It was a beautiful day in Astana today.  The weather was about 78 degrees and breezy. 

Our visit today was another one of "firsts" with Jonathan.  We arrived at the Baby House a little late for our visit and found out that we couldn't go get Jonathan because several of the children had fevers and they didn't want us in there.  So we chose an outfit from his locker and asked that they get him dressed and then bring him to the playroom.  I did sneak in the playarea where he is just for a moment and saw him in his high chair.  He had just eaten and when he saw us he started to cry.  I'm choosing to believe he wanted us and didn't want to be in the high chair anymore, but it could have been that he was scared.  Before I left I had to take a peak into the potty room and I was glad I did.  There were 4 little ones doing their business but I could only see three faces.  I could hear one crying and after looking a little closer I saw that one of them had tipped over-bottem still on the potty but the upper half of his body on the floor.  They must tell them not to get off the potty for anything.....I quickly got the caregiver and started pointing and she just laughed and headed in to the little boy's rescue.  Poor guy, who knows how long he would have been in that position. 

We got the playroom to ourselves today for most of our visit because the other families wanted to be outside.  We were content crawling around and playing with Jonathan's new toys.  We bought him some soft blocks but the hit was a toy telephone(in English if you can believe it).  We're pretty sure he has never seen a telephone so he loved pushing the buttons and hearing it make noise.  Teeth still an issue for him today but luckily I remembered his frozen teething ring.  He didn't let that far from his sight. 

You might notice his beautiful outfit today.  Didn't take me long to start the brainwashing did it?  We're not trying to influence him or anything but we thought the yellow and red balls along with his outfit might be good for his development.   He seemed smarter already and he looks so good in those colors.  It's just ironic that the only balls he wanted to play with were red and gold.  Who would have thought??? 

The best part of the day was after about an hour in the playroom another family wanted to use it so we decided to go for a walk outside.  We always have to have a hat on him when we take them outdoors so we got him prepped and went out exploring.  He snuggled right in and fell asleep in my arms.  He was so peaceful and slept for 45 minutes while I held him.  It was the BEST!  His naptime is at 2:00 when we have to take him back so I was hoping he would stay asleep until I could make a clean get away but wouldn't you know he woke up right when we went into his room and then I had to explain to his caregiver that he just woke up by using all kinds of crazy hand motions.  I think she got it because she looked rather disgusted with me that I wrecked the napping schedule.  I don't think he was feeling good and he obviously needed to sleep so I wasn't going to make him stay awake. 

Wonder how happy she was with me after I left?  I'm guessing she put him down for a nap anyway. 

We found a wonderful cafe to eat at for lunch.  It was called Cafe Shymkent which is named after another smaller city in Kazakhstan.  They make fresh bread and it is delicious.  You know how when you go to a restaurant and they put bread on your table?  Well, here, they take inventory of each piece they put in the basket and then charge you for it on your bill.  We found that the hard way after I was devouring the bread at every meal.  This bread was worth it though and we even bought some to take home. 

Tonight we enjoyed an Astana Soccer(Football)game.  After getting slightly lost on our way to the stadium, we finally met up with some of the other families from the U.S.  This must be like the farm team or something because all of the big soccer teams are in Frankfurt preparing for the World Cup.  That seems to be a big deal over here.  Anyway, it was nice to be outside and after half time we actually were able to figure out which team was the one from Astana and also the one we should be cheering for.  Our first and only clue was when the blue/yellow team scored and the crowd went wild.  Dead give away. 

On our way home we saw an English pub so we stopped to get something to drink before returning to our apartment for the night.  I think we'll call it a day.  Tomorrow is Sunday and we are going to do some sight seeing with Dina and our driver at about noon.  Have a wonderful Sunday. 

P.S.  Rachael Marie-we haven't heard from you in a while and we are missing you really bad.!!!  Maybe drop us an email when you can.  How was the Relay for Life walk??  It looked like you got good weather.  Be a good girl for Paul and Charlotte and hug them all for me.  Hi Emily!!