Wednesday, June 7, 2006

Baby House Visit Countdown Day 9 of 14!!

Well, first things first!!!  Happy Birthday Dad!  Bryan, Jonathan and I send our love to you from Kazakstan and Rachael sends her love from Radcliffe!  We hope you have a great celebration and a wonderful birthday.  I would sing to you but I'll save that for when we get home. 

First let me say that it is excrutiating to be away from our daughter.  We knew it would be hard but we had no idea it would feel like this.  Just like a part of us is missing.  Makes me cry to type about it.  We did call and talk to her yesterday(seems we can only manage about 48 hours in between phone calls)and we were smarter this time and called during the day.  Much better idea.  Except it was night time for us so we had to go to bed with heavy hearts.  We know everyone is taking such wonderful care of her and that helps but there is not substitute for those hugs she gives and the sound of her sweet voice.  Anyway, I'll stop blubbering.

We slept a little later today which was nice.  We are finally starting to sleep through the night and catching up on our rest.  You wouldn't think given our taxing schedule that we would be tired but its hard work doing absolutely nothing productive.  We're starting to get in a rut with our walking route so tomorrow we're going to get a little nutty and go another way!

As it is each morning, the warm shower is a good energy booster.  That is until today.  Yes, all of the things we have heard about that could happen like no hot water, no water at all and even a lovely brown shade coming from the faucets are all true and we have lived to tell about it.  I had what was left of a trickle of hot water for my shower and then poor Bryan got the cold shower.  Literally no water was coming from the hot part of the faucet so there was a whole lot of hooting and hollaring and as Joy would say "crying like a little girl" going on in the shower this morning.  Suddenly Bryan was wishing he had made room for that camping shower after all. 

We headed outside to go to the BabyHouse and it looked like it was snowing.  For real.- only it was 85 degrees so that of course wasn't possible.  It was just the cottonwood trees going to seed and blowing all over.  It literally looks like constant snow blowing around.  I had never seen anything like it.  Lots of people with itchy, watery eyes moving about.  It isn't bothering us but Dina is praying for rain so they will go away. 

We continue to be amazed at the driving.  Think of the craziest place you have been and then magnify it by 10!  New York cab drivers have nothing on these people.  Just a tip-pedestrians DON'T have right of way.  The most you get is a little beep of the horn as they are blazing by--to bad if you don't get out of the way in time.  Doesn't even phase people.  Everyone is so calm here, however, Bryan and I do whatever possible not to cross a street.  We take any underground walkways we can and only cross when absolutely necessary. 

Our visit with Jonathan was very good today.  They brought him to us again in the playroom because some of the children are still sick.  I'm anxious to get to feed him and also put him down for a nap.  They did let me change his clothes once but I haven't since so I must have not been quick enough.  They are very swift and have this down to a science!  We played with him in the playroom for half of our visit and luckily they had the window open for us.  You aren't suppose to open the window if it isn't already opened.  We haven't figured that one out yet but we do as we are told.  We think the antibiotics we bought yesterday must be kicking in because he was very happy the whole time and wanted to climb around which is more movement than he has expressed an interest in up to this point. 

We decided he spends most of his time inside so we should go outside where he could get some fresh air and see the grass and the trees.  He is mesmorized by the outdoors.  You just realize how confined their world has been up to now and how many things will be a first for him.  Sometime this week, we will take him to get his passport photo taken.  That will be the first time in a car other than his transport from the hospital when he was born.  Imagine that with no seat belts or car seats.  Yikes.  I don't even want to think about it. 

We spread out a sheet that we had taken from our apartment(yes, now we have two sets!!) and found a shady spot.  He was content to just sit in my lap and play with his toys.  He never tires of that telephone.  We got some more giggles out of him with a little tickling spree.  We just love to hear his laugh.  It can't help but make you laugh and smile. 

We learned a little more about Jonathan's mother today.  We found out she was born in 1988(the year I graduated from college) and his grandmother was born in 1963.  That is somewhere between my age and Bryan's age.(That is a hard one to let sink in)  They listed the name of the village they were from on the document they filled out at the hospital but Dina had never heard of it so we aren't sure it is a true village.  We tried to capture what we could in case someday Jonathan wants to know that information but we can't get much and we can't get copies of anything.  Not that it would matter much since it is all in Russian.  Sounds like she doesn't want to be found but we are grateful that she showed such bravery to give birth to him. 

The doctors wanted to see us again today.  I think they think Bryan is cute or something. That may be true but really they wanted to see some pictures of where Jonathan will be going and pictures of our families back home. They think Jonathan will fit in perfectly with our family and they want us to bring him back someday. 

Then Bryan really reeled them in.  He asked them if they had a lawn mower and he would mow the Baby House lawn for them.  Oh my----he's the king. They think he is the best.  It is very cute.  He of course was just offering to be nice and also be useful and help fill up a few more hours of the day(I think he might be tired of going shopping and needs to do something manly)but they apparently aren't used to that.  So I won't be surprised if there is a lawn mower waiting for him by the front door when we get there tomorrow. 

Well, we got an email from a couple from Ames, Iowa living in Astana that are here on a missionary trip so I think we are going to call and make some arrangements to meet with them sometime this week.  That will be fun.  They don't live far from us.  We're getting the hang of things around here and appreciate all of our blessings more and more each day.  God is good!  Peace and love to all.

Maggie and Bryan

 Family Portrait drawn by Rachael on the computer several months ago.  Jonathan might have been a girl back then but we're just going with the outfit being overalls and not a dress!!!

 Mommy and Jonathan strengthening those legs!! "How do you like my hat?"  "I look like a little rapper don't I?" 

"No, don't go again...  I'm just starting to get used to this"  "Ok-you can go, I think I need a nap.  I'm feeling a little dazed....."  This is Jonathan with one of his many loving caregivers.  She kept saying, "Mamma, Poppa--  "Mamma Poppa"  Music to our ears. 


"I have them right where I want them....eating out of my hands!"