STOCK 4412 Holley with a single ( maximum 1.00 inch thick ) adapter is allowed.  NO roller cams or lifters allowed; must be hydraulic, flat tappet only with maximum .450 lift AT THE VALVE. Roller rocker arms are allowed.  NO  push rod guide plates or stud girdles allowed. Pinned or screw in rocker studs are allowed. Only single, stock diameter (1.250) valve springs allowed. Heads must be O.E.M. cast iron; NO angle plug, Bowtie, Turbo, W-2 or SVO heads or parts allowed; World Products S/R Torquer #4266 is allowed. Valves must be steel and stock diameter for head being used. NO modifications allowed to heads or intake manifold, including porting or polishing. Normal configuration ( no 180 degree / crossover ) headers allowed. NO MSD type ignition (NO systems with external box allowed).   Water is only coolant allowed; NO anti-freeze. Automotive gasoline is the only fuel allowed; NO fuel additives allowed. NO nitrous oxide.

Cars may use automatic transmission, with stock torque converter and working reverse OR manual trans with stock diameter  steel flywheel and minimum 10.5 inch diameter stock clutch.  Locked rear ends are allowed.

EXHAUST - Full, complete, working exhaust system is mandatory on all cars. Approved mufflers required.  Moroso #94050 or #94051 recommended.  Exhaust must exit under the car with pipes angled down toward track surface, not aimed to the side.  Any car without approved exhaust will not be permitted to race.  Mufflers and proper installation are subject tofinal approval by track officials.

Track tire is American Racer 706 225-15 available from Dave Lind Race Tires  (508) 384-3140  Prior tires will also be allowed  ( only radial ply passenger car 70 or 75 series, maximum size 235. NO Asymmetrical or Retread tires allowed.)  NO tire softeners allowed.   Questionable tires will be subject to confiscation by track officials.   Stock type steel wheels only - Maximum 7.00 inches wide,  minimum inset is 3.00 inches from back of wheel lip to back of wheel center.  NO Aluminum or magnesium wheels allowed.  NO wheel spacers allowed. 

All cars must maintain a minimum right side weight of 1350 pounds including fuel, with driver strapped in after the feature. NO tolerance, NO moveable weights. Additional 50 lbs. right side weight may be added after 2 (two) feature wins. Each additional win after 2 may require an additional 30 lbs. right side weight to ensure more equal competition.

NO drivers from any higher division at any track, past or present, will be allowed to compete. Star and Hudson Enduro drivers are allowed and will retain their Enduro eligibility.


Trophies to Top Three Feature Finishers











All cars must have four wheel hydraulic brakes in good working order. Brake rotors must be ferrous alloy only.

Full 4-post cage is required. Any bar passing through front or rear firewall must not extend past center of rear end housing at rear or back of upper control arm at front and be no higher than 20 inches from bottom of cage. Radiator may be attached to a fabricated frame work. On uni-body cars, plates or other approved method must be used to attach roll cage to uni-body.

Center of steering wheel must be padded. All bars within driver’s reach must be padded.

Stock front firewall is required. A firewall of steel, not less than 22 gauge, must be installed between the driver’s compartment and fuel cell area. Full steel floor is required within driver’s compartment. No unnecessary holes permitted.

A metal chain or strap is required under the forward 1/3 of driveshaft. Driveshaft must be painted white.

Fuel tank must be securely mounted between the frame rails inside trunk area with a minimum of two steel straps. If fuel cell is not used, maximum size allowed is eight gallons. Boat tank or fuel cell is highly recommended. Min. 8" ground clearance required.

Battery must be completely enclosed in an approved safety box. Battery must be located outside driver’s compartment.

Approved racing seat and four point harness properly mounted to roll cage is required. Crotch belt is recommended. All belts must be in good condition.

An approved window net, properly installed in the left front window opening, with quick release mounting, is recommended.

All cars must have an ignition kill switch and fire extinguisher located within reach of the driver when strapped in.

Approved driving suits, gloves, shoes and helmet are recommended.

All cars must have a hook or means of quickly lifting the car from either the front or rear.


All cars must be neatly painted and lettered. Major body damage and paint work must be repaired by next race meet.

Numbers will be assigned by track officials; no letters or 3 digit numbers; track may re-assign numbers to avoid duplication.

Number must be painted minimum of 4" in upper left corner of windshield. Minimum 16" on both sides and on roof.


Alcoholic beverages & illegal drugs or substances are prohibited fromHudson Speedway property or in any area, including parking lots, that is to be considered to be publicly used for operation of speedway facilities. By definition illegal drugs are such as covered by state and federal law.

Any participant, driver, car owner, mechanic, crew member, sponsor, track official or spectator at Hudson Speedway or at any affiliated event sanctioned by Bob Webber Racing Inc. found to be in possession or under the influence of any illegal, non-prescribed drug will be suspended from competition and evicted from the premises.

All participants in all divisions of competition are considered to be a public figure and by choice have become involved with auto racing and events at Hudson Speedway fully understanding that he or she must abide by the rules and regulations of its owners and management. Any Participant therefore is responsible for his or her personal conduct involving drugs or alcohol.

Non-prescribed drugs are considered to be those not authorized by a state licensed pharmacist. Any prescribed drug being used by a participant must be reported to the chief steward prior to any competition or pit area related activity by that person.

Any person that is formally charged by a court of law for an illegal drug violation, shall be indefinitely suspended from any and all forms of competition at Hudson Speedway or its affiliated events until such time as the charges are full adjucated by the judicial process. Any participant convicted of a former drug charge in a court of law will no longer be allowed to compete in any event at Hudson Speedway, or any affiliated event, for a minimum period of one year from the date of conviction.

Any participant suspended for illegal drug reasons, as specified in the rules of this policy, will be granted an appeal within 14 days of the suspension only if the suspended participant files a request in writing with speedway officials or owners. Should this procedure be exercised, a hearing will be scheduled to review all matters concerning such suspension.

A participant suspended for illegal drug reasons as specified in this policy, may apply for re-admission to competition after serving such suspension, and if it is mutually agreed that the participant, at his or her own expense, will produce documentation by a licensed physician with the state of New Hampshire that he or she is drug free during random examinations and urinalysis tests upon the request of speedway management.


IMPORTANT - Any person injured on Hudson Speedway property must report claim immediately to race director or chief steward to assure that proper paperwork for insurance coverage can be filed.


Interpretation of these rules is solely at the discretion of Hudson Speedway officials. Hudson Speedways reserves the right to make changes, additions, or deletions to these rules and specifications without prior notice.

Liquor or drugs on Hudson Speedway property, fighting or harassment of a track official by any car owner, driver, or crew member will be basis for suspension of car and/or crew as track officials deem necessary.


Any person entering the sport of auto racing must acknowledge that it is a dangerous enterprise and no responsibility is assumed by Bob Webber Racing Inc., Hudson Speedway, their officials, or affiliates for any loss or injury sustained as a result of or in spite of following the foregoing rules and specifications. All participants agree to abide by all rules of Bob Webber Racing Inc., and Hudson Speedway.