Thursday, June 8, 2006

Baby House Visitation Day Countdown-8 of 14. (Yes, you are reading that right)

We found out today that because Jonathan wasn't available for adoption on the national registery until June 1st that our visits on the 30th and 31st don't count.  We weren't that surprised and it won't add anything to our trip-it just would have made it a little shorter than expected.  We look at it that we have gotten two extra days with him.  Every minute is a treasure.

So back to the beginning of the day.  It is now officially HOT here.  Of course I know at least back home you have been dealing with the heat for the last several days so no pity being requested, just an FYI.  Now I know how spoiled I am to being so accustomed to air conditioning.  There isn't any so you just get used to it.  Our apartment for whatever reason stays quite comfortable-even during the day so with the help of our fan and the concrete building we are doing fine. 

The big news on CNN and BBC which are the only two stations we can understand is the start of the World Cup tomorrow in Frankfort, Germany.  We call it soccer, the people here laugh at that in shame and call it Futball!!  Looks like soccer to me.  So most of the morning while we were putzing around, doing some morning exercises(you know we are getting dilerious when that happens)the news was all about the World Cup.  The big thing is to collect the players cards, especially the really popular players but so far we just watch from afar and aren't into it too much. 

Just when I stress about my daily blog, we head out for the day and something exciting(relatively speaking)happens.  Today, we were driving to pick up Dina at her apartment because it is closer to the Baby House when all of the sudden a guy ran out in front of our car and then a bunch of teenagers(I would guess 15 or so)were in hot pursuit of the first guy.  We were on a dirt road under construction right by this apartment complex and there was a bus stop there.  We stopped of course because people were running everywhere and all of the sudden I see the guy and he is running with a purse and a sweater.  He had stolen some ladies bag at the bus stop but fortunately for her and very unfortunately for him he didn't make it very far.  Those kids tackled him in the middle of the road, cars coming, kicking him to the ground and piling on him.  He wasn't going anywhere.  The girl who's it was went right out to him and grabbed it away and then hit him with it.  Then another guy grabbed him around the neck and hauled him to the side of the road where he could make a quick call to the police.  Never a dull moment.  I however, have decided that my purse needs to go over my head instead of on my shoulder.  Probably a good idea.  I was doing that and then the last couple of days got a little lazy but not anymore. 

We arrived at the Baby House on schedule to find no mower.  Can you believe it!!!  Free labor and they don't take it.  The grass is about a foot high and mosquitoes are everywhere so it would make the outside much more enjoyable for all of the families to have their little ones milling about and playing in the yard if the grass was cut.  I think he's going to ask them again tomorrow.  Maybe they didn't think he was serious.  We have gotten lots of emails about mowers being left out for Bryan when he gets home.  Gave us a good chuckle.  You might as well put them away. (Ha! Ha!) 

We took pictures of Jonathan with his Doctors today and they were thrilled we wanted a picture with them.  They loved seeing it on the digital camera.  We are going to make little photo albums for each of them so they have some pictures of their little Jonathan. 

Jonathan was not a happy camper today.  He is teething and I think in a lot of discomfort.  Combine that with the heat and being held for two hours and I think he was ready for his nap.  We got some good pictures of him despite that but we'll be glad when that bottom tooth pops out. 

After our visit, we stopped for lunch at the Eurasian Market because I wanted some ravioli.  I'm limited on my meatless dishes you know and that is a good one.  I'm getting plenty of starch on this trip.  Bryan is ok with the meat but he may not be after our grocery store experience after lunch.  We went down to the grocery store which is in the bottom level of the Market and it is where the locals go.  Wellllllllll............the first place you walk into is the meat area. Okay-let me just say the smell will knock you over.  Imagine if you will a room the size of a tennis court with a large meat counter that makes a long rectangle.  All around it is raw meat hanging, sitting.....out in the open air, a GIANT petri dish if you ask us.  It was enough to make me not feel well.  I started to follow Dina into a seperate room for the chicken she was purchasing and the smell was so pungent I did a quick about face and started to bolt for the door.  I thought I was remaining calm and composed but Dina knows me all too well and as soon as she saw me turn around she came running after me and said-"Maggie, Maggie-you can go over to the grocery store!" in her little Kazak voice.  Meanwhile everyone else was looking at the giant amazon woman making a break for it.  It was very funny.  She came in the other side and just laughed at me.  I will never forget that smell.  Bryan said it took him back to his days at the Carriage House Meat Locker in Ames-which we can give credit to his desire to graduate from college.  Bryan was a little braver than I so he took a stroll around the meat room and said he saw cuts of meat, no strike that, parts of carcusus that he would never had thought were meant to be edible.  You get the picture.  It may be that way in the United States but what we don't know doesn't hurt us right??? 

We came back to the apartment after our grocery store adventure and decided to stay inside and keep cool.  Let's just hope the 115 degree days stay at bay during our visit. 

Here are a few pictures for you to enjoy today.  We didn't have one of the meat counter(aren't you glad) but it was meat delivery day at the Baby House and so Bryan snapped a picture so you could see that whole thing.  I will try to not be so visual tomorrow but it just had to be told. 

P.S.  Thanks so very much for all of the emails.  We absolutely love them all.  We have not responded in many cases because we have been experiencing problems with outgoing mail.  We can't figure it out and are getting quite frustrated because some go and some don't.  Seems our IP address is having difficulty and labeling things going in as Spam.  So if we haven't answered you, that is why but don't let that stop you.  It makes our day. 

Hi Rachael-We love you.  Have fun in South Carolina and be safe!!!  Each day gets us closer to coming home to you.  We can't wait. 

Jonathan with his wonderful team of Dr.'s.  The one holding him is his Dr. now.  She is very sweet and loves Jonathan. 


 Daddy and his little son Jonathan. Now all he needs is his little girl and he'll be set!!


 Don't you love that smile!!!  He's a happy boy. 

Last but not least-meat delivery day.  This is just how it is done here.  Kristen Bush this one is for you!!