Sunday, June 4, 2006

BabyHouse Visitation Count-6 of 14(we think)

Hi to all!

It is Sunday(really it is Monday as I type but I was too lazy on Sunday-busy schedule you know).  We woke up to a rainy, cold day.  We are meeting up with Dina for a little sightseeing but with the weather as it is I'm hoping it is something indoors.

We waited around and after a couple of revisions in the schedule Dina and Bojohn(sp?)picked us up about 1:30.  Apparently, Bojohn had some glass in his tire and had to get it repaired.  Hard to believe....not really since we are finding that it must be legal to drink and drive, drink and walk etc. etc.  Lots of broken beverage bottles all over the place.  Anyway, they picked us up and took us on a car tour to the Left side of the City. (That is what they call it).  It is the newer part of the city where many, many,many(did I say many)apartment buildings are going up, new office buildings, diplomatic residences(very nice) and of course the Presidential Palace which we have opted to use as our picture of the day since we didn't get to see Jonathan today.  It is really hard knowing he is just across town and we can't go see him but Sunday's are not allowed-however they do count towards our 14 days so we aren't complaining too much.  That much closer to getting home and then getting him home.  Anyway, the apartments are taking over the city.  I may have mentioned it but the government is doing away with all(most)private housing and everyone will soon live in apartments.  One building we saw today arches over two places in the road and is a total of 1.6 kilometers which for anyone who is metrically challenged as I am translates into about 1.1 miles or so-give or take a few.  You get the idea.  The construction is cement blocks and then they clip on metal tiles to the outside.  We are thinking it isn't the most durable construction practice but they put them up very quickly.  Our tour lasted about 45 minutes and we were back in our apartment.  At this point it was only 3:00 and we thought we might be going a little crazy.  We watched about 4 epidsodes of King of Queens when we couldn't take it anymore and decided to head out.  The weather had cleared enought for a walk anyway so we decided we would go explore the city a bit.  We took our usual path along the river and ended up at the City Market.  Lots of little shops, expensive little shops so we just browsed and enjoyed being out.  For dinner we landed at our favorite pizza place and sat outside.  We are pretty sure we don't fit in and people are on to us that we might not be from here.  I'm not sure what the first clue is but it might be Bryan's tennis shoes and shorts and my loose fitting clothing. 

Everyone carries a cell phone in some fancy carrying case like a purse and they all wear very high heels with everything.  Now, I like my heels but even I have my limits.  Also, they love rap music(try listening to that in Russian), ring tones on their cell phones and kareoke(sp?).  Disco is alive and well.  It is all very fun to watch. 

Tomorrow we go back to the baby house and hopefully get to talk to the doctors about Jonathan.  We'll see. 

Rachael-Each day gets harder without you but each means we are that much closer to getting home so keep you chin up and we will do the same.  We have your picture on our dresser mirror so we get to look at you everyday.  We love you to Heaven and back too.  Keep emailing us. 


Here's a picture of the President's Palace.  Not too shabby huh?...............