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 We both slept in today.  Fatigue is definitely an issue.  We were ready to go though by 11:40 for our noon to 2:00 visit.  Our driver picked us up and we met Dina there later.  We got there with no translater and stood around for awhile until someone remembered we were there for Asat.  We are trying to start calling him Jonathan so that he begins to recognize his name.  Once they brought him to us we took him outside.  Today they are getting ready for Children's Day tomorrow where they will host many government officials, including the first lady of Kaz.  We found out because of the celebration, we can't visit Jonathan tomorrow but it still counts toward our 14 days.  We are all about days counting toward our 14 days! 

Today we brought toys and some clothes and gave Jonathan a special bear from Rachael.  He really likes it.  He is also teething so I had a teething ring that I had frozen last night and he had that thing in his mouth the whole time.  We met lots of families today and have plans to meet up with everyone for dinner tomorrow night(Thursday) so that will be fun.  We are really looking forward to that and it seems as though we are all in the same general area. 

We were particularly tired today.  Me especially.  We got back from our vist and got our internet hooked up and then we both feel asleep for three hours.  Now it is 11:40 p.m. and we are WIDE awake. 

A special highlight of today was that we got to call home and talk to Rachael.  We miss her like crazy!!!!!!  That is the most difficult part of this whole thing but it sounds like she is busy and having a good time which we are glad about.  We are still trying to get the picture thing worked out so as soon as we do we will post. 

Since we can't go to see Jonathan tomorrow we are going to do a little sight seeing with Dina and maybe a little shopping. 

We miss everyone and are grateful for being able to share this with you.  I know I get a little windy on my updates but it feels like I'm closer and that makes it a little easier.  We are praying for all you back in the great land of America and look forward to bringing our little boy home to meet you all.  Until tomorrow......

P.S.  Rachael-We LOVE YOU to the moon and back.