Monday, June 19, 2006


Well, the word for today is.........................................WE FOUND OUT OUR COURT DATE AND WE ARE COMING HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am so excited I can hardly type.  My excitement is of course tempered with a feeling of sadness at leaving Jonathan but the sooner we get home the sooner we can come back and get him. 

Dina spoke to the courts today after filing our paperwork last Thursday at 5:15 p.m.-remember the rat race to beat the clock and the nice man at the courthouse who held the registration because of traffic.  Bless him.  Well, we found out that we go to court next Monday, June 26th at noon Kaz time which will be 1:00 a.m. on Sunday night for those of you in the Midwest.  We couldn't really have hoped for better timing.  Now we are scrambling to see if we can move our flight ahead by a couple of days.  As it stands right now we are scheduled to get home late on Thursday, June 29th.  Bryan would be a happy camper if we could get out of here on Monday night and I can't say I would be too upset about that either.  It is time to go home and get back to work for both of us.  Thanks so much to both of our employers and the people we work with that picked up the slack for us  while we were gone.  We know it was a lot of extra work for everyone and we thank you so much for making this possible.  A million thanks!!!!!

Today we had one of those visits that goes down as one of the most memorable.  Jonathan was a happy and content little boy the entire time.  Only got impatient once or twice for about 1/2 second so we really had a lot of fun playing.  One of the toys I had not brought with me but other parents had and their kids were loving were those stackable, colored cups.  Go figure.  Anyway, those cups believe it or not are THE toy for these kids.  Forget everything else, if they have their stacking cups they are content for quite some time.  Well, we didn't have any and I was looking for them everywhere in Astana.  No luck.  Last week, one of the Mom's husbands went home and her friend was flying in from CA to keep her company and help her with the last leg of the trip and she asked if anyone wanted anything from the United States and more specifically my favorite place on earth--Target.  I without hesitation said-Stacking Cups, I would love Stacking Cups."  And so it was, Jonathan now has stacking cups and was a content little boy for two hours today.  Go figure.  Why couldn't I have invented those things!

Our yardwork was a hit!  They were so grateful and couldn't believe we would take our Sunday to do that for them.  It was nice and so worth it.  Jonathan actually got to play in the dirt that we moved and loved it.  Such wonder to feel the dirt and pick it up and watch it fall out of his hands.  Pretty sure that was a first. 

After our visit we decided we would head out for our afternoon walk to try and keep our minds off of waiting for the phone call about our court date.  We actually did quite well until about 6:30 when we could take it no more and headed home to see if Dina would call.  On our way home we stopped on the bridge because it is a funny site to see 10-15 grown Kazak men swimming in their Fruit of the Loom underwear briefs.  They just strip down to their undies, swim around in the river and then cap it off with a little soap for a good, fishy smelling bath.  Now that's livin'!  Talk about killing two birds with one stone.  Multitasking at its finest. 

As we were watching from the bridge-yes we are getting pretty hard up for entertainment, some people walked by that looked like us.  They said-"hey you guys are American's aren't you?" We said, "How can you tell" and we all had a good laugh.  They were a group of tennis players from all over the US called Athletes in Action playing in a tournament here in Astana.  They will be here until Friday.  We became fast friends and promised we would come watch a match tomorrow or Wednesday.  They were thrilled to have a fan club.  Instant bonding. 

Well, now I guess it's crunch time and we need to get our To List complete so we can get all of those things done that we said we were going to do before we leave.  Thanks for all of the prayers for a quick court date assignment.  No surprise at the power of prayer but we thank you none the less. 

Enjoy the photos from today. 

Maggie and Bryan



Jonathan admiring his sister, Rachael. 


Jonathan giving his sister a kiss.  She will be thrilled!! 

Jonathan loved the feel of the sand in his hands. 


And last but not least, the Kaz Bikini Team.  Let me just say the water is not the cleanest and this particular area is quite murky but hey, you do what you need to do to keep cool I guess even if it means swimming in your underwear.