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Lou Ann Quast   louannquast@windermere.com
01-4-2007 11:30:18 pm CST
Hi Maggie & Bryan, Congratulations on the adoption of your son Jonathan. Thank you so much for sharing your story of adoption in Kazakhstan. I'm going to be adopting from there in the next couple of months and hearing your story is helpful in so many ways. You actually made it sound easier than I thought it would be. God was definitely smiling on you during your trip. I hope my experience is as smooth as yours was. Thank you again and God Bless you and your family. Lou Ann Quast Port Orchard, Washington

Trey Futch   trey.futch@charter.net
09-12-2006 02:17:14 pm CDT

Hi - I enjoyed seeing your photos and reading about your adoption journey. We adopted our son Jack from Astana in 2001. He is 7 years old now, and is such a joy in our lives! The Astana baby home is such a loving, caring place - Dr. Alma and her team there are the best!

Marilyn Smith   marilyn@skogmanins.com
08-30-2006 03:30:35 pm CDT
Congratulations on that son. I know he is in good hands and God Bless all of you. I enjoyed the photos and messages. Take care.Marilyn

Karen & Ross Brown   KarenABrown@Ameritech.net
08-24-2006 11:21:34 pm CDT
Dear Maggie & Bryan, Ross and I were so happy to share the journey of adoption with both of you this summer. The pictures of Jonathon and Rachael are beautiful! Please keep in touch. Take Care, Karen & Ross

Aunt Patsy & Uncle Bob   plentz5611@sbcglobal.net
08-16-2006 08:00:51 pm CDT
Welcome home Jonathan, It looks like you are at home and happy!!! I love you in the Colts outfit - you are rooting for the next Super Bowl Champs!!!!!!! We love you and can't wait to see you and your big sister and Mommy and Daddy!! hugs and kisses! Love Aunt Patsy and Uncle Bob xxoo

Jamie, Jim and the boys   newettfamily@comcast.net
08-16-2006 06:58:48 pm CDT
I have been waiting to hear how everything has been going. He looks like he is at home. We are so happy for you guys!!! Can't wait to meet the little guy!!! Keep us posted:)

Phil and Kristina Brekke   pbrekkeff@hotmail.com
08-9-2006 08:53:03 pm CDT
I am so glad that you have a cute and healthy son! Congratulations on your prayers and dreams come true. I want to thank you for sharing your life journey with us too. I have learned so much about the process and admire your heart for doing it all! I can't wait to see you at church! Love, Kristina

Tom, Christy, Ashley and Jenny Harmeyer   tmharmeyer@mchsi.com
08-9-2006 09:01:00 am CDT
Ok, you might get two of these, as I messed up the first one. We had the pleasure of meeting little Jonathon yesterday. What a beautiful little blessing he is! We could not be happier for you all. You are wonderful parents and we hope you will stop by often so we can enjoy watching both kids grow up. Jonathon is a gift from God, as Rachael is. Enjoy being a family of four (ok, five including Harley). Love to you all, the Harmeyers

Tom, Christy, Ashley and Jenny Harmeyer   TMHarmeyer@mchsi.com
08-9-2006 08:47:54 am CDT
Bryan, Maggie and Rachel: We had the pleasure of meeting Johnathon (sp?) yesterday. What a doll baby. We could not be happier for you all. What a wonderful, special little boy to have blessed your lives. You are wonderful parents and so deserving of another little gift from God. We wish you all the joy in the world as you begin your "adventure" as a family of four (ok, five including Harley). Please come to see us often, so we can enjoy watching both kids grow. Love to you all, the Harmeyers

Brian & Martha Havermann   brihav@mchsi.com
08-8-2006 11:11:09 am CDT
Wow...I hadn't heard anything and decided to check back to see what has been happening with you all and Jonathan...what a fantastic surprise...and welcome home! Can't wait to meet the little feller...have you got him a set of golf clubs yet, Bryan? See you and the family at the 4 man I hope. Congratulations all, and welcome to the USA, Jonathan!

Norma Fiddelke & Family   nfiddelke@mirenco.com
08-8-2006 08:37:04 am CDT
Jonathan: i finally got to meet you in person yesterday @ the post office, what a cutie you are!!!! I can tell that you have become really attach to your mommy, i bet it will be hard for Maggie to go back to work. Glad thigns are going good for your whole family and we wish you all the very best, welcome to Radcliffe!!!!

