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The US National Debt Clock,
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Newseum.org: The Nation's Front Newspaper Pages

Find a Person - AT&T's Any Who   BookFinder.com 

Webster Dictionary/Thesaurus   

 Where's My Federal Income Tax Return?

Searh Millions of Historic Photos at: Life Photo Archives  
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The Straight Dope: Things You Didn't Know

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The Big Board: Sports Scores

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Distinguished Thoughts 

Good Things Political Statistics
by Thomas Sowell

Too Much Higher Education
by Walter Williams

Thoughts on the Constitution
by Ben Franklin

Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death
by Patrick Henry  


Why Is America Exceptional?
By Matthew Spalding, Ph.D.

Speach about Americanism
By Congressman Henry Cabot Lodge, Sr. 

The Stupidity of "Buy American"
By John Stossel

What if the NFL Played by Teacher's Rules?
By Fran Tarkenton

Strange Facts about America's Poor
By Robert Rector and Rachel Sheffield

Memo to Washington: Kick the Spending Habit
By Jeff Jacoby

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