Sunday, June 11, 2006

BabyHouse Visitation Countdown 11/14

Blessings to you for a beautiful Sunday!  We are still surviving the heat but the weather forecast says one more day of 95 degrees and then it is expected to drop into the 60's for 3 days.  That is quite a swing isn't it?  Sounds similiar to the Iowa weather I have been hearing about. 

As you may recall, we aren't allowed to visit the BabyHouse on Sundays, but they still count.  It isn't necessarily a bad thing, even though it is hard to know Jonathan is just across town, but it gives everyone a break from the routine.  You kind of need it by the end of the week.  We do find ourselves saying that we wonder what he is doing and if the heat is hard on the kids although I think they might be used to it somewhat.  They don't know what air conditioning even is so we're the only whiners around here.  We also spend a lot of time wondering about our daughter back home and what she might be doing at that particular moment.  Usually we break down and call her.  We talked to her last night and she seemed much better.  She and Bryan's family are in S.C. and they were headed to a Civil War tour which she will love.  We asked her what food she is enjoying and she said Shrimp.  Oh good.  Couldn't be developing her taste buds for anything cheap-like chicken strips-we now like shrimp.  Oh well, at least she is eating well. 

We had a fun Sunday.  Bryan led us in our own little church service to start out the day.  He did very well and we enjoyed that together.  Then we headed out about 1:00 for our Saddle Club adventure.  Our driver picked us up along with Dina and her boyfriend, Arman and we headed out of town.  I wasn't quite sure what to expect and my memory of the earlier conversations with Dina and what Bryan remembered were completely different.  I didn't remember we were going to eat there too!!  Well, as it usually happens Bryan was right and the plan was to dine while watching the horses and then ride them.  I ordered my standard ravioli with potatoes in it and a salad and the rest had a meat mixture called Ghingas Khan??  It had a variety of meat cooked on an open grill, like Hu Hot back home, and Bryan even got to cook!  We captured that on film and video.  He had a ball.  I was just hoping the horses we were watching weren't in line to be the horses some were eating.  I know, I know, I'm warped about this meat thing but it makes for good stories.  Anyway, Bryan finally asked if there was horse meat in the dish and they said, "Not today".  Boy was I relieved even though I wasn't eating it.  One of these days Bryan is going to have to try it because Rachael asks him everytime we call if he has done it yet and he keeps telling her "no" and that answer is not going to hold up much longer for her. 

The highlight of our lunch was the large Kazak family close to our table.  Among the family were two little girls probably 5 and 7 years old at the most and completely adorable.  They got up and sang a song for their family in Kazak of course but they had solid, booming and very beautiful voices and the expression they used with their hands was incredible.  Just like they were on stage.  It was awesome!   A little later the older one got up and recited a 5 minute poem in Kazak by heart.  The little one couldn't be outdone so she later got up and did the same.(She was the most theatrical)  I just kept thinking about memorizing things and thinking how much Rachael and I struggle trying to memorize Awana verses and here this little girl is reciting a three or four page poem with actions and expression.  We later found out that the gentleman at the head of the table was a famous Kazak writer, poet and songwriter and those girls must have been his granddaughters.  We are guessing they were singing and reciting his poems because he was listening intently.  It was very neat to watch. 

When rode horses around an indoor ring for about 20 minutes or so.  It cost about 750 Tenge which is roughly $5.  Not bad but I didn't need to go my whole 30 minutes because my horse was not cooperating.  Bryan had a frisky one that liked to gallop but mine was a follower and stayed right on the rear of the horse in front of me and didn't take much of my direction.  He decided he had had enough of me trying to tell him what to do so he brushed me ever so hard against the wooden fence for about 20 feet.  I have a few nice scrapes from my ankle bone to my knee and a very pleasant bruise on my knee cap.  It was still fun though. 

On our way home from the Saddle Club we got to see where Jonathan was born.  Maternity Hospital #1.  It was very interesting to see and we tried to get some good pictures but there are lots of trees and it is on a busy street so we did the best we could. 

We took our regular afternoon hike around the city and actually found a water park with slides.  It looked very inviting but we aren't sure if the water is safe.  It looked very similiar to the river water and we are thinking they are pumping it in from there.  Not sure if we want to take a chance with that although many people were.  I have my doubts.  We enjoyed watching everyone and just milling around.  We finally ran into one of the other families at the Italian Mall so we stood and talked to them for quite sometime and actually didn't get home until 9:00 p.m.  We were so proud of ourselves. 

We found some actual popping corn at the Ramstore(which we had not been able to find-only the microwave stuff)so we bought some so Bryan could whip up some of his famous(well at least in our house)popcorn and watch a movie.  Either the stove doesn't get hot enough or it isn't JollyTime popcorn because what we had was burnt popcorn.  We just slapped some butter on it and ate it anyway.   

Well, that is enough for today.  We'll see what tomorrow brings. 

Love to all!

Maggie and Bryan


 Bryan cooking Ghingas Khan for our table. 

 All true cowboys and cowgirls ride horses in their shorts, t-shirts and tennis shoes right??? We could use a little work Charlotte!


Maternity Hospital #1 where our son was born.