This is "Sophie" she is my very first Shih Tzu born here.
Her parents our Tara & Boscoe. She is so beautiful and
now my mom's little house dog. Sophie is a little Princess
Sophie, Pooter & Pixie run and play and have fun together.


This is "Princess Zoey" she is one of my house dogs, and is a Cairn Terrier.
As you can see, the picture on the left she was 8 weeks old and the one on
the right is what she looks like today.  It's very hard to tell what color they
will be when grown up.  She is very spoiled, however she is a very well
behaved and loves to play and cuddle.  She gets along very well with all
animals, because she has been so well socialized from puppy on. Zoey is
2 years old, my parents bought her for my Birthday and has been the best
present ever.

Born Feb. 10, 1998 - Died Feb. 12, 2013
We will miss this little guy dearly, he's been a big part of our family for 15 yrs.

This is Lucky he is a male Shih-Tzu, he is 9 years old.  We have had him since he
was 10 weeks old.  He loves to sit and watch my mom's aquarium.  Some say
these dogs aren't smart, however Lucky is very smart and has the best manners
of any dog we have had.  Lucky & Zoey are best friends and follow each other
around the house.  Lucky is my mom's little buddy, he always gets so excited when mom
comes home from work.  My pets are all spayed/neutered and have a wonderful
temperment.  Male dogs make as good of a house pet as females if neutered
as a puppy.


This is "Buddy" he is our farm/guard dog, Buddy is Lab x Shepherd.
He is a good guard dog and a good frisbee player.  He also loves
attention, and watches over & protects the little dogs and me.