Friday, June 9, 2006

Baby House Visitation Countdown 9/14

Happy Friday to all!  We have had a good day but no purse snatchings to report or meat markets to discuss(aren't you glad). I'll try not to do that to you again.  We have friends from Iowa that are actually in Urlsk, Kazakstan, which I have no idea how far away it is and they made similiar comments on their website about meat, the open air, 90 degree weather and being vegetarian.  So it isn't just me. 

Since I don't have a lot to tell you today, my good friend Kristen emailed and gave me the idea to talk about how we chose our son's name and what the meaning is.  I think that is a great idea.  Actually, Rachael had a large hand in that but she and I looked through lots of boy names on the internet and came up with about 8 that she and I like and that also had a meaning that seemed fitting for us.  Jonathan is a biblical name and means "Gift from God".  We thought that seemed perfect because that is EXACTLY what he is.  No doubt about it.  Plus it passed the test with Dad which only about 2 of the 8 did.  We then tossed around the idea of keeping his middle name as his birth name, but after a little research we found a meaning that we weren't sure about.  So, more appropriately we settled on his daddy's middle he will be Jonathan Sterling Drake.  Kind of long but we love it and he fits his name perfectly.  Plus, he's named after his Dad and that seems to make me and Rachael happy.  So there you go in case you were interested. 

I mentioned before that we feel like we are in the starring roles from the movie Ground Hog Day.  If you haven't seen it, you would enjoy it.  The days are a lot the same but we are taking in every minute knowing this is a once in a lifetime endeavor for us.  When we arrived at the Baby House, Dina surprised us and said today was the day we would get to take Jonathan to get his passport picture taken.  We knew it would be coming soon but were unclear of the actual date.  Now, if you recall from earlier posts, the driving here is CRAZY so how do you think we felt about no car seat, no seat belt and an 8 month old in our laps.  I was holding my breath the entire way.  Jonathan on the other hand was taking it all in.  If his head could have done a 360 degree turn it would have.  So much to look at!!!!  Despite our apprehension, all went well, our driver was very safe and we made it back without any problems. 

Jonathan was a much happier baby today.  Last night Bryan and I stayed up late worrying about things he wasn't doing and wondering if it would be ok.  We said lots of prayers and today he was setting our minds at ease.  He isn't really crawling and so of course we were worried about that.  We were bound and determined that we were going to challenge him to reach for his toys and crawl around or at least creep on his belly for awhile.  We put all of his toys just a bit out of reach to make him work for it a bit.  He did GREAT.  He still isn't crawling but he pushed himself up on all fours so it is just a matter of time.  I'm guessing by the time we get to come back and get him in July he will be crawling. 

All was good and we had a happy camper until......he tried to get on his belly all on his own but instead tipped over and smacked his head-very hard-on the hard floor.  Oh my, did he cry.  Of course 4 or 5 different caregivers came running into the room to see what we had done to him.  They just smiled when I told them.  They are so sweet.  After a couple of minutes he was fine but would have no more of being left alone to explore on the floor.  That's ok-we'll take any excuse we can to hold him. 

It is a very, very hot day today but we ventured out for our daily walk and our late lunch. We found a very nice outdoor Russian restaurant and managed quite well ordering food we both enjoyed.  Oh yeah, I guess it helped that they had an English menu.  We really were going to try to be a little more prepared with learning a few basic words but the trip came up so fast we are just making due and pointing and gesturing a lot.  They don't seem to mind too much.  They just smile.  Very friendly people.  We decided the late lunch is the ticket.  We are eating a light breakfast early and then having a late lunch about 3 or 4 in the afternoon and then we really don't need or want dinner.  They eat their big meal at noon and most people just eat a snack at night.  It is working out well for us and it's a whole lot cheaper too. 

We found a little beach today along the Ishim River which is the one we walk along everyday.  It was quite crowded today.  Since we can't see Jonathan on Sunday we might go there and hang out for awhile.  It is supposed to be about 95 degrees so we'll need to do something refreshing. We walked through the park on the way home and found an amusement park in there we could walk through.  It didn't cost to get in, only if you wanted to ride the rides which wasn't a problem for us,.  Bryan did want to Bungi bounce on the trampoline and try out a few flips but he decided to pass.  Lots of food vendors and little trinket type tables, kind of like a flea market or something and then lots of outdoor restaurants.  One even had one lone guy sitting in front of a TV singing kareoke.  Let me just say they like their kareoke here!!  It is very fun to listen too.  He was really quite good. 

Well, Bryan just informed me we have water issues again.  This time-no water what so ever.  Good thing we both smell bad.  Hope you have a great weekend.  Once again, I managed to drag on about a whole lot of nothing.  Thanks for your emails, well wishes and most of all...your prayers.  We feel very blessed to have so many people keeping up with us.  Here are a few photos from today....


 Jonathan on his first car ride to get his passport photo taken.  He smiled so nice for his PP picture I of course had to buy an extra, because I hardly have any pictures of him......


 Hey Dad-I don't think the Calvin Klein model has anything on me.  Move over mister. there's a new kid in town!!!