Tuesday, June 6, 2006

BabyHouse Visitation Count 8 out of 14. 

I'm worried that I'm beginning to get a little boring so I will make this shorter than the others.  It is 8:10 in the evening on the 6th and most of you are just beginning your work day as we wind up our day in Astana.  The weather was sunny and breezy but very comfortable. 

We got to leave a little early today for the Baby House because it was our day to visit with the Doctor.  I was excited to get that out of the way but apprehensive at the same time.  I was so afraid of what they might say.  I had my file folder in tow and my 5 page list of questions ready to go. 

We got into the Dr.'s office and she immediately started talking about how much they all cared for Jonathan.  Of course they still call him Asat.  The Dr. began by reading his file and this is what we learned.  He was born on September 25, 2005.  weighed 3 kilos which is about 7 lbs. and was full term.  We think his mother was very young and that she lived outside the city of Astana.  He was born in the maternity hospital in Astana and then was transported to the Children's Hospital after about 5 days.  He had pneumonia at that time but was treated and released to the baby house on October 13, 2005.  They said that is a normal time frame to get his paperwork in order and to prepare the necessary documents. 

He tested negative to all of the tests you would imagine being tested for, which we are so very thankful for and he has only been sick about 3 times with minor colds since coming to the Baby House last October.  Pretty amazing considering the different illnesses that get spread around the playrooms etc.  Bottom line-he is healthy as can be.  PTL!!!!!  They also told us that his Apgar score at birth was between a 9 and 10.  It has been awhile since Rachael was born but I'm thinking that is a pretty good score.  We are feeling so unbelievably blessed and just fall more and more in love with him everyday.  We can't wait for Rachael to see her brother.  She is going to be an awesome big sister!!! 

We asked about his schedule and this is what his day looks like each and every day:

7:30 a.m.-Rise and shine and get put on the potty

8:00 a.m.-Get rinsed off in the sink and then have breakfast

8:30 to 10:00 a.m.-Language teachers, psychologist exams, play time

10:00-Snack time which consists of fruits and juice(mashed bananas and apples I think)

10:00-11:30-Nap time

11:30-Wake up from nap and prepare for lunch

12:00-lunch-which is their big meal(3 courses)

            1st Course-Soup(must feed them soup!!!)

            2nd Course-Boiled Ground beef and mashed potatoes with a little bit of soup broth  

                3rd Course-Drink stewed fruit-I think that is Jello??????

They get to play until 2:00(hence our visitation schedule from 12:00 to 2:00) and then it is nap time again from 2:00 to 3:30.

3:30-Snack time-You can see they get plenty to eat!  The snack is a crushed up cookie and warm boiled milk. Yummy.

Play until 7:00 and then they have a light meal of milk and ceral before bed.  Then it is bathtime and lights out at 8:00.

We were able to give the Doctor some vitamins that we brought from home and asked that they start giving them to him.  They were happy we did that and thankful for the medications we bought. 

They really do an incredible job taking care of the children and they are very protective of them.  It does our hearts good. 

Bryan and I spent the afternoon after our visit learning about Kazakhstan history.  We took a 3 1/2 hour walking tour of a topographical map of the country with replica buildings in each region.  Very interesting.  We had five 14 and 15 year old girls guiding us on the tour.  They are very very proud of their country and knew more history than you can imagine.  It really was amazing.  Bryan got some of it on video so we can replay it for Jonathan one day. 

Well so much for a short entry today.  Sorry about that.  At least I'm writing it on the day I'm supposed to be writing it.  Much love to all!  Gotta run-time for our TV reruns!!!!