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V. Kimball
08-11-2017 7:28:41 PM EST
Just wanted to say how much I really enjoyed the Showcase. The groups there were awesome and God sent. Can't wait for the next one. !!!

Margaret S.   Margaretseemore@outlook.com
07-04-2016 11:15:05 PM EST
After seeing Larnell Starkey & The Spiritual Seven Gospel Singers perform at Booker T. National Monument, my life is not the same. They were the most professional dressed performers there. Their singing is so mellow and smooth. They had a great impact on my life, they touched my heart and changed my way of thinking. They touched even the small children as well as the elderly. No one left their seats and I wanted to hear more, however their time was up. I would travel any distance to see this group perform again. Love you guys and thank you for the way you changed my life for the better!

Katrina Rollins
01-18-2015 3:14:41 PM EST
Jan 18th, 12:19am Its been a while almost 7 months since we met. I will explain. My son and I was in a car accident in Roanoke. He was in ICU for about 13 days.I met 2 people from this group by Dale ? and Alice Farmer.A member of the group sat with us in the waiting room and a lady (nurse on another floor) had prayer for my son in his room while in ICU. I was suppose to attend one of your concert in Roanoke (June 14,2014) but I didn't make it. My son improving that day and was removed from ICU. 3 days later he was discharged from Carilion Hospital. He was transported to Va Commonwealth University Hospital (VCU) for rehab which is closer to our home. Long story, he is now a freshman at Ferrum College just starting (1st week of class). God is so Good! Won't He do It!

Tom Stuart
11-20-2014 8:17:14 PM EST
Hey guys, Just wanted to say thanks for the show you put on last Saturday in Ferrum. Our grandsons enjoyed you immensely, especially Zachary who is 10. He first saw you 3 or 4 years ago, and was so captivated we watched you on YouTube as well. This year when we asked him what he wanted to see at the Festival, he mentioned your group first. Even though the show was delayed an hour because of the traffic, he made sure we came back in time. Additionally, we bought your newest CD which you guys were gracious enough to sign. I don't know whether he was more excited to get your autographs or shake your hands, but it's a wonderful memory for him. For that alone, I thank you! Please stay safe in your travels, we look forward to hopefully seeing you next year. Best regards, Tom Stuart Arthur Circle Ferrum College

Sabina Barlow
11-17-2014 4:06:01 PM EST
Sabina Barlow Hello to all. Just wanted to say as I am preparing to get my home ready for reocvery after surgery next week. I was watching your dvd and I being one of your greatest fans; had no idea of your family story. My My My, I had to stop and inbox you all and tell you just what a BLESSING your visit did for me. My life has changed so much since that encounter. As I listen to your songs and watch the video my tears just fall. But they are joy tears, because you all will never know what an impact each and every one of you had on my life. I would not trade nothing for my journey after this kind of encounter. Wherever you may be today just know that I am praying for you all, and that I know my life will never be the same and that is a good thing. Nothing happens by chance, everything is ordained by GOD. Please continue to allow God to use you all just as you do, and continue to let your light shine , some of us need your light. Love you always, Sabina Barlow in Va. Beach. Please on 11/21 wherever you might be, just stop and say a prayer as I go for this knee replacement. March when you see me, you won't even know I had it done. Complete healing, I claim in JESUS NAME. Amen

Veeda   veedade@gmail.com
06-30-2014 11:19:54 PM EST
Your concert and history or your group is awesome and has inspired me to further my ministry in a positive way. You guys are awesome, you represent the state of Virginia well.

Pastor W. L. Greene   greenewilton131@yahoo.com
05-11-2014 1:23:57 PM EST
God Has blessed so many to travel out and do his will. This is about God we must remember this is not about us , money , fame , or to shine to the people. But to let our light shine that men and woman boys and girls can see the God that works through us. And that souls will cry out what must i do to be save. God Bless all of you see u on the road to bringing souls to christ , Elder W. L. Greene and the Anointed Sonz

Pastor Wilton Greene
05-01-2014 7:13:27 AM EST

God bless I am Pastor Greene of the Anointed sons I am looking forward to working with this label and share gods word all over the world and bring souls to christ thats our gain as a group God bless u all

01-03-2014 10:18:11 PM EST
Larnell Starkey & The Spiritual 7 were awesome in Roanoke, Virginia. The show was unbelievable!

Heleana Maria
02-15-2013 7:26:40 AM EST
How could I Ever stray away has a great feel to it and such humbling melodies and words! Will be back to listen to more soon! God bless you all!

Chosen The Disiple
02-15-2013 7:23:18 AM EST
I enjoyed listening to I Can't Stop Praising God I like your sound & style Keep rep'n the kingdom God bless

Sabrina D   smdandridge2@yahoo.com
07-02-2012 10:51:31 PM EST
We met as strangers but parted as family. It's been over a month and I still think of you and remember what a blessed time we had at Daddy's memorial service. Its rare to find such a well known professional group who is so down to earth. You know a group has been blessed by God when the most silent person in the family (Kevin) got stop talking about that special day. I can never thank you enough for the manner in which you honored our Daddy/husband. We enjoyed every moment. We feel so blessed to have such a cool Aunt (who jams on the keyboards),Uncles, Cousins (who gives you hope, a testimony and a comedy show all at the same time) and a beautiful Grandma (who says I'm so proud of my children,they look after me)! If our family can do anything to support your ministry, please let us know. Be Blessed, Sabrina

