Dr. Tracy Hudson
Henlopen Chiropractic


I am sure that I'll be dead before the majority of the medical professionals as well as the general public agrees with me, BUT...

Mass immunization is creating the sickest generation of American children we have ever seen.

Autism has reached a staggering high of 1 in 88 children.  The rest of the "Four A's", autism, allergies, asthma and ADHD, affect soooo many more. 

There is too much information for one little web page, but PLEASE educate yourself before you immunize your child.                           

Go to:http://www.thinktwice.com  


Two quick facts:

  The symptoms of autism are exactly the symptoms of mercury poisoning.  THERE ARE STILL TOXIC DOSES OF  MERCURY IN VACCINATIONS! (flu shots)

There are no documented cases of autism in Amish children (who are not vaccinated.)

And, yes, your child can go to school without immunizations.

Also...."Healing the New Childhood Epidemics...Autism, AHDH, Asthma and Allergies" by Kenneth Bock, M.D.

Maybe your pediatrician will listen to him more than me.