Hi to all! 

We are doing fine and slowly adjusting to the time change.  It is all we can do to stay awake past 8:00 but we are really trying to get on some sort of a schedule.  It was a bit rainy today but cooler which was nice.

We got to go to the Baby House today after not getting to go yesterday.  We left about 11:40 from our apartment and when our driver picked us up he had a present for us.  A bag full of TOWELS!!!!  It was just like Christmas.  I broke out into the Hallelujah chorus!  It must have been bonus day because we even got an extra set of sheets.  We were thrilled.  It's the little things, you know?  We got to see where Dina lives on our way to the Baby House.  We really hit the jack pot with her.  She is our translator and our coordinator and she speaks very good English so we are very well taken care of, not to mention, she is very fun to be around.  I manage to do something stupid daily that makes her laugh but that doesn't shock anyone does it??  She is very kind and wonderful to us.  She always makes sure we have a place to eat and an English menu.(very important)  If there isn't one, she goes in and orders for us before she leaves us.  Most other families have an interpretor and a coordinator plus a driver so we feel really lucky.  Bryan and our driver are getting pretty chummy so I look for a hot game of billards to happen one of these days.

We got to the Baby House a little after noon and got to go get Jonathan from his room instead of having him brought to us.  What an adorable sight to see once we got there.  We looked around the room(play area) and couldn't find him.  The puzzled looks on our faces must have been obvious because the Russian speaking caretakers knew and pointed into another room.  We looked in and there was Jonathan on the little potty.  That's right.  They eat and they they set them on the potty for 15-20 minutes to do their business.  It was the cutest thing in the world.  He saw us and got a big grin on his face.  He is already starting to recognize us which as you can imagine makes us quite happy.  How can you be so in love after 6 days!!!  The most amazing part is that even though he was excited to see us he did not move from that potty chair.  I'm of course sending the picture of the day of the little guy doing his business.  Bryan said that will be one picture he will not thank me for one day but it is too cute to resist.  I also got to dress him for the first time.  They wisk him off the potty chair, tuck him under their arm and wash him off at the sink before plopping him down to be dressed. 

We had our visitation in the playroom today where it was a cool 90 degrees at a minimum.  Very pleasant outside but they don't want the windows open letting a draft in so there were about 5 families in the room with us and let's just say they needed some air freshener when we all left!  Another side benefit of the Kazak weight loss program.  Jonathan's teeth are really bothering him so he gets just a little fussy about an hour into the visit but he is easily calmed which is nice.  Bryan said he is getting used to being picked up and comforted.  I figure that's ok with me because he has about 8 months of catching up on the spoiling thing.  You can really start to tell he is getting used to us. 

After our visit was over we went back to our apartment and had some free time so we decided to venture out on our own.  We ended up at an Italian mall and the best part of that is our discovery of PIZZA!  Again, it's the simple things that make me happy.  It tasted so good you can't even imagine.  We of course got a cheese and mushroom pizza because I would have to be force fed large quantities of vodka before you are going to get me to eat meat.  The pizza was wonderful.  Bryan eats the meat and is just fine with it but I'm kind of weird when it comes to that. 

Our interesting topic of discussion with Dina today was about the little procedure we do with our little boys in the USA.  This of course has not been done so we have that to look forward to.....and here it is a celebratory event-kind of like a baptism or First Communion or something.  They wait until they are 5 years old and have a small gathering of family and friends over while the Dr. takes care of it in the next room and then they break out the food!!  I'm pretty sure the little men aren't saying "let's party" but they do so none the less. 

We capped off our evening at the Ramstore(Kaz version of a Walmart only smaller).  We stocked up on a few essentials(T-Paper-which is another thing for you all to be thankful for) and enjoyed a nice stroll along the river back to our apartment. 

Well, I've droned on for long enough.  Keep the emails coming.  They are one of the highlights of our day.  Thanks and blessings to you all. 

Here's our little angel....