Yonna Reed
03-13-2012 9:27:15 PM EST
Larnell, I just felt like I really needed to send you an email and share my story and testimony with you. I have only been to New Beginnings Church 3 Sundays in a row. Before that I went to a Baptist Church in my community which is near Pilot Mountain,NC. I was not a faithful church attendee however I was a believer in God. But, recently me and my family have been dealing with several things. I have been on chemo and experimental drugs since October and to God's will my test are all clear. But, I have to finish the meds which will be on March 29th,2012! Your testimony really touched me and gave me great joy. I am sick alot and not able to eat. I am only 40 years old but when I try to do normal things like take a shower I have to sit down on the bed to dry off. I have lost 50 lbs. and have little energy. But, for the last 3 weeks since going back to church I have starting to feel mentally and some what physically better. I bought on of your CDs and have listened to it several times this week, it uplifts me and makes me feel better!!!! The reason we starting going to New Beginnings is another story. My son who is a truck driver and hauls cars for one of the members there had an experience with a demon in his house. It first was witnessed by his 3 year old daughter. She thought it was a little girl named Bridget who had died in a car wreck and wanted to play with her. But, soon it showed it's true colors as a monster with long sharp fingers. My son and daughter-in-law also had encounters with this demon. It tried to take the body of my granddaughter and it also opened locked doors and made objects fly across the room. I myself had an encounter with it, where I became so ill I had to leave their house. My son was distraught and started talking to his car dealer. He and Wes came that very night and prayed,blessed the house with oil and the demon left! Praise God. My granddaughter finally is starting to feel comfortable in her room again. Wes saved my family's lives. It has changed all of us. My son has starting going to church, his wife has always been going their whole marriage. I have started going to church and my father who I can never remember going to church my whole life has asked every week for the last 3 are we going back to church next Sunday. God knows how to wake you up and turns bad situations into alot of good. My family has been changed in so many good ways by this experience. Two Sundays ago during preaching I felt the hand of God on my left shoulder 2 times. I praise God, I am starting to feel better. I just felt like sharing with you how god has touched me and my family. I pray blessing on you and your group and families. You are truly doing Gods work and it has really touched me. God Bless, Yonna Reed

Lee Walker
01-27-2012 3:28:14 PM EST

Hello Mrs.Dar! Happy new year I pray all is well..Thank you for the compliments and you know that you have a copy coming as well..I also want to thank you for your workshop because there is where I learned a lot about the business that we so passionately love..Copywriting, publishing were just some of the many things I learned from your workshop and it made a difference..I am humbly greatful..Thanks"

Pam   Pam0621@comcast.net
11-22-2011 1:26:27 PM EST
Nikki "D"&The Browns: Wow!is the first words that come to mind when I think of the service and how the anointing fell on our congregation. Nikki"D"&The Browns were awesome. These anointed sisters rocked our church and our Deacon & other members were talking about them 2 days later. Asking God to grant many blessings to you Mrs. Alexander, the anointed Nikki"D"& The Browns and your entire label.

Susan Bullock
11-16-2011 5:08:28 PM EST
To Bubba Johnson & The Omega Singers..I just had to write and tell you that your singing was so unbelievable at the ost difficult mile. You'll never know how many people you inspired that day, but here is a big thank you from one of them. I shattered my first marathon time by 5 minutes, and I can attribute at least a minuete of that and my feeling of being less miserable at mile 23 directly to y'all! Thanks again for singing us along God Bless!

Rhonda Harrison
11-07-2011 12:05:00 PM EST
I really enjoyed you all at the concert at Wm.Fleming for my church 100+1 Anniversary.

Joshua Lester   jlester8462@students.pccua.edu
07-27-2011 8:27:17 PM EST
HI, I'm Joshua Lester, from DeWitt, Arkansas. I first heard of the Omega Singers at gloryland. I was impressed! They remind me of the Gospel Clefs. I'm interested in their music. I hope to hear them soon. Thanks, Joshua

john   acousticbass66@yahoo.com
05-15-2011 7:30:01 PM EST
would like to intoduce a different type of artist to your label. The music is definitly gospel,and both artist are most talented.Looking forward to working with you,john,bmi affiliate

Larry Badon
04-11-2011 6:41:50 PM EST
Larry Badon And the song title Walk Around Heaven is my number one song in the world.You'll brought tears to my eyes cause I'M GOING THROUGH TRAILS AS I SPEAK PLEASE PRAY FOR ME.LOVE REV.L.J.BADON SR.

Henrietta McHeimer
04-11-2011 6:40:11 PM EST
Henrietta McHeimer Bro. Larnell & The Spirital Seven when i'm feeling down your songs of inspiration lifts my spirit. I have never told you this, When my mother was ill and before she died your songs of praised is what kept me together. God first then your group is a great inspiration to me. May God continue to bless and be with you that you may be ...a blessing to others. Along time fan my mother has been with the Lord 16 years. I love you guys.

Gwen Hendricks-Campbell
04-11-2011 6:38:24 PM EST
Gwen Hendricks- Campbell Thank you for such a wonderful evening last night at Community Baptist Church in Yonkers. You have definitely touched our hearts, God definitely showed up and showed out last night, the spirit was high! I just want to thank you for Blessing me last night and let you know you will forever remain in my prayers. God Bless all of you!

10-11-2010 10:35:49 AM EST
Saw Larnell Stakey & Spiritual 7 and Nikki D and Browns last night in Richmond and they were off the hook. They rock. the show bought to Richmond was very professional, vey big company, it sonded great...when r u comin back to Richmond, I'll b there. your people that work for you r very helpful and nice...i was blest...

08-18-2010 8:38:34 AM EST
I love that song I Can't Stop Praising God, it's so uplifting. you guys rock

Jermiah fitz
08-05-2010 6:26:17 PM EST
This album is truly a clector every song could be a number one hit congrads to the writer and aranger of all these songs you know your music keep up the good work and God Bless

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