This page is dedicated to my special lil Shih Tzu

This is my little Miracle Baby Angel better known as “Pooter”…I hand raised her from 2 days old, it was a challenge but very rewarding. She is my baby, very spoiled & loving, she loves to have her tummy rubbed & to be cuddled & she loves to clean everyone’s face.  She also loves when I get clothes out of the drier, she jumps in the clothes basket & snuggles up to the clothes. She has been spayed and is recuperating well from her surgery, she will live a very pampered life with me & my parents, we all love her very much…


This is "Sweet Lil Angel" Born January 21, 2009. I have hand raised her, due to the Mother having complications. She was very tiny @ birth, Angel is a sweet little baby girl...her forever home will be here with me & my parents.

3 Weeks                                                                                                                        4 Weeks

5 Weeks

8 weeks old

Lil Angel has done good and is spoiled rotten
she will always be very special to us all...

The Girls

Sophie & Angel taking it easy together...
Sophie is 6 months old and looks out after Baby Angel
all the time.

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