Friday, June 16, 2006


Bryan here.  I'm in charge of the blog today because Maggie said she was too tired to draft another entry and is making me do it. I think what is really happening is the day was kind of dull so there's not much to talk about.

We started with the same routine, and were ready by 11:30 to go to the Baby House for  our daily visit with Jonathan. Dina is still in Kostinai, so Boshjan picked us up. Something has changed in protocol at the Baby House because none of the parents are allowed up into the House. We hear rumors it is due to the conference yesterday, or that it is National Medical Day, and the last bit of info we heard is that the caregivers are just plain tired of non-employees moving about like they own the place. It didn't matter, we were allowed to play outside with Jonathan for 2 hours and had a blast.

It's funny to watch a child that has not been outside very much. They will stare endlessly at the ground or a tree branch blowing in the wind. There is so much they have not seen by 6 months to 1 year of their life when they're limited to a Baby House.  We found a little 3 wheeled bike/tryke today that Jonathan really enjoyed.  Unlike the stroller, we could hardly get him out of it.  We may be purchasing one of those to have shipped home. 

It looks like the mowing of the Baby House lawn is going to happen-along with a bunch of other work. The Americans all went to the Director and offered to do whatever work she wanted done outside on Sunday. She came up with her assignments and now we know assigned is a bad word for us. It appears as though there is a pile(truckload) of sand that needs to be moved to under the playground equipment. I knew enough not to expect a skidloader, but I did "hope" for a wheelbarrow. Wrong!  I remember buying sand when I worked on the golf course and think I remember the size of truck loads. This load looks like what I remember as about 7 tons. Not a big truck, unless you have to move it with one rusty shovel and a homemade skid that will be lucky to haul 100 lbs. at a time. Good thing the temperature is only suppose to get to 95 degrees. Oh well, it's for a good cause. It will be interesting to see what other lawn tools we find to use.  No weedeaters but we might possibly find a hungry goat or two with any luck. 

This is Maggie again.  Bryan decided he was done after his 4 paragraphs.  Because of our lawn assignment on Sunday we met with our American group for a late lunch to devise our plan of attack.  We yacked a lot about everything but the lawn.  Oh well, we'll get directions tomorrow since we will have no English speaking person to tell us if we are doing something incorrectly. 

Bryan and I decided we needed to do a little entertaining because we are getting lots of emails about what people are eating these days back home so we decided we were going to cook spaghetti and meatballs(Bryan wants the meatballs and we will have a meatless version as well) and invite the other American families over for dinner tomorrow night.  We are having the Italian dishes, a yummy tomato, cheese, black olive and olive oil salad that Bryan has grown quite fond of and some cheese/garlic bread.  Each person is bringing a different dessert so we can load up on some sweets.  Should be fun.  We bought our groceries tonight and cleaned our apartment.  I think it is cleaner than when we got here.  We should have tackled that a little sooner I guess.  We will have to buy some more sauce tomorrow because I dropped and broke the jar of spaghetti sauce on the Ishim River bridge on the way home.  Oops. 

While Bryan was typing and I was reading my book, we saw a beautiful rainbow right out our living room window and got a nice rain shower to cool things off.  It is only 9:30 but time for bed so we will bid you goodnight.  Have a wonderful Friday and enjoy your weekend.  Here are a few photos from today.

Maggie and Bryan