Dr. Tracy Hudson
Henlopen Chiropractic

  What can chiropractic help?  Let's start with your headaches and move on down to your plantar fascitis...

Newsflash this morning (8/9/07) on Good Morning America:  "Doctors discover a pinched nerve can cause a chronic headache."


Actually, I think Dr. D.D. Palmer was onto that in, oh, about, 1895, and the Chinese probably 5000 years before that.  Nevertheless, the MDs are doing a surgical release of that nerve in the back of people's heads and one year later...

64% of people had at least a 50% improvement in their headaches.


Not to brag, but I'd estimate that 95% of my headache patients are 95% better in a week.

The nervous system controls and coordinates every single solitary function in your body.  Interference in the function of the nervous system creates imbalance and symptoms.  Chiropractic removes the interference, turns the body's power back on , and allows the body to correct itself, thus eliminating the pain or symptom.

"The power that made the body heals the body.  It happens no other way."

~Dr. Palmer, sometime back in Gunsmoke days.