Jim and Lori Erickson   bankerswithkids@sbcglobal.net
08-2-2006 09:36:52 pm CDT
Maggie and Bryan....we were so excited to hear that you home with your little one. I had dinner with your mom on Monday night in Kansas City. He is absolutely beautiful and it sounds like you had a quick and easy process. Adoption is wonderful and I'm so proud of you for choosing this option. We can't wait to meet your son when we are back in Iowa. God bless, Jim, Lori, Alex, Olivia and Dylan Erickson

Rhonda   zimmer314@msn.com
08-2-2006 06:09:33 pm CDT
We are so glad that you all made it home safely. Enjoy your time with your new family. Talk to you soon. Rhonda & Marty

Ken, Melanie & Samantha Murray   murraylmt@yahoo.com
08-1-2006 01:30:59 pm CDT
Congratulations to a wonderful family. Every entry brought tears to my eyes. There's nothing on this earth as wonderful as loving another human being. We are wishing you a lifetime of happiness. We can't wait to meet the "J-Man!" He and Samantha should be great buddies!

Grandpa Bruner   sabruner@mchsi.com
08-1-2006 12:13:07 pm CDT
Jonathan, you are even more handsome than the pictures that your Mom and Dad sent for all of us to enjoy. You are a real keeper and I know that Rachael is going to be the bestest big sister ever. I need to figure out how I can be take care of you and Anthony at the same time. Good job, Mom and Dad, Grandma and I couldn't be happier. I know you are all very happy, but it appears that there are a few million others that share your happiness.

Rob   roberttesta@westfieldgrp.com
08-1-2006 06:34:13 am CDT
Drake Family! On behalf of all of Maggie's co-workers and friends here at Westfield Insurance- "WOW!!!!" What a fantastic and inspiring event this is! On top of it all to see the support from so many people is amazing. God has blessed you all and will continue to do so! To my special friend Rachael - you will always be the queen of your family (even if your mommy thinks she wears that crown!!!). Rob and gang

07-31-2006 01:26:35 pm CDT
Congratulations! We are so very happy for all of you. Can't wait to meet Jonathan and to see all of you. God's blessings to your family. Lee & Joy

Sarah Taylor   cocoapuffs@Hotmail.com
07-31-2006 01:20:58 pm CDT
Congratulations Drake Family! I have really loved following you on your journey. The pictures of Rachel and her little brother are so precious, made me cry. I'm so happy for you all! God Bless! Sarah

07-31-2006 01:04:39 pm CDT


John and Michelle Doel   mmdoel@yahoo.com
07-31-2006 11:15:53 am CDT
Welcome to the family Jonathan! We love you and cannot wait to meet you! Your cousins John, Michelle and Olivia Grace

Aunt Patsy and Uncle Bob   patsy.lentz@todays.com
07-31-2006 11:00:51 am CDT
I am so excited that you are all back home in the USA!!! I cannot wait to meet you Jonathan!!! I hear from your Grandma and Grandpa Bruner that you are definately a "KEEPER". Rachael I hear you are a wonderful big sister and you were actually carrying him off the plane!!! All of the family here in Indy are so very excited and happy and can not wait to meet you Johnathan!!!!! xxooxxoo

Deb Hodnefield   rhodnefi@netins.net
07-31-2006 08:33:49 am CDT
Congratulations Bryan, Maggie, Rachael and Jonathan! You are finally home! What a long journey, but well worth it. I am so happy for you all. Can hardly wait to see you and your family of 4. Rachael, your picture of you and Jonathan meeting for the first time was priceless and made me cry. You will be a great sister, I'm so happy for you. See you soon. Love Deb

Grandma & Grandpa Bruner   sabruner@mchsi.com
07-30-2006 10:34:53 pm CDT
Jonathan: We just got to meet you for the first time. How wonderful when we first laid eyes on you, Rachael and your Mom and Dad as the elevator door opened. It was such a moment filled with love and thanksgiving. What a blessing you are to your Mom and Dad,big sister and to all of us! We love you very much and look forward to spending lots of time with you! You are a special little boy!

Julie and Kevin   lentzjulie@hotmail.com
07-30-2006 08:30:10 pm CDT
Congratulations!!! We are so happy for you. We can't wait to meet little Jonathan! We love you all!

Pat   bruner@dmww.com
07-30-2006 04:14:41 pm CDT
Hi! Its Sunday and I'm real excited to see the Drake family! We'll be heading over to mom and dad's soon and we'll get to see Jonathan! Love, The Bruners

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