Saturday and Sunday, June 24-25, 206

Well, I just typed a good post and my connection disconnected before I hit the update key and now I'm a little miffed.  I'll see if I can remember what I said but I'm certain it won't be near as good the second time.  Rats!!! 

We have had a rather uneventful weekend with the exception of our visit on Saturday with Jonathan at the Baby House.  Those get better and better each day and I'm already starting to prepare myself for our goodbyes on Wednesday.  I'm guessing I will be a blubbering mess. 

We spent the first part of our visit in the playroom so Jonathan could move around freely.  He is really motoring all over the place now.  It is so fun to watch him-and to think we were worried about things just a few short weeks ago.  I guess they all do what they are supposed to when they are ready. 

There are only two families at the Baby House right now during our time slot so it gives the kids lots of room to move.  Our new friends, Jim and Cindy from Raleigh, N.C. are adopting their son Luke(also in Jonathan's playgroup) and we have really enjoyed getting to know them.  This is their second trip to Kaz so they have been helpful answering some of our questions about court.  Each day on our way to and from Jonathan's room we pass a large painting of a camel on the landing of the stairs.  Each day Bryan stops with Jonathan and says "camel" and let's Jonathan touch it.(don't tell).  Well, after 25 days of that, now when you say "camel" to Jonathan, he laughs and squeals and about jumps out of your arms.  It's really cute and so of course we overdue it until we wear him out.  I wonder if he will still do it when the painting isn't there anymore.  I hope so because I'm not putting a painting of a camel in our house. 

The big day is tomorrow.  Our court appearance is at 12:00!!! and though I realize what an enormously big deal this is, I'm not that nervous and I haven't really prepared anything.  I'm feeling that our story is best straight from the heart so it really needs no preperation-I know it by heart-however I guess it would be helpful to be somewhat organized.  Bryan is the main spokesperson I think but I'm sure I will have some questions directed at me as well.  Bryan is working on his part now so once he is done I'll fill in what's missing.  Court should last about 1 hour or so and then we will leave once the judge renders his decision.  Hopefully, it isn't too hot, he's in a good mood and doesn't feel the need to put us through the ringer.  After court, we have a few things to sign and then we get to go to the Baby House for an afternoon visit.  They will let us see Jonathan after his nap in the p.m. so we will go around 4:00 and stay until 6:00.  We have plans to celebrate with Dina and gang at dinner tomorrow night.  We are going to some fancy place that has GOOD horse meat.  Ok-I'm sorry but that is a bit of an oxy moron for me but Bryan is going to try it since he promised Rachael.  What was he thinking. 

Since we had our weekend pretty wide open and my haircut at the Turkish "Saloon" went so well, I decided why stop there-let's continue the weekend of beauty-so I found a place right in front of our apartment that came highly recommended and got a manicure and a pedicure.  That was a much needed improvement and my feet thank them.   I also got talked into going back to the Turkish Saloon to get the highlights that Xacah(no idea how to say that) wanted to do when he cut my hair.  I think I like it but the the jury is still out.  It's not purple so we are good.  If you saw the rainbow of hair color here that would seem more important than it sounds.  Usually these things back fire on me but the place was so much fun Bryan even wanted me to do it.  Bryan sat and watched, taped the action and drank Turkish tea.  Does it get any better than that??  Who needs the World Cup anyway!!  We captured some of it on video this time so I'm anxious to watch that. 

Well, I had a lot more in the first post that I erased but I can't remember it now so I'll quit while I'm still ahead.  Enjoy the pictures for today.  You're in our thoughts and prayers. 


Maggie and Bryan