where Independent Artists get the respect they earn and deserve to be recognized for the anointing God has given them to spread the Gospel in Songs as a Ministry.  We welcome all Independent Artists to visit with us and share their qualities of talent they may have to offer, for we love to fellowship with God's People and share the Ministries of others.  We differ from Major Record Labels because we put God first and we focus on Independent Artists only.  We have found in the twenty years plus we've been in this business, there are many Independent Artist not getting the proper recognition or the opportunities deserved to share what God has given them to share with others.  Our first priority is to Minister to people regardless of race, creed or color, about who God is and what He  has to offer.  If our Company and it's Artists' can touch someone in some way spiritually through our Music Ministry, then we feel we've accomplished what God has for us to do.  God has given all of us talents and task and all we have to do is use them for Him.  Our goal is to lead someone to God and Bless people in an uplifting manner that they will want God in their lives  everyday. 
God is so awesome!
















P.O. Box 135

Wirtz, Va. 24184

Telephone:  540-721-1628