Hello to all!  Well today was a free day because the Baby House is having a special celebration for Children's Day.  It is like Mother's Day or Father's Day but only for children.  They were busy cleaning, planting flowers, painting and preparing for many "important" people to visit all day yesterday.  We did not fall into the "important people" category. 

We had the morning to putz around so we decided to venture out of our apartment alone for the first time.  There is a fruit stand right behind us so we went over to buy some bananas and carrots to munch on.  We then decided we would go to a little convenience store to buy a little sugar for some tea.  Well, I(Maggie)decided I would dazzle the lady behind the counter with my fluent Russian and asked(attempted to ask)for the sugar.  I was actually looking at my Russian book, rehearsing the pronunciation in my mind and then I went for it.  She immediately started laughing, turned to get the sugar(so it must not have been that bad)and told us how many tenge we needed to pay by showing us a calculator.  She then had a conversation with another lady behind the counter, giggled some more and had a back and forth dialogue with the only word we could pick out being English. 

So, I was curious and as soon as Dina our coordinator/translator arrived to pick us up for a day of shopping, I told her the story and told her what I said.  She started laughing so hard tears were streaming down her face.  Apparently, the word I used had a different meaning when translated.  I guess instead of saying "sugar" I called the lady a nasty word.  Oops.  I guess I'll just stick to my "deer in the headlights" look that I have become acustomed to. 

Bryan, Dina and I went shopping to a Eurasion Mall.  Very interesting.  We did buy a few things for the kids and also one very important item-a fan.  It hasn't been unbearable but the temp fluctuates so much we wanted to be prepared. 

I finally found some food that I like-ravioli stuffed with potatoes.  Very tasty and just in the knick of time.  My granola bars and Special K bars were wearing a little thin.  Thank goodness I brought my peanut butter! 

Last night we met up with about 4 couples from the States also adopting from the Baby House.  In fact, three of their children are in Jonathan's playgroup so they are teaching us the ropes because they have been here a bit longer.  They were a lot of fun.  It was especially funny to watch one of the guys discover just last night, in front of everyone, that the 2-1/2 week trip his agency had told him he was taking was actually going to be closer to the 4 week range that we have been anticipating.  I think had he not already met and fallen in love with their son, he would have been on the first flight back to the U.S.  Poor guy.  He and Bryan bonded because they are both in a similiar state of disbelief at the whole process. 

It will all be fine and in the end it will be worth it but as you can imagine we are extremely out of our comfort zone. 

Still no towels but we did get some sheets.  Unfortunately they are twin sheets and we have a queen size bed but who's complaining.  We are making due. 

Until tomorrow......

P.S.  Thank you all for all of the wonderful messages.  They keep us going!!