Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Hello from Kazakhstan!

We are counting the days now and look forward to returning home next week. 

Today we went to the BabyHouse as is our daily routine.  I may have mentioned it already, but last week they changed the schedule for some of the kids being adopted by our American friends so now our visitation from noon to 2:00 is Bryan, Jonathan and I and our friend Natalie with her little Alaina.  She and Jonathan are in the same playgroup and are so cute together.  We love to watch them interact. 

We began our visit with a good laugh today.  The three of us were waiting in the front foyer for the children to be brought to us and the lights were out which is not uncommon as that is how they help keep the BabyHouse cooler on these hot summer days.  Anyway, there is  a long hallway that they come down and I could see the caregivers with a child coming down the dimly lit hall.  I couldn't tell if it was Alaina in Jonathan's hat or Jonathan in Alaina's clothing. 

Well it was the latter.  Little Jonathan was dressed this day in a lovely pink and green frock that we had earlier seen little Alaina in.  It looks much cuter on Alaina.  Poor little boy.  It couldn't have been more girly and we just broke out into laughter when we finally realized it was him.  What makes it funnier is that yesterday after our visit, Bryan determined that the little old man hat needed to go and so we set out on a quest to find a little baseball cap or something different for Jonathan.  We found a skullcap that resembled something like a Harley Davidson hat that met with Bryan's approval.  So we were all set to make him this manly little man, in a biker hat and he comes down in pink and green.  What a HOOT!!!!! Someday he will be angry with us but we couldn't resist taking a few photos just so you could see him. 

We got outside and did a photo shoot and then Dina informed us that the Ministry of Education lady would be joining us sometime later in our visit to see how we were bonding.  Well, we couldn't have him dressed like a girl so luckily I had a onesie in my bag with little baseballs on it so between that and the skullcap he looked cute as ever--and luckily like the little boy that he is.  We had a lot of fun with that.

Not much else to tell you today.  We attempted to go watch our new tennis buddies at their tennis match but by the time we completed our errands with Dina a storm flared up and they had all gone for the day.  Maybe we'll try tomorrow since they are here until Friday.  We of course got caught in the rain so we took shelter at our favorite place--The Ramstore and had ice cream while we watched the storm go by.  It wasn't long and then we did our usual walk through of the Ramstore so Bryan could by his 2  liter bottle of Coke and I, my fresh, hot loaf of bread-all for 192 Tenge which is about $1.54 in US dollars.  Not bad. 

Enjoy the photos today!


Bryan and Maggie

ok-so the skullcap looks a little silly too.  A Cyclone Baseball cap will do the trick!!!


This is my favorite for the day.  Jonathan was just laying on Daddy's stomach chillin'.  Check out both of their legs in the crossed position.