Monday, July 24, 2006


The day we have all been anxiously awaiting has finally come.  A little sooner than some of us had hoped but we were excited all the same.  For Rachael it was a bit like Christmas.  She was up and at it at 5:00 a.m. bouncing off the walls.  We weren’t getting picked up until 9:30 so we had a little time to kill. 


With the help of Bauzan, we loaded up our gift bags and medical supplies to the Baby House and managed to pack every inch of the car.  Rachael loved the ride to the Baby House and got more excited the closer we got. 


We drove into the drive way and it hit everyone of us.  A little fear, an unbelievable joy that we were finally to this point and a whole lot of excitement. 


Rachael couldn’t believe we had to do this gift thing before we got to see Jonathan but likened it again to Christmas morning where we have some traditions we follow before going to see what Santa brought.  She was very patient. 


First stop once inside the door was Dr. Alma’s office to deliver all of the gifts but we were glad that when passing by the Dr.’s office we saw the faces of the wonderful doctors we had met during our first stay.  We met them with lots of hugs and they were especially excited to meet Rachael.  She of course enjoyed the attention and was very charming while trying out her best and most polite Russian.  They loved it. 


We were then greeted by Dr. Alma and presented our gifts to her and to the Baby House.  Thanks to the generosity of many family, friends and my wonderful Westfield agencies, I had a lot of clothing, vitamins and medical supplies to give them.  Thank you everyone!!!  Know that they appreciated each and every item we gave them. 


We visited with Dr. Alma for a while and took some pictures with her and Rachael.  She, too, loved meeting Rachael and gave her lots of hugs.  Dr. Alma finally asked Rachael if she was ready to meet her brother and little Rachael got tears in her eyes and said “yes, Dr. Alma-I’m ready”.  We are so glad she is so excited about all of this. 


One more stop to the Dr.’s offices to deliver some gifts and then we were on our way. 


Jonathan’s doctor lead the way up the stairs with Rachael on her heals.  We walked into his room and they were waiting for us.  Well, it wasn’t quite the reception I would have hoped for but what really did I expect.  He saw us, knew that we looked familiar but he also looked very scared.  We eased into it and he came to me but just looked at me like I was a bit of a stranger.  Rachael was dying to hold him and I had promised depending on his mood, that she could be the first to hold him so I passed him off.  She got to at least hug and kiss him before he let out a big cry.  It didn’t take long though before he was comfortable again and we were in no hurry so we just stayed in his room with the caregivers and other children for awhile. 


While we were playing, we noticed that the pictures I had put in Jonathan’s locker were over on the wall in the play area for Jonathan to see everyday while he was playing.  That made us all very happy even though I’m not sure how much it helped. 


Rachael saw a little girl that was obviously older than the children in Jonathan’s group playing in their play area.  She was a sweet little girl and just wanted some hugs so we all took our turn giving her some attention.   We found out she is deaf and mute had to be put in the younger children’s group because the older children pick on her.  Rachael played with her for a while-long enough that the little girl threw a fit when she left, but it was fun to see how compassionate our little girl is and the laughs she got out of the other little girl were great. 


After the J-man(Rachael’s new name for Jonathan)was comfortable we took him to the playroom one last time.  Those of you who have done this pick-up thing are wondering right about now why we were loitering around the Baby Home and not getting out of there.   We had to wait for Dina to come back from a Dr.’s appointment so we killed time by playing.   By doing so, we were able to meet a couple of other families in the meantime.  That is always fun. 


Finally the time came for us to leave.  We gathered up some of Jonathan’s things and went for one last round of hugs.  While we were glad to be leaving, we also enjoyed the people we met along the way so it was a little sad.


Walking away from the Baby House with our two children in tow was an incredible feeling and one we will never forget.  We’re so glad Rachael was here with us for this trip.  I don’t think she will ever forget it. 


Now it was off to see if we could actually do this.  Back to the apartment and feeding and caring for a baby all by ourselves.  I know we have done it before , but that was 9 years ago so we are hoping it is like riding a bike and we don’t goof things up too bad. 


Here are some photos of the day. Since we are on high speed internet and it takes a few seconds to load a picture versus 15 minutes for one, I will barage you with many pics today.  Enjoy.


P.S.  Our apartment does not have air conditioning-something we thought could be a problem in the middle of July, but the weather has been quite the opposite and very cool(50’s and 60’s)and windy. 


Rachael meeting the Doctors for the first time.  She thought that was great and so did they.



Rachael holding her brother for the first time. 



A little scared but that doesn't last long. 


 Rachael playing with the little girl who needed lots of hugs.  As you can see, she loved Rachael and didn't want to let her go. 



Our kids.  Aren't they beautiful!!



Rachael, Jonathan and the Doctors. 


Family photo with Dr. Alma. 



Rachael holding Jonathan in the car.  The next best seat belt--I guess. 



See, he already loves his big sister--especially when she gives him food!!