Rentals are by the day. Packages are available for weekly rental.

Cotton Candy Machine   $50 Floss   $9.00            Cones  .06
Popcorn Machine                                          $50 Kits       1.45          Bags    .06
Sno Cone Machine                               $50 Syrup  $12 (gallon/inc returnable pump)
Peanut Roaster                                             $50 (nuts priced according to variety)
Fog Machine/supplies                $65
Spin Art Rental                                              $50 (CARDS/FRAMES  .60@  4paint/glitter  $12)

Sand Art & Candle Art 

Sand Art is available in many colors in smaller quantities. This eliminates excess spending. We carry a variety of containers. Great for children 3 and up.

Candle Art is small waxy beads in vibrant colors and is sold by the dozen. We have a variety of smaller glass containers. Great for middle school and up.    

Call for Pricing

Helium Tank        (call for pricing)

(incl 2 nozzles)                                         

$ (fills 300 9" balloons)


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