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My name is Christal, I live with my parents on a farm. My Dad is a Cattle Farmer, my Mom is a Librarian. I have 2 older brothers, one in the Navy who is married with a son "my nephew" and one in Colorado, I also have
2  nieces.

Having been raised on a farm, I have spent my life around animals of all kinds, and have always enjoyed being around them. My parents had a couple of Cairn Terriers years ago on the farm, they bought me one a few years ago who is a house pet, she is the princess of the house. My parents purchased a little Shih Tzu "Lucky" for me when my brother was leaving for the service. My parents purchased just a few Cairns & a few Shih Tzus for my kennel, with just having a few I'm able to give them a lot of one on one attention and take them on daily walks on the farm, which they love.  They are all very spoiled little dogs, I have a lot of fun with them.

I have always had a love for dogs, I was born with some health issues, taking care of the little dogs doesn't complicate my health. My parents built me the small kennel. These little dogs are very precious to me. This is exciting for me and my parents. My parents help me out when needed when I don't feel well, and my Mom handles most of the e-mails and phone calls. We all give them a lot of love, however I'm home all the time so they get extra love and attention from me. All my puppies are born & raised in our house, I hand deliver them & cut their cord, they are handled from the minute they are born and loved & snuggled with everyday.

I feed my dogs/puppies Puppy Chow Complete & Purina Dog Chow Small Breed. It is a high quality food that my dogs love to eat. 

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Christal Robbins or Melanie Robbins

660-341-9805 or 660-947-3955